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In this week’s SLC Dunk Chat, we altercate Ricky Rubio and Royce O’Neale’s abhorrent struggles, Jae Crowder’s resurgence, and what to apprehend from tonight’s New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz game.

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Mychal Lowman: Alright, let’s get this started. Let’s alpha with this question: Are we overreacting about Ricky Rubio’s apathetic alpha to the approved season?

Taylor Griffin: I anticipate we are appropriately reacting. I will avert Rubio’s account until the day I die, but he has not been absolute acceptable through four games. Rubio is the blazon that feeds off of momentum. He aloof needs to get article rolling and I absolutely anticipate he will be fine.

Jason Walker: Aloof about aggregate this aboriginal in the division can be advised an overreaction. We can’t accomplish too abounding assumptions about Rubio until we see added from him.

Jordan Cummings: I don’t anticipate it’s an overreaction. It’s been about 10 amateur (preseason and approved season) with the aforementioned problems. He’s had above problems offensively, and it’s not aloof his shooting. He’s had some bad turnovers, astray passes (that lob to Donovan was a absolute gimme), and has aloof not looked the same.

I do anticipate he’ll about-face it around, but the apathetic starts accept been a arrangement for him throughout his career. It’s absolutely aberrant to see a adept amateur booty so continued to get his anxiety beneath him.

Mychal Lowman: I anticipate the expectations of this aggregation now acquiesce for Jazz admirers to be worried. Aback you had a amateur off to a asperous alpha aftermost season, the acknowledgment was “They absent Hayward, they don’t apperceive who they are, they’re acquirements in the offense.” Now? They’ve all played calm for a year. The advanced appointment emphasized continuity. If anything, the best to accumulate all genitalia calm should accept helped Rubio.

Jordan Cummings: And it’s not aloof a Rubio problem. Poor abhorrent comedy from one amateur on the cloister has a ripple aftereffect on the added 4 players on the court. Our starting calendar has looked appealing abominable so far. If these problems abide for addition 5-10 games, afresh a change to the starting 5 apparently needs to happen. I anticipate it makes added faculty to put Crowder in as the starting 4 than to put Exum in as the starting point guard.

James Hansen: I anticipate that Rubio needs to fix the turnovers but we adeptness be attractive at the aftereffect of the absolute botheration which is a agreement botheration with the starting lineup. There’s a acumen that aback Jae Crowder plays the breach improves dramatically

That was a continued sentence

Mychal Lowman: In the aggressive aggressive West, a brace weeks of asperous comedy is the aberration amid the 2 berry and the 5th seed.

Your English abecedary weeps.

As does mine.

Jordan Cummings: How abuse acceptable has Crowder been, by the way? He’s looked alarming and is accepting to the chargeless bandy band like crazy. Apparently not sustainable, but it’s been a nice abruptness to get Boston Celtics Jae Crowder this season

Mychal Lowman: He’s been amazing. That brings us to James’ point. Is Rubio accepting the sins of this bad advanced cloister placed aloft him? Is he the dupe in all of this?

(I don’t anticipate he is because he played able-bodied with both lineups aftermost year, but it’s fair to ask if that’s accidental to his woes.)

Jordan Cummings: Added cutting is accepted from backcourt players than frontcourt players. So alike if it’s not absolutely his accountability (if Favors could shoot threes, these problems would be abundant beneath apparent), best of the accusation avalanche on him as the “quarterback” of the offense, arena a position that commonly spaces the attic added than a big man does.

Mychal Lowman: That’s the adamantine affair with Rubio. He’s commonly not been a abundant shooter. Part of aftermost year’s additional bisected renaissance with him was his advance from above the arc and with that crumbling abroad chargeless bandy band jumper. Both of which accept been auspiciously missing to alpha the season.

He additionally was a abhorrent finisher about the rim for his position afore aftermost season. By the end of the season, however, he had bigger dramatically. That helped absolutely a bit. All three are underwhelming appropriately far.

Jordan Cummings: He was accepting to the rim absolutely a bit aftermost season, too. I don’t bethink abounding layups from him so far this season. He’s cutting 22% from the field. Yikes.

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Mychal Lowman: By the way, acclaim to James for not starting this babble out with “Start Dante Exum”. What restraint.

Jason Walker: Aftermost year wasn’t the aboriginal time Rubio attempt able-bodied in the additional bisected of the season. He had a agnate “renaissance” in 2016-17, his aftermost year with the T-Wolves, and afresh didn’t absorb that cutting into the alpha of aing season.

Jordan Cummings: He has not fabricated a attempt central 3 anxiety this season

James Hansen: But candidly we should alpha Dante Exum

Jordan Cummings: According to bball ref

Mychal Lowman: There it is.

Jordan Cummings: The shots central 3 feet, I mean. Not about Dante

Mychal Lowman: Not one?

Jordan Cummings: Though… yeah probably

Mychal Lowman: He hasn’t fabricated one?

Jordan Cummings: bball ref lists his FG% central 3 anxiety as 0%

Mychal Lowman: Yikes.

Jordan Cummings: So he’s either absent every layup he’s attempted, or he hasn’t attempted one

He’s additionally at 0% from 10-16 anxiety – an breadth area he attempt 47% and 44% the accomplished two seasons

And 25% from 16 anxiety to aloof central the 3-point line. (43% and 45% the antecedent two seasons)

Mychal Lowman: So James affecting advancement aside, how abundant of a bridle does Rubio accept if he struggles? That division he had a additional bisected advance with the T-Wolves, he concluded up accepting benched for Dunn. It wasn’t until an abrasion got him aback in the lineup.

Jordan Cummings: I’d say addition 5-10 games

Mychal Lowman: Aftermost year, the Jazz were not that abysmal at point bouncer as Exum and Neto went through injuries. Does the advantageous excess of guards (Grayson Allen, Dante Exum) abbreviate Rubio’s window for a animation back?

Jordan Cummings: It’s accessible he’s acute too abundant and is affectionate of in his arch like Donovan was the aboriginal 3 games

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I anticipate so. Accepting added abyss agency added options. Don’t accept to stick with a algid amateur if there are 2-3 guys abaft him that are NBA circling players

I don’t bethink the aftermost time Utah had this abounding advantageous guards

Jason Walker: I anticipate because Rubio has a absolute continued clue almanac of being, at worst, a advantageous point guard, he’ll get a appealing continued leash. Exum, Allen, and Neto don’t accept that so they don’t get as abundant slack.

Taylor Griffin: As continued as Rubio is healthy, I anticipate you accord him as continued as he needs. The Jazz’s beam as a assemblage is accomplished with Rubio arena like he did at the end of aftermost season.

Mychal Lowman: I anticipate I accede with Jason and Taylor. If Rubio struggles, I anticipate Quin would rather comedy Exum continued account in a d than lose Rubio. That starting point bouncer atom in Utah agency a lot added than it does in best markets.

Jordan Cummings: Is it aloof me, or is the Favors/Gobert circling altered from aftermost year? The 2nd bisected of the season, Favors would arch to the bank afterwards about 4-5 minutes. Now it seems that Quin is afraid with the starting 5 for a bit longer. Or is that aloof me?

Mychal Lowman: Someone abroad on Twitter mentioned that during the Memphis game. It feels like Quin is aggravating to apply their admeasurement advantage on teams, but it hasn’t absolutely been working. Which is odd, this starting calendar was still one of the league’s best starting 5 units January to the end of the season.

While Donovan looks like he’s aback to SPIDA-MAN, that starting 5 is disturbing to body leads.

Jordan Cummings: It’s adamantine to booty advantage of a admeasurement conflict if the brawl never goes in to the column player. Utah’s guards charge to get the brawl to Favors aback he’s got 6 inches and 50 pounds on the guy attention him

Mychal Lowman: And the Pelicans accept been a accident brawl to alpha the season. How does Favors book adjoin Nikola Mirotic and the Pelicans?

Jordan Cummings: Utah struggles adjoin amplitude bigs

Mirotic and Davis adeptness be the best amplitude 4/5 admixture in the league

Mychal Lowman: Mirotic (who is on my fantasy team, shoutout Flat Earth Flat Round Society) has been burninating opposing defenses.

Jordan Cummings: Bethink aback you didn’t anticipate Utah should accept traded for him, MYCHAL?


Taylor Griffin: You beggarly Nikola “Averaging 30 ppg” Mirotic?? There’s no way he keeps that up, but Pelicans accept looked abundant and I’m afraid Mirotic is activity to ablaze the Jazz up tomorrow.

Jordan Cummings: (I absolutely don’t bethink if it was you. But you apperceive who you are, whoever it was haha)

Mychal Lowman: It was me. I anticipation Niko and Jae would be according contributors this season. Put that in the “stuff Donovan would hate-like if I tweeted it” folder.

Jordan Cummings: Alike if he regresses to the mean, a adeptness advanced putting up 15 credibility and 8 rebounds on 36% 3 point cutting would be aloof what the doctor ordered for this Jazz team

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Mychal Lowman: What does Utah accept to do to accept a adventitious tomorrow?

Jason Walker: Honestly, I don’t anticipate Jae Crowder would be too far off those numbers were he to alpha in abode of Favors.

Jordan Cummings: Utah has to force NOP into bad shots

Mychal Lowman: Wooo boy, Jason advancing in able with the hot take.

James Hansen: I accede with Jason

Jordan Cummings: Can’t let Mirotic ablaze the nets on blaze from deep, can’t let AD get inside, and they for SURE can’t let Jrue Holiday go basics defensively. He’s activity to actualize problems for our backcourt if they accomplish bad passes or distill into traffic. Already too abounding turnovers.

Mychal Lowman: The acceptable account with New Orleans is Utah consistently seems to accept their number. Jazz are like their Portland.

Jordan Cummings: Crowder’s had one division cutting bigger than 34% from 3. He doesn’t accept the bendability and clue almanac of a guy like Mirotic. I adulation Crowder. He’s absolute for this team. But Mirotic is abuse a the absolute adeptness advanced to put aing to Gobert

Jason Walker: Mirotic and Davis are averaging a accumulated 23.3 rebounds, 7.4 of which appear on the abhorrent end. Boxing out will be a big key.

Taylor Griffin: Jazz accept won aftermost four in New Orleans..

Jordan Cummings: The acceptable account is that Jrue Holiday hasn’t hit a 3 yet this division (as of this morning of 10/26). He’s 0-for-11. And E’Twaun Moore is cutting 27% from deep. The bad account is that this apparently agency that both of them bake it from abysmal and amalgamate to go 8-of-12 from city and we lose by 15

Wouldn’t be a Utah Jazz d after a accidental Jazz analgesic somewhere. E’Twaun Moore fits the bill. Journeyman? Check Accepting a asperous alpha to the season? Check. Has absent to us a agglomeration of times in the past? Check. Pissed off animus game? Probably.

Mychal Lowman: Dang. Pelicans and Jazz is activity to be a abundant game. Never balloon that the Pellies were on the amiss end of Donovan’s aboriginal 40 point game.

Jordan Cummings: That d was legendary. I’m still absolute abroad by Donovan’s adeptness to aloof absolutely booty over a d in the clutch.

Mychal Lowman: But Jazz were advantageous to abstain arena DeMarcus and AD at the aforementioned time for a abounding d aftermost year three out of four times if anamnesis serves me right.

Jason Walker: Yes, but Rudy Gobert has usually done absolute able-bodied arresting Cousins. Davis has been the one to consistently annihilate the Jazz. Though, to be fair, he does that to everybody.

Mychal Lowman: The Jazz are one of the few teams that can bandy 3 aristocratic defenders at Davis: Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors, and Ekpe Udoh.

James Hansen: On the abhorrent end, Donovan should accept a able d because the alone rim protector he’s adverse is Davis. If Davis focuses on Donovan he aloof has to hit Rudy with Lobs. That will assignment bigger aback Jae is on the attic on the ambit admitting because it pulls Mirotic out.

Mychal Lowman: What about Jrue Holiday?

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Jason Walker: I anticipate what James said will be acceptable for Donovan because one of the things he struggled with initially this division was acceptable decision-making. If Davis is arena him adamantine all d at the rim and Mitchell ends up with 12 assists, we’ll apperceive he had a acceptable game. Not because he denticulate 40, but because he helped the aggregation win.

Jordan Cummings: Utah will accept to run brawl screens with either Rubio or Ingles to get Holiday switched off of Donovan.

And if they don’t switch, Donovan will accept to apprehend the aegis and acquisition the pass.

Jason Walker: Holiday played 40 account in the d area Mitchell denticulate 40

Mychal Lowman: SOLD

Taylor Griffin: Pellies will be advancing off a B2B, so it will be absorbing to see how they appear out of the gates

Jordan Cummings: Mitchell was attentive by Moore and Rondo a lot in that game. And aback Jrue was his primary defender, they ran a lot of brawl screens to get him amplitude or force a switch.

Mychal Lowman I anguish about the Big Easy flu.

Two canicule off in New Orleans? Hoooo boy

Taylor Griffin: #nightlife

Jordan Cummings: hahaha. Too abundant borsch will getcha. Great, now I appetite gumbo

Mychal Lowman: Hopefully Rubio spends some time with #EkpesFilmClub, it formed for Mitchell.

Taylor Griffin: What’s the accord with Royce? I’m afraid about him.

James Hansen: He’s absolutely struggled. It looks like he’s absolutely aggravating to access and I aloof don’t apperceive if that’s his game. I was acquisitive to see him be added of a atom up ballista and lockdown apostle this year

Jason Walker: Royce’s backbone has been mainly to be a absolute in the /- while not absolutely assuming up in the box score. And this year, he’s -21 in four amateur and was -5 in an 11-point win over Houston.

Taylor Griffin: I kinda feel like he has been befuddled in at awkward times though. Like he hasn’t been able to acquisition his canal in any of the rotations like he did so able-bodied aftermost season.

Jason Walker: Dante’s been bistro his account I think.

Mychal Lowman: A byproduct of the big rotation? Quin has gone 11 abysmal in the abyss blueprint some games.

Jordan Cummings: Royce has a Wes Matthews d but that’s not the appearance of d he’s been arena so far this season

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Mychal Lowman: Royce looks like he’s aggravating to appearance aggregate he’s formed on in the offseason all at the aforementioned time in one comedy aback he has the ball.

I anticipate he’ll be fine, but because of the Jazz’s abysmal bank we could see him lose account while he gets it together.

Jordan Cummings: Yeah. Seems like a lot of players accept been banishment the affair so far this season

Thinking instead of aloof absolution the d appear to them

At what point do we alpha to ask how cogent the accident of Igor Kokoskov was for this team?

Mychal Lowman: Accepting a able guy like him as the abettor took a lot of the accountability off of Quin. It’s apparently invisibly the better acclimation for Utah this season.

Jordan Cummings: Quin is the mad ability with Xs and Os. Maybe Igor was the emotional/mental ambit of this team

Jason Walker: The Jazz are a acceptable abundant alignment from top to basal that accident an abettor like Igor won’t accomplish a apparent difference.

Mychal Lowman: Let’s end on this: what is everyone’s anticipation for Pellies vs Jazz?

Taylor Griffin: Pelicans run out of gas late, Jazz put the locks bottomward defensively in fourth quarter, Mitchell array 30, Jazz win 108-95.

Jordan Cummings: Utah wins in a aing shootout, 115-112. Donovan array 28 and Ingles goes basics from abysmal putting up 23 of his own.

Jason Walker: I anticipate Donovan will advance things on breach to try and body on what he did adjoin the Rockets with abstinent success but added than a few mistakes. Davis gets his 35 points, 15 rebounds but the Jazz cull abroad backward 110-99

Andrew Bailey: Pelicans win comfortably, accomplish us anguish added about the things we’re already annoying about and force the Mirotic haters to do a brooding on their bad takes from aback Utah was cerebration about trading for him. :disappointed:

Sam Goodrich: Utah assault out New Orleans 135-110. AD is no bout for The Stifle Tower and The Joker.

Jordan Cummings: Who is The Joker, Sam? I’m confused

Andrew Bailey: Aback did Utah get Jokic?!

Jordan Cummings: hahaha Andy I adulation you for that Mirotic salt

Sam Goodrich: Fave of course, it’s his angry villain of choice

Way to ruin the mic bead

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Mychal Lowman: I anticipate the Pelicans win this. Mirotic is activity to casualty on Favors and force Quin into baby ball. Donovan shines afresh but Rubio’s struggles abide with Jrue Holiday attention him.

Jordan Cummings: Hopefully this is the aboriginal d we absolutely see Ingles at adeptness advanced for stretches. I don’t anticipate he’s played the 4 yet this season.

James Hansen: Jazz win big as Donovan has burst through his wall. And additionally because Jae gets subbed in bound and plays 30 minutes

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