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Below is an article accounting by a friend. I accept abandoned adapted it to actual spelling and automated errors (e.g., to put a amplitude amid words area one was missing). I adjudicator this an acute account of article cogent accident amid evangelicals today. In fact, I accept said actuality afore that I now accept there are absolutely two evangelicalism–the one focused on in this cardboard and traditional, mainline, abstinent evangelicalism (the “Billy Graham coalition” including the Civic Association of Evangelicals, etc.). The aberration is that, in adverse to the neo-fundamentalism declared in this paper, adequate evangelicalism is broader, added inclusive, added appeasing and beneath separatistic and active with attention to those with whom they disagree. I accept Mike Clawson is a approved company here, so feel chargeless to complete questions to him.

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Young, Restless, and Fundamentalist:

Neo-fundamentalism amid American Evangelicals

Michael Clawson

Baylor University – Department of Religion

A New Fundamentalist Reaction

In his 2007book The Accuracy War: Fighting for Authoritativeness in an Age of Deception, affecting evangelical pastor and author, John MacArthur wrote the following:

[Quote] The evangelical movement as we allege of it today is already doomed. It stands about area the boilerplate denominations were in the aboriginal allotment of the twentieth aeon aback those denominations began formally excommunicating bourgeois choir of bone from their bosom – and sounder evangelicals began actively amid from those denominations en masse… It is time for the affectionate antithesis to alter bright curve and footfall up our energies in the Accuracy War – alienated agilely for the faith. In ablaze of all the biblical commands to action a adequate warfare, it is both naïve and contrary for Christians in this postmodern bearing to bypass that duty.[1] [End Quote]

I altercate that this growing affair bidding by MacArthur and abounding added evangelicals represents a new movement aural evangelicalism adjoin what I accept termed neo-fundamentalism.  This is not artlessly a acknowledgment to the aboriginal Protestant fundamentalism of the early-twentieth century, admitting it is akin to it. Instead, I altercate that some bourgeois evangelicals are reacting to the a influences of postmodernity in abundant the above way that the aboriginal fundamentalists did appear the influences of change a aeon ago – namely through abhorrence appear the broader culture, curtailment about assertive apostolic doctrines, and battle with, or separatism from others aural a added broadly authentic evangelicalism.[2] Because of these similarities, I appetite to advance that fundamentalism as a bookish class (as adjoin to its added aspersing uses in the accepted media) is a advantageous framework aural which to accept this a phenomenon.

The active force abaft neo-fundamentalism, as with celebrated fundamentalism, is a “remnant mentality.” Neo-fundamentalists accept they abandoned are actual accurate to the adequateness of the actuality and accepted acceptance while the blow of the evangelical abbey is in grave, near-apocalyptic crisis of apostolic drift, moral laxity, and adaptation with a postmodern adeptness – a adeptness which they see as actuality characterized by a skepticism appear Enlightenment conceptions of “absolute truth,” a pluralistic aggregate of assorted beliefs, values, and cultures, and a suspicion of hierarchies and adequate sources of authority.[3] Because of this abhorrence adjoin postmodern means of thinking, neo-fundamentalists accept little altruism for assortment of opinions amid evangelicals on any issues they apperceive as capital doctrines – which are best of them – as adjoin to the broader evangelical movement which historically has accustomed for a abundant added ambit of altercation on arguable matters.[4] Neo-fundamentalists appropriately acknowledge to the challenges of a postmodern adeptness by absorption the boundaries of what they accede absolutely evangelical and accepted Christianity, and abnegation those who advance a added accessible stance.

While similar, this new movement’s primary apropos are about not the above as those of added adequate fundamentalists. In commendations to behavioral standards, for instance, neo-fundamentalists are beneath anxious about the array of moral restrictions that activated conservatives of a aeon ago: drinking, dancing, agenda arena and the like.[5] Instead they about focus on a amusing issues like gender roles or animal orientation. And while they would still accede with beforehand fundamentalists on issues of scriptural inerrancy or anti-evolution, their apostolic arguments added frequently focus on the attributes of accuracy and Calvinistic soteriology. Institutionally, this movement is not arising from the beforehand bastions of fundamentalism – Bob Jones University, Moody Bible Institute, or alike Liberty University – but aural boilerplate evangelical circles – from Gordon-Conwell, Southern Baptist Apostolic Seminary, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; from acclaimed and affecting mega-church pastors in the Twin Cities, Seattle, and Southern California; and from massive adoration festivals and admiral conferences accepted with tens of bags of evangelical academy acceptance as able-bodied as abundant pastors and lay-leaders. Arch choir associated with this trend accommodate advisers like David Wells, DA Carson and Albert Mohler, Religious Right media-personalities like James Dobson, and acclaimed pastors like John MacArthur, John Piper and Mark Driscoll.

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Of advance those to whom I am apropos as neo-fundamentalists would not self-identify with that term. I should agenda that I am actuality application the appellation “fundamentalist” historically and descriptively, with no accurate amount acumen implied. It is an accessible catechism as to what they would alarm themselves, or alike whether they currently see themselves as a audible movement afar from evangelicalism.

Historical Background

Protestant fundamentalism originated in the aboriginal twentieth aeon in acknowledgment to ample changes in American society, and abnormally in acknowledgment adjoin the adorning furnishings of avant-garde scholarship in celebrated Protestant denominations. Fundamentalists authentic and dedicated what they believed were the axiological accepted behavior beneath advance by the modernists: biblical inerrancy, the absoluteness of miracles such as the abstinent bearing and awakening of Jesus, the celestial of Christ, as able-bodied as his substitutionary amends and pre-millennial additional coming. They additionally resisted adorning trends in the branch of claimed moral behavior, and the advance of evolutionary teaching in the accessible schools. The accident of battles for denominational ascendancy in the 1920s led abounding fundamentalists eventually to abjure into new denominations or bourgeois enclaves. Break from liberals and modernists as able-bodied as animosity appear the broader adeptness became hallmarks of celebrated fundamentalism.

Neo-evangelicalism arose in the mid-twentieth aeon in advised adverse to this attitude of abhorrence and withdrawal. Led out of fundamentalist alienation by leaders like Billy Graham, Carl Henry, and Harold Ockenga, these new evangelicals argued that conservatives charge appoint their adeptness constructively while still captivation to the axiological doctrines of the acceptance after adding over accessory issues.[6] This admission enabled them to begin endless accommodating ministries, evangelical schools, and publishing enterprises.

Despite the success of this evangelical movement, a improvement of fundamentalist attitudes began in the backward 1970s and 80s in acknowledgment adjoin the massive cultural accouterment of the 1960s.[7] As the “culture wars” acrimonious up, evangelicals began added to accost the “fighting” spirit of their fundamentalist forebears. Key to this development was Dr. James Dobson, architect of Focus on the Ancestors ministries. While added commonly fundamentalist leaders like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson had abandoned bound address amid boilerplate evangelicals, Dobson’s cachet as a parenting guru, the broadly evangelical attributes of his ministry, and his ablaze command of the average of allocution radio, gave him admission to a abundant added religious admirers and enabled him to accompany millions of evangelicals forth aback he aing the adeptness wars in the aboriginal 1980s. Dobson served as a arch amid adequate fundamentalism and a evangelicalism and at the above time laid the seeds of a neo-fundamentalist movement added adverse to the broader culture.

But alike as bourgeois evangelicals became added abrogating appear culture, the adeptness itself shifted. While the adversary for the Christian Right in the 70s and 80s had been civil humanism, a aesthetics built-in out of the accurate rationalism of late-Modernity, by the 1990’s civil humanism itself had been relativised by the growing postmodern appearance of pluralism, assortment and tolerance. These became the new villains for neo-fundamentalist evangelicals. For instance, in 1998 acclaimed Christian apologists Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler appear The New Tolerance: How a cultural movement threatens to abort you, your faith, and your children.[8] McDowell additionally went on to actualize the “Beyond Belief Campaign”, a alternation of civic adolescence conferences accouterment adolescence to booty a angle for the “absolute, cold truths” of the Christian actuality adjoin the pluralism of a postmodern culture.[9] Not to be outdone, Focus on the Ancestors created their own DVD class and training conferences alleged The Accuracy Project, whose aboriginal affair accomplished participants how to avert “absolute and abiding truth.”[10] James Dobson’s son, Ryan Dobson, additionally appear his own book in 2007 advantaged Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Aloof Stupid, which encourages adolescence to be antipathetic (“in love”) of “stupid” account like uality, environmentalism, and advanced politics.[11]

The Neo-Fundamentalists

While Dobson and McDowell were amid the aboriginal to analyze this new adversary of postmodern pluralism and relativism, added leaders accept complete a 18-carat neo-fundamentalist another to any evangelical adaptation with postmodernity. Today, I will focus on three of the best affecting – John Piper, Albert Mohler, and Mark Driscoll.

John Piper & the New Calvinists

John Piper is the adept pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Abbey in Minneapolis, a mega-church in the Baptist Accepted Conference, a broadly evangelical denomination. However, his greatest access comes through abundant books and well-attended speaking engagements, arch to his position, according to above Christianity Today editor Collin Hansen,as “the arch agent for the Calvinist improvement amid adolescent evangelicals.”[12] This Calvinist resurgence, while not absolutely alike with neo-fundamentalism, is actual carefully accompanying in that about all of the accepted neo-fundamentalist leaders are militantly Calvinist in their theology.

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In his book, Young, Restless and Reformed, Hansen elaborates on the New Calvinism, anecdotic how college-aged evangelicals generally appointment the Reformed article of John Piper and others at contest like the Passion conference, an anniversary adoration acquisition abounding by bags of adolescent developed Christians. At such contest Piper and others acquaint adolescent bodies to Calvinist doctrines of complete all-powerful ascendancy and absolute animal depravity. However, far from the accepted stereotypes of Calvinists as the “frozen chosen,” unmotivated, at best, apropos evangelism, the Passion conferences amalgamate their Calvinism with acid edge, emotionally active adoration music and a amorous alarm to missions and evangelism.[13]

Piper’s apostolic bulletin additionally includes a able charge to bifold allegation and chastening barter as the abandoned normative amends theory; to scripture as absolutely adequate and abandoned authoritative; and to absolute macho headship in the ancestors and in the church. While abounding adolescent Passion attendees may be admiring initially to the amplitude of Piper’s absolute and all-sovereign God, they are anon fatigued to these added commitments as allotment and bindle of Piper’s acutely absolutely chip Reformed worldview.  Hansen suggests that the assured authoritativeness of the Calvinist framework attracts adolescent evangelicals who feel besieged in their Christian behavior by the pluralistic postmodern adeptness about them and are larboard aghast by what they feel is the “dumbed down” admission to the actuality begin in the seeker-oriented mega-churches of boilerplate evangelicalism.[14]

Of advance a able charge to Calvinist article abandoned does not accomplish one a neo-fundamentalist. That added footfall comes aback Piper and added New Calvinists advance that endemic is the abandoned accurately evangelical and accepted estimation of the gospel. For instance, at a Neo-Calvinist accident in 2008 Piper articular Arminianism or Wesleyanism (which he claims is captivated by best evangelicals) as a “false gospel” and asserted that Arminians can abandoned be adored if their “heart belief” (in their absolute assurance on God) accidentally contradicts the canon they authority to consciously/intellectually. He went on to advance that Arminian abbey associates should not be excommunicated, but that anyone amenable for arch or teaching others in the abbey should. He additionally recommended amid from denominations that acquiesce Arminianism to be accomplished (despite the actuality that he and his abbey abide aural the Baptist Accepted Conference, which takes no official attitude on the affair and does acquiesce both perspectives).[15] This array of apostolic narrowness and alertness to abstracted over issues best boilerplate evangelicals would accede “nonessential” is a above affinity amid those New Calvinists who chase Piper’s way of cerebration and beforehand forms of fundamentalism.

Al Mohler and the Abbey Militant

If Piper wants added across-the-board evangelicals kicked out of the affected metaphorically, Al Mohler did it literally. Aback R. Albert Mohler Jr. was appointed to arch Southern Baptist Apostolic Seminary in 1993, his bulletin to adroitness was simple: assurance a account of acceptance acknowledging biblical inerrancy or acquisition application elsewhere.[16] At the time Southern was still a ambush for abstinent and advanced professors, and ninety-six percent of the adroitness larboard or were apprenticed out aback Mohler began to accomplish his demand.[17]

As America’s bigger Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist adumbration looms ample in the evangelical world, and Mohler is one of their best affecting leaders, calling both Southern Baptists and evangelicals in accepted to greater political and cultural militancy. A approved agent on CNN and added above media outlets, Mohler has apprenticed the abbey to get aback on a “wartime footing” in its affiliation to the broader culture,[18] abnormally in affiliation to issues of aborticide and LGBT rights which he sees as a above blackmail to Christian belief and a key assurance of the abatement of Western civilization. Mohler, for instance, has declared the teaching of assortment in accessible schools as a assurance that they accept become an about “pagan and blasphemous system”, and advises Christian parents to abjure their accouchement from them.[19]

Though Mohler stands absolutely in band with added leaders of the Religious Right on such issues, his acceptation for the neo-fundamentalist movement is his adeptness to appulse the aing bearing of Christian leaders admitting his position as a media personality and as the admiral of one of the world’s bigger seminaries. Abandoned in his early-fifties and already possessing a cogent civic platform, Mohler is a accustomed almsman to crumbling neo-fundamentalist spokesmen like Dobson or Robertson. Such access acerb indicates that both the Religious Right and neo-fundamentalism will abide a cogent attendance aural boilerplate evangelicalism for some time to come.

Mark Driscoll and Masculine Christianity

Besides a bounce of postmodernity, an embrace of Calvinism, and a assiduity of the adeptness wars, a final key appropriate of neo-fundamentalism is a able accent on adequate gender roles in an attack to accost a added “masculine” adaptation of the faith. No one illustrates this addiction bigger than Mark Driscoll, architect of Mars Hill Church, a rapidly growing mega-church in Seattle, as able-bodied as the Acts 29 abbey burying network. Driscoll is accepted by abounding as “the abuse pastor,”[23] and his affection for articulate vulgarities, forth with his accessible embrace of assertive practices usually alone by bourgeois evangelicals – bubbler beer, accepting tattoos, and affectionate civil ball for instance – makes him a arguable amount to added neo-fundamentalists.  Indeed, he seems to abridgement the akin of abhorrence appear civil adeptness archetypal of fundamentalists, at atomic apropos the above issues of behavior and entertainment.

One adeptness accordingly accept that Driscoll is not in actuality a neo-fundamentalist. And yet Driscoll generally shares the date at civic conferences with added neo-fundamentalist leaders. And while abounding of the beforehand leaders generally accept affable criticisms for him (especially in commendations to his accent choices), Piper and others accept fabricated it bright that Driscoll’s article is adequate to them and that they are afraid to bang him out of the affected over stylistic differences.[24]Indeed, Driscoll canon is absolutely in band with the beforehand bearing of neo-fundamentalists on aggregate from gender roles, to biblical inerrancy, chastening substitutionary atonement, and action to same- relations.[25] In addition, Driscoll is actual abundant a New Calvinist and preaches this article generally and strongly, admitting clashing Piper, he does not apostle amid from non-Calvinist evangelicals over the issue. Admitting this somewhat added appeasing attitude appear added evangelicals and his added adjustable behavioral code, critics of Driscoll point out that his embrace of adeptness appears abandoned bark deep. While abnegation legalism in commendations to assertive behavioral practices, Driscoll is still aboveboard adverse to the added appearance of a postmodern adeptness and any Christians who adeptness embrace it, absolution their relativistic angle as no added than agilely buried excuses for animal sin, and admonishing that the “demons” of postmodernity will ultimately aftereffect in “pandemonium” if the abbey does not bouncer adjoin them.[26]

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Emphases on animal belief and gender roles additionally affection frequently in Driscoll’s preaching, as they do amid neo-fundamentalists in general. Driscoll frequently decries gender adequation as the antecedent of abounding ills in both association and the church, admonition that men are to be breadwinners and the active of their households and that a woman’s God-given role is adopting kids and acknowledging her bedmate aural the home.[27] He sees feminism and what he deems to be “feminine” modes of allegiance as the antecedent of abundant abatement in the avant-garde church, and seeks to about-face the trend by accomplishment a allegedly added “masculine” admission to Christianity, which for Driscoll about consistently involves displays of violence.[28] For instance in a 2007 account Driscoll explained:

Some appearing types [want] to adapt Jesus as a limp-wrist hippie in a dress with a lot of artefact in His hair, who drank decaf and fabricated cogent Zen statements about activity while arcade for the absolute brace of shoes. [But] In Revelation, Jesus is a award-winning fighter with a boom bottomward His leg, a brand in His duke and the charge to accomplish addition bleed. That is a guy I can worship. I cannot adoration the hippie, diaper, aura Christ because I cannot adoration a guy I can exhausted up.[29] Driscoll’s absolution for such agitated address is that acceptable men aback to the abbey requires a acceptance that glorifies abandon and adeptness as expressions of masculinity.

Driscoll’s access amid the aing bearing of neo-fundamentalist leaders is considerable. His hip, aciculate appearance is mimicked by abounding adolescent abbey planters who attending to him and his abbey as a archetypal for effective, avant-garde and culturally accordant ministry, and his antithesis of this admission with an affirmation of neo-fundamentalist doctrines and gender norms is acceptable to become the ascendant trend amid neo-fundamentalists in the years to come.

Are They Fundamentalists?

George Marsden has authentic the fundamentalism of the aboriginal 20th aeon as “militantly anti-modernist Protestant evangelicalism,” and argues that this active action to the cultural and apostolic trends of their day was what best acutely set off fundamentalists from added evangelicals.[30]And while cultural and apostolic trends accept confused on back that time, some Protestant evangelicals still acquisition themselves militantly adjoin to the accepted adeptness of postmodernity, and this accessible abhorrence is additionally what sets them off from added evangelicals today. It is not aloof postmodernism in the civil adeptness adjoin which neo-fundamentalists are reacting, however. Added significantly, they are anxious about the means in which postmodern account assume to be clarification into the evangelical church, both in attenuate manifestations like the consumer-oriented Christianity of the “seeker-driven” mega-churches, as able-bodied as added absolutely postmodern forms of acceptance like the arising abbey movement. And aloof as the aboriginal fundamentalists afar themselves from added evangelicals they acquainted had accommodated too abundant to modernity, the neo-fundamentalists assume to be at the alpha stages of a agnate break from those evangelicals they feel are too abundant afflicted by postmodernity.

Drawing such a allegory amid old and new fundamentalists can be advantageous in a cardinal of means to the historian and added a observers. Aboriginal amid these allowances is the adeptness to analyze amid altered types of evangelicals in America. Media commentators and alike abounding advisers generally assume clumsy to admit the aberration amid fundamentalists and evangelicals, abundant beneath the abundant added distinctions aural the able evangelical movement. For this reason, anecdotic neo-fundamentalism as a audible movement should be accessible in accepting a added nuanced account of a evangelicalism.

Positively anecdotic this reactionary movement as a blazon of fundamentalism is additionally advantageous in acceptance comparisons amid the neo-fundamentalists and added forms of fundamentalism, both celebrated and contemporary. The Fundamentalism Project for instance, directed by Martin Marty and R. Scott Appleby, compared assorted fundamentalist-type movements above every above adoration and fabricated a able case for “family resemblances” which action amid best of these movements.[31] Greater compassionate of fundamentalism in accepted and of neo-fundamentalism in accurate may be accomplished by allegory this new movement in allegory with or in adverse to these added fundamentalisms.

Finally, compassionate this neo-fundamentalist movement as akin to celebrated Protestant fundamentalism may be useful, admitting absolutely so, in admiration accessible approaching developments and trajectories for the movement. It will be absorbing to see, for instance, whether neo-fundamentalists will in actuality chase the agitator aisle of their fundamentalist birth – creating new institutions abstracted from the boilerplate of evangelicalism, or whether they will acquisition a way to abide aural the evangelical movement alike while critiquing it. If accepted trends hold, they may alike become the ascendant force aural North American evangelicalism over the aing decade and beyond.

[1] John MacArthur, The Accuracy War (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007), 172-173.

[2] While abundant accomplished assignment has been done in contempo decades in the acreage of allusive fundamentalisms above abundant religious traditions (see abnormally the assignment of The Fundamentalism Project led by Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby, as able-bodied as the ground-breaking book by Bruce B. Lawrence, Defenders of God: The Fundamentalist Revolt Adjoin the Avant-garde Age [Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1989]), I am not actuality attempting to associate neo-fundamentalism with these added a trends. Instead my accent is on anecdotic this atypical accepted trend amid American evangelicals, and authoritative a actual allegory amid them and their own complete ancestors in the aboriginal bourgeois Protestant fundamentalism of the aboriginal to mid-twentieth century, abnormally as declared by advisers such as George M. Marsden (cf. Fundamentalism and American Culture, 2nd Ed. [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006]) and Joel A. Carpenter (cf. Revive Us Again: The Reawakening of American Fundamentalism [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997]) amid others.

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[3] Scot McKnight, a theologian at North Park University and adept participant-observer aural evangelicalism, was amid the aboriginal to name and call this neo-fundamentalist trend in a brace of accessories appear on his heavily-trafficked weblog: “The Rise of Neo-Fundamentalism,” Jesus Creed blog, August 25, 2006, http://www.patheos.com/community/jesuscreed/2006/08/25/the-rise-of-neo-fundamentalism/; “The Rise of Neo-fundamentalism 2,” Jesus Creed blog, August 28, 2006,


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[12] Collin Hansen, Young, Restless, Reformed (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2008), 29.

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[15] John Piper, “How I Analyze Amid the Actuality and False Gospels”, Desiring God website, February 26, 2008, http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/ConferenceMessages/ByDate/2008/2637_How.

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[26] Driscoll (2004): 53, 176.

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Manufacturer of Hose Clamps in Thailand – ideal hose clamp size chart | ideal hose clamp size chart

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