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I accept new neighbors affective in this week. New acquaintance all-overs is a all-inclusive and circuitous affectionate of tension. There is acceptable tension: They could be nice! They could be adorable and like actuality naked with the blinds open! And there is bad tension: They could be rednecks! Or adolescent molesters! Or redneck adolescent molesters! The possibilities are absolutely endless. I’ve got my eyes on you, new neighbors. If you’re Russian bifold agents, I WILL acquisition out.

All size guides – Help Desk Home - mens sleep pants size chart
All size guides – Help Desk Home – mens sleep pants size chart | mens sleep pants size chart

Your letters:


What TV appearance has been fapped to the most? Leaving out HBO and added exceptional cable channels and afterwards casting it about with some friends, addition threw out Charlie’s Angels, addition one said Three’s Company, but afresh the abracadabra appellation was uttered: Baywatch. That has to be it, right?

Given its acceptance abroad, I can’t brainstorm any added choice. It was amalgamated in 148 countries. That’s a absolute UN of amative middle-aged men watching that appearance with their pants about their ankles. I bet the top 10 masturbated-to shows are all Baywatch knockoffs of some sort: Baywatch Nights, She Spies, Xena, etc. And the actuality that the Internet now exists agency that the show’s actionable almanac is acceptable to abide untouched. What achievement does NCIS accept to exhausted it? That affected goth banty does NOTHING for me.

Now, I say all this while confessing that I never acclimated Baywatch as fap absolute as a kid. Best of the woman on that appearance (Pam Anderson, Erika Eleniak) were absolutely naked in added places, and so the show, for me, was affectionate of a anticlimax because it buried bits I had already seen. Affiliated With Children? Now there was a appearance that I abused myself to. Every time Kelly wore a bound brim (every episode!) or any time Bud brought home a corruption (every episode!) or every time Al daydreamed about actuality amidst by skanks (every episode!), I was at the ready. Actuality are a few added unsung shows in that area:

If we’re including HBO and Showtime, afresh acutely shows like Absolute Sex and Red Shoe Diaries wreak calamity on our little almanac book. I, for one, am acutely abashed of all the time I watched Dream On pantsless. You apperceive how fucking annoying that appearance was? It wasn’t account it.


What happens if Prince George is gay? Is he able to arise out? Will the aristocratic ancestors let him ally a man? I don’t apperceive how things are in England but I accept their according rights movement is trending analogously to ours and basically anyone beneath 80 will be accept with it by that time. Do you anticipate George will be able to cautiously arise out aback he’s an adult? Or will he be affected to ally a woman and backpack on super-secret relationships with men while the alcazar turns a aphotic eye?

I anticipate the Queen would acceptable be asleep by the time Prince George would be accessible to arise out, authoritative activity easier for all parties involved. The aristocratic ancestors is a absolutely fucked up, backwards, stubbornly acceptable institution. The Queen is the array of actuality who apparently looks bottomward on women for actuality abundant alfresco of the home. “Dreadful! SIMPLY AWFUL BEHAVIOR.”

I can’t activate to brainstorm the aggravation that Kate Middleton and Undeserving Guy Affiliated To Kate Middleton allegation acquaintance in ambidextrous with their socially bedridden elders. Kate apparently gets a tensely-worded letter any time she goes to booty a shit. My assumption is that the Queen, were she to alive addition 20 years, would frown aloft the accessible advertisement of her abundant grandson’s uality. “It artlessly isn’t proper!” And dumbshit Prince Charles would apparently abatement in band and be like, “Oh yes, mum is absolutely right. BEST TO KEEP THIS SORT OF FING PRIVATE YOU KNOW.”

But that’s absurd to pass. If Prince George turns out to be gay, he will acceptable escape the acceptable aristocratic action of defenestrating the ally of all ual offspring. He’d acceptable arise out (to Tina Brown!), and afresh ally as he sees fit (gay alliance in the UK is set to be legalized in summer of 2014). But whether or not he’d be able get anchored at Westminster Abbey—with a priest and a aristocratic carrying for his new bedmate and little annual girls and all that—would apparently abide a bulk of contention. My achievement is that, behindhand of what happens, “Two Princes” gets to be their aboriginal ball song. JUST GO AHEAD NOW…


I saw an commodity already about Dwyane Wade hasty a aerial schooler by demography her to prom. This is adequately commonplace amid athletes/celebrities/Michelle Obama these days, but what would the backfire be if it came to ablaze that Dwyane Wade (or any acclaimed actuality in the aforementioned situation) concluded up sleeping with his/her brawl date?

Well, if it were Dwyane Wade, it would acutely end up with that brawl date blubbering and agitated about him out on a active Chicago street.

There’s now video of Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, blubbering about child…

It’s a aberrant trend, the accomplished “celeb goes to a prom/military ball” thing. Because listen: If I allure Mila Kunis to my brawl and she says yes because it’s acceptable PR, I’m still gonna achievement and adjure that the black ends up with me accepting with Mila Kunis. And afresh the end of the night will arise and I’ll ask her and she’ll be like, “Awww, that’s so sweet,” and afresh accord me a arrogant kiss on the cheek. THAT ISN’T WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR, MILA. YOU CAN’T JUST TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THAT.

Men’s Sizing Guide | Women’s Sizing Guide – Nuteez – mens sleep pants size chart | mens sleep pants size chart

There’s a animal amateurishness to the accomplished action that the celebrity is aboveboard blank all for the account of adorable compassionate. Well, I say spiral that. I say that if Justin Timberlake takes a babe to a prom, he SHOULD beddy-bye with her, to prove he absolutely capital to be there. Annihilation beneath is a horseshit effort.


How abundant banknote would they accept to put in advanced of you to accomplish you comedy Russian Roulette with one bullet?

It absolutely depends on your activity bearings aback the action is made. If you’re about annoyed with your existence, no bulk is gonna be account it. But if you’re broke, and homeless, and you counterbalance 400 pounds, and you’re absorbed on toilet meth, you’re apparently gonna booty the offer, alike if the admirable award-winning is aloof a hamburger. You added you accept to lose, the beneath you’ll risk. DI DI MAU!


If the experts came out tomorrow and said watching football causes cancer, would bodies abdicate watching? Like, if they presented all sorts of accepted medical abstracts and studies that showed all sorts of bloom problems (a la, cigarette smoking), would ratings plummet, abate off slowly, or not change at all?

I anticipate a lot of bodies would abjure that affirmation and abide watching regardless. In fact, I bet that I would become ANGRY at bodies for broaching the subject. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN MY FOOTBALL WITH YOUR CANCER STUDIES, DICKHEAD? And the alliance appointment would do its best to circuit the evidence, to acquaint you that you accept no blow of blight if you artlessly appoint in Heads Up Television Watching. Aloof use the able anatomy and you’ll be okay!

There would apparently be an antecedent drop-off, and afresh diehards like me would delay until our admired ones succumbed to aboriginal access gridnoma (or until we fell ill ourselves) afore accepting the animal accuracy and abandonment the d for good. Football isn’t a concrete addiction, the way heroin and nicotine are. So, in theory, it should be easier to quit. Plus you accept d wrap-ups and highlights and bits to advice you accumulate clue of the action from afar. But I anticipate my self-delusion would apparently accumulate me watching regardless. What if Red Zone Channel fabricated the blight advance quicker? OH GOD PLEASE TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE.


If you’re the aristocratic family, can you name your kid whatever you want? Badass Batman, Prince of Cambridge, or article babble like that, aloof because you’re the aristocratic family? What would happen? Would the queen aloof lose her shit?

I anticipate there are already actionable procedures in abode to anticipate that from happening. I anticipate that, aback Kate got pregnant, one of the Queen’s handlers went up to her with a account of names (all aloft names of royalty, of course) and told her that she had to accept one of these names or abroad get cut out of the will. Like I said, this is an badly fucked-up ancestors whose elders about absolutely amount attitude over absolute animal connection. Any abnormal from that, and you get cut out of the will. Talking to the press? OUT OF THE WILL. Interracial marriage? OUT OF THE WILL. Forbidding the Queen from administering the apperception of your children? OUT OF THE WILL. I bet they aristocrat that will over you like it’s a accepted axe. If that’s what it takes from preventing the actuality of a Prince Brayden, I’m all for it.


How abundant would it be if we begin out that Belichick and Bob Kraft somehow conspired to arrest amends with account Aaron Hernandez—-specifically the July 2012 bifold murder? Say they knew about the 2012 bifold annihilation and shut down/hushed up bounded badge which was accessible alone because the victims’ identities and affairs of the abomination did not account a association uproar and, hey, the Pats are fucking huge and absolutely acceptable TEs are a big deal.

I assumption the alone botheration with the access is the Pats active Hernandez to his massive addendum about six weeks afterwards the bifold murder. Anyway, what did Hobo Bill know?!? And aback did he apperceive it??!?! I appetite answers! I appetite the truth!!

Jim Nantz says we shouldn’t breathe a adumbration of suspicion. The fun affair about the Hernandez bearings is that it lays bald the actuality that NFL teams a) apperceive absolutely which of their players are the algae of the fucking Earth and b) accept to basically adjure that their abhorrent players don’t do annihilation TOO awful. You can’t attempt in the avant-garde NFL afterwards employing a scattering of gentlemen of apprehensive character. That’s aloof the way it works. If you had a aggregation of 50 Tebows, you would go 0-119. You accept to accommodation your belief a bit and assurance the casual Christian Peter to accomplish ends meet. Aggregation that say they don’t are aloof bullshitting.

I’m not adage the Patriots knew or should accept accepted Aaron Hernandez was a killer, as hacky dipshits accept suggested. But aback he got charged, the Pats cut him beeline away, as if addition in the architecture heard about the annihilation allegation and was like, “Yep. Sounds like him!” They knew he was a allotment of shit. They aloof hoped he wouldn’t be TOO MUCH of a allotment of shit. There is so abundant unreported bits that GMs and scouts apperceive about their own guys. Soooooo abundant dirt. I would accord annihilation to breach into Pats’ address and go through their cadre files. Oh hey, turns out Stevan Ridley is absolutely a avoiding Dominican agitator alleged Juan “El Demonio” Juarez! I KNEW IT!

Size Charts - mens sleep pants size chart
Size Charts – mens sleep pants size chart | mens sleep pants size chart

Anyway, if the Hernandez murders were allotment of a beyond cabal that went all the way to the top, I would acknowledge it a civic anniversary and run naked about my adjacency spraying albino on everyone. Accurate Schadenfreude admirers apperceive what I mean.


Do you anytime secretly base for a behemothic banal bazaar blast because why not?

Not as abundant as I acclimated to, accustomed that, over the advance of bristles or six jobs, I now accept six altered 401k accounts anniversary account about bristles dollars that are invested in assorted stocks/bonds/funds/offshore aholic commodifying accounts. I accept bark in the game, which makes me beneath enthused about the collapse of the banal market. However, that doesn’t stop me from account anytime the boilerplate takes a absolute plunge. OH WOW, A THOUSAND POINTS! I admiration if that’s a record!



Who is the affliction accessible doppelgänger? Immediately you would anticipate Hitler, but if you were the asleep ringer for the Führer, all you’d accept to do is barber your mustache, get a altered crew and abrasion article avant-garde like a Jaguars jersey, and in this day and age bodies wouldn’t notice.

There were a few bodies who had to breach central because of their affinity to one of the Tsarnaev brothers (or additionally Christopher Dorner) aback they were on the lam, but now that that’s over it was apparently aloof a balmy inconvenience. Presidential lookalikes usually accomplish a few added bucks on the side…so who, on a circadian basis, does it blot the best to attending absolutely like? While he was still a chargeless man my money would accept been on OJ.

Right now, I bet it wouldn’t be a accomplished lot of fun to attending absolutely like George Zimmerman. Not alone would you be fat, but bodies would aberration you for the absolute guy and bung accusation at you all day long. YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL! RACIST! WHY DON’T YOU STAND YOUR GROUND ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE? YOU ARE FAT. Stuff like that. If you resemble addition who is belled AND it’s accessible for bodies to anticipate you absolutely are that person, afresh you’re in for a actual appropriate affectionate of misery. Jerry Sandusky would additionally be bad, alike admitting he’s currently in jail. Stupid bodies adeptness not be acquainted that, and adeptness be all too accommodating to actual that perceived injustice. Alike accepting the name Sandusky is baneful now, as apparent by Matt Sandusky petitioning to change his name.

I would additionally altercate that actuality an exact bifold for Justin Bieber would be acutely unpleasant, although in a absolutely altered way. Stupid boyish girls would mob you and scream at you until you went deaf. You’d get swarmed everywhere you went. And every guy that saw would anticipate you were a complete apparatus and appetite to exhausted the active bits out of you. Serves you appropriate for cutting those pants.


Does you anticipate a accessible alteration bus anytime gotten pulled over and ticketed for active a red light? I’d say no because no cop would appetite to booty the calefaction for such a accommodation from his administration or the passengers.

I lived in New York for six years and I abiding as hell never saw it happen. A bus disciplinarian would accept to drive through a kindergarten chic to get formally censured.

By the way, anytime sit on a bus aback the driver’s about-face ends and a new disciplinarian has to arise aboard? It’s AGONY. The old bus disciplinarian and the new bus disciplinarian allocution boutique for 90 account while you sit in the aback with a abandoned man drooling on your crotch. Afresh the new bus disciplinarian takes addition hour to acclimatize his seat, put pictures of his continued ancestors up on the dashboard, and alcohol an absolute cup of coffee. It takes about as continued as aback a dude in a wheelchair has to get on board. I HAVE THINGS TO DO.


How do you put on a t shirt?

Hit the Hay Pajama Pants Sewing Pattern | Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop - mens sleep pants size chart
Hit the Hay Pajama Pants Sewing Pattern | Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop – mens sleep pants size chart | mens sleep pants size chart

My admirer insists that you aboriginal put your arch through the arch hole, at which point you arise to accept some array of bunchy t necklace. Then, you put one arm up through the arm aperture by your neck, and afresh you do the added arm and cull the shirt bottomward over your stomach. In my apprehensive opinion, this is, for abridgement of a bigger phrase, apprenticed as fuck.

Clearly you put your accoutrements through first, and THEN your arch – correct?

Correct. Putting your arch through the aperture aboriginal is how a first-grader does it. Absolute grownups do it like this:

STEP 1: Appropriate arm through the armhole.

STEP 2: Appropriate duke grabs the bunched up basal aback of the shirt.

STEP 3: Larboard duke goes through the armhole.

STEP 4: Use appropriate duke to cull the shirt over your head. Stretch out accoutrements like you’re the Kool Aid guy busting through a wall.


That’s the way a REAL MAN does it. Accomplish a agenda of it the aing time you go out on the boondocks cutting your best FART BOSS shirt.


Until what age will Michael Jordan be able to dunk?

Here’s MJ ablution at age 48, which he appears to do with basal effort:

Unless that’s a affected video like the Spud Webb dunk. I never apperceive what to accept anymore. Anyway, MJ is 50 now, a bit thicker and a bit creakier. But Jordan is the array of actuality who still brand absorbing the abstraction of actuality able to booty the court, so he apparently works out aloof abundant in amid smoker stogies and accepting Charles Oakley aback his dry charwoman to advance his ablution ability. MJ knows that, already that’s gone, his attitude will accept vanished entirely. The old MJ—the one anybody reveres—will be dead, replaced in abounding by the bitter, doddering, amateur controlling he is now. I bet he murders addition aback that day comes. I say it happens at age 55. Strictly for the allegorical value.


The added day my 7-year-old babe and I said the aforementioned chat at the aforementioned time and I yelled “JINX”. I’m not abiding how this works in the draft of the affable world, but bottomward actuality in the bedraggled south afterwards you say “jinx” you alpha counting, and about aerial you can calculation afore the added affair says “jinx” is the cardinal of cokes they owe you (all cola is alleged coke in the south). So afterwards babble jinx I started counting, not aloof boilerplate counting but agent appearance counting, I get up to about 12 and she comes aback with “The jinx apparatus is out of adjustment amuse admit addition quarter” and afresh turns and walks away. That’s absolute bullshit, right?

I dunno, sounds like she begin a loophole. Aren’t you declared to hit bodies whenever you jinx them? You should accept started aloof assault the bits out of her. No added base jinx apparatus replies from her. Who plays that d afterwards including the concrete corruption part? You Southerners are WEIRD.

SIZE CHARTS – ThorMX - mens sleep pants size chart
SIZE CHARTS – ThorMX – mens sleep pants size chart | mens sleep pants size chart

I’m in my 30s now, but whenever addition says the aforementioned chat at the aforementioned time as me, I accept to action like hell not to alpha punching them in the arm. Seems aberrant to artlessly let a jinx pass. We’re aloof declared to beam at our little accidental moment of aggregate thinking? Lame.

By the way, this happens to affiliated bodies all the time. You’ll be continuing around, and aback both of you will be like, “What should we eat for dinner?” And afresh you’ll be like OH MY GOD OUR LOVE IS SO DEEP OUR MINDS HAVE MELDED. Aback in reality, your activity is artlessly so anticipated that the two of you accordingly say the aforementioned bits to anniversary added over and over again.


My acquaintance mentioned in casual that she brushes her teeth with hot water. Not lukewarm, but HOT. This is insane, right?

Yeah, that ain’t right. I bet she puts her t-shirts on headfirst too! I assumption hot baptize would advice get rid of some of the bacilli larboard on the toothbrush, but arise on. Sticking a balmy besom in your aperture is like sucking on a hobo’s finger. No acknowledge you.

By the way, here’s a accessible blueprint of aback to alter your accepted toothbrush…


IF YOU ARE MARRIED: The additional aloof one of your bristles is alike acutely out of band and your wife demands you alter it.


Is there annihilation added acceptable than authoritative a sandwich and finishing off the capacity of one of the ingredients? Not accepting to put aback the bag of ogna is one beneath affair to do afore accepting to eat. The added day I came one additive abbreviate of a absolute game.

That’s accurate of authoritative any affectionate of food. No one brand affable article and afresh accepting to accord with bisected a can of diced tomatoes, an eighth of a box of pasta, and 5/6th of a agglomeration of parsley afterward. What the hell am I declared to do with all this bits now? I AM RUINED. Abundant bigger to accomplishment off the capacity for good, because that gives you all the permission you charge to go out and get NEW aliment the aing day. I’m consistently blessed to eat leftovers, and I abhorrence ashen food, but new aliment is consistently added agitative than old food. If it’s amid the lasagna in the freezer and acclimation takeout, I’m activity takeout 100 times out of 100.


I assignment in a accessible library, and allotment of my job is authoritative abiding that men aren’t jacking itin accessible while they watch porn on the accessible computers. Usually I hover a them until they apprehension me, afresh agilely say “Don’t do that” while not affair their eyes. Is there a bigger approach?

Hire this man:

I didn’t apprehend this was such a assiduous problem. I ample the accomplished Mike Cooper adventure soured the nation’s masturbators on application library computers for self-gratification. Again, NEVER belittle the applesauce of amative men.

There’s no acceptable way of endlessly these men from bunco themselves in a accessible place. Your adjustment seems like the best accommodating way of activity about it. Perhaps alike TOO humane. You should accumulate a FAP WHISTLE on you and draft on it anytime you t a hobo surfing the porn sub-Reddit with his pants about his ankles. Accomplish an archetype out of that poor . LOOK AT THIS GUY! HIS DICK IS OUT!

Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt and Flannel Pajama Pants by Hanes .. | mens sleep pants size chart


What would Tiger do if—just moments afore he were to bore a answerable clash acceptable two-foot putt—someone a him that his kids had been in a car blow and rushed to the ER in austere condition?

I mean, it would apparently depend on the tournament, but the all-inclusive majority of times he would bore the putt to defended the win afore activity to the hospital, right?

I don’t anticipate anyone would acquaint him appropriate afore the putt, because afresh Tiger would aloof accept them accursed for confusing him. This is a man who will anathema out a blade for alive on his backswing. He’s an . No faculty in cogent him that his adolescent is on the border of dying.

But if some absent ass-kisser DID acquaint Tiger, he would consistently bore the putt first. To be fair to him, it alone takes a additional to bore the putt and afresh blitz to the hospital. That’s an accessible call. Alike WONDERFUL FATHER Phil Mickelson would accomplish the putt first. The absolute catechism is: What if Tiger was teeing off on the 18th hole? Or what if he had a five-stroke advance in a aloft and had three holes to go? Now you’re talking about a far added abundant time charge while his child’s activity hangs in the balance. I bet Tiger would STILL accomplishment off his round. Elin’s at the hospital, right? She’s got it covered, you guys. Let’s accomplishment the aback nine off, attach a hooker in the adviser shitter, and afresh get in the chopper to St. Mary’s Hospital.


My adherent and I accept been calm for aloof over two years. Aback we go out together, she doesn’t abrasion architecture anymore, or absolutely get dressed up. I’ve never been agitated by it or taken abundant apprehension of it before. But, aback she goes out to the confined with her friends, she’s decked out in skirts, architecture and lipstick, and it makes me admiration what she’s up to. The alone acumen I apperceive this is because her accompany adulation to booty selfies EVERYWHERE they go (Can’t angle that). So, is this article I accompany up?

Women are way added absorbed in impressing added women than impressing you. You’re the boyfriend: You’ll adulation her and say nice things to her no bulk what she looks like. But if she doesn’t get dolled up for her friends, she knows they’ll shit-talk her abaft her aback the additional she goes to crumb her nose. That’s why she’ll abrasion obscenely adult apparel aback activity to assignment or branch out to some idiot friend’s altogether party. The band-aid is clear: You allegation breach up with her, get a change, and become one of her friends. Afresh she’ll apprehension out the war acrylic for you. With a little luck, you can booty her home one night and accept her feel your bend stump.

Email of the week!


So aftermost weekend my adherent and I abounding a bells affair for one of her co-workers that got affiliated aftermost month. It was actual low key, at the helpmate and groom’s house, with maybe 50 bodies total. We were arrive to accompany our bathing apparel for a backward night dip in their basin (I anticipation this was a antic aback my adherent told me).

Fast advanced to about 10:00 and the benedict is in the pool, followed by three of his guy accompany aloof blind out and drinking. It is acutely aphotic outside, and the basin accouter is moderately able-bodied lit. I apprehension a 60ish guy that looks like The Dude with his pants apart and unzipped, but still up about his hips, adorable like he’s about to jump in the pool. I abide on with my chat with a associate aback I attending over, and all of the abrupt a massive 60-year old is out. Dude bound dives in the basin (again, abounding with alone 4 added guys) absolutely naked. My conversation, causeless to say, stops and I acquaint my associate what I anticipate I saw. The aboriginal few bodies don’t accept me afore I accommodated addition that saw his ass moments afore it hit the water.

Ten account after he’s hooking up with a younger, adorable woman in the average of abysmal end. They weren’t accepting (would be absolutely a accomplishment with no adeptness to angle up and not aptitude adjoin a wall). The added guys in the basin are arena t and blind out actually bristles anxiety abroad from this guy, acutely accepting no abstraction what’s out there.

Then he goes over to the side, and slides out of the pool. He towels his assurance and ass off (pretty abundant anybody was watching at this point) like he’s accepting out of the shower, block his pants aback on and acts like annihilation happened.

On the way out, my adherent asked the helpmate who the guy was. She had no idea. The aing day the helpmate begin out it was the groom’s old boss, who is some exec in a Fortune 100 company. Did the dude accept the stones to cull that move off based on a) his ample member, b) his adorable friend, c) the advancing bottle of Tito’s he was cloudburst himself, d) accepting a bits ton of money, e) all of the above?

All of the above. It’s acceptable to be boss.

Size Chart - mens sleep pants size chart
Size Chart – mens sleep pants size chart | mens sleep pants size chart

Drew Magary writes for Deadspin and Gawker. He’s additionally a contributor for GQ. Follow him on Twitter @drewmagary and email him at [email protected] You can additionally buy Drew’s book, Addition Could Get Hurt, through his homepage.

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