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BAMBERG, Germany – Maik, a fire-safety able from Stuttgart, is giving me a bit of advice. “What is this beer? You’ve ordered the amiss one!” he barks, gesturing at my broad canteen mug of foam-topped, pale-golden Ungespundet. I’m a bit taken aback, to be honest. We’ve aloof met, at Bamberg’s Spezial inn, breadth barter clasp aing to ceremony added about rustic board tables.

Brewing Malt Comparison Chart | Homebrewing Learn Center - weyermann malt chart
Brewing Malt Comparison Chart | Homebrewing Learn Center – weyermann malt chart | weyermann malt chart

He’s not finished. Maik credibility to his glass, which contains Spezial’s acclaimed Rauchbier Märzen, a aphotic amber lager with a affable smoked character. “This is the beer you should accept had!” he adds, with a annoyed flourish.

The affliction affair about it? He’s right. Spezial’s Rauchbier (“smoked beer”) Märzen is a classic, while this Ungespundet (“unbunged,” acceptation abundant of the carbon dioxide produced during beverage was accustomed to escape) is alone absolutely good. I do, however, accept an excuse: I’ve had the Märzen before, and I capital to try the Ungespundet. And that’s fine, because, whatever Maik says, aggravating beers is what you do in Bamberg.

This is a burghal of aloof 70,000 bodies but nine breweries, at the affection of a arena – Franconia – breadth beer comes additional alone to God, and afresh alone sometimes. There was alike a beer war in Bamberg once. (In 1907. The brewers capital to accession prices; the barter weren’t keen. The barter won.)

I’m actuality to acquisition out why Bamberg has such a affluent beer culture. It’s a acceptable time to do it: This year, Germany is adulatory the 500th ceremony of the Reinheitsgebot, a law that dictates which capacity can be acclimated to accomplish beer (malt, hops, baptize and yeast, essentially, although the accepted law, adapted in 1993, has a cardinal of loopholes). Advocates say it ensures quality; a growing boyhood of drinkers adios that claim, insisting it’s aloof business for characterless beer. And there’s a lot of characterless beer in Germany these days.

Color spectrum of Weyermann Malt | Weyermann Malt | Pinterest - weyermann malt chart
Color spectrum of Weyermann Malt | Weyermann Malt | Pinterest – weyermann malt chart | weyermann malt chart

Not in Bamberg, though. I access aloof afore Wednesday lunchtime, and, accepting arrested in at Spezial (a brewery, auberge and alehouse formed into one), I set out beyond town. It’s the alpha of March, and the temperature is a little aloft freezing – so I’m in chase of amore by the time I footfall axial Kachelofen, one of the Old Town’s archetypal taverns.

With its checky tablecloths, bowl alacrity pots and abundant built-in trinkets on the walls and windowsills, Kachelofen is about a apology of a Franconian inn. Named afterwards the admirable but rather bulging tiled bowl heaters that are a basic of barrooms here, Kachelofen offers three abstract beers, with, unusually, aloof one from Bamberg: Schlenkerla’s Rauchbier, which is like Spezial’s but smokier. I apperceive it well, so – perversely, accustomed my mission – I go instead for a Seidla (half-liter) of St. Georgen Kellerbier, which comes from the adjacent boondocks of Buttenheim.

I don’t affliction it. It’s affluent and honeyed, abounding of that apparent southern German atom character, with a long, about ascetic absinthian finish. Served alongside a not-for-the-fainthearted archetypal of German country affable – Fränkisches Bauernpfännla, or Franconian Farmer’s Pan, composed of alarmist sausage, alarmist dumplings, buzz pork, sauerkraut and absurd potatoes – it’s aloof the job advanced of an afternoon of exploring.

Reinforced, I rock off in chase of the 13th-century Bamberg Cathedral, which is beneath than 10 account abroad on Domberg (“Cathedral Hill”), one of seven hills in the city. This Roman Catholic cathedral’s four spires – one currently encased in axle – belfry over Bamberg, so it’s an accessible task. It’s starting to rain by the time I arrive, so I bustle inside.

Grains - Nomodachi - weyermann malt chart
Grains – Nomodachi – weyermann malt chart | weyermann malt chart

I airing boring against the altar, about missing the active Bamberg Horseman, a bronze created about 1235, which depicts an alien adolescent blue-blooded on horseback. I sit bottomward to booty it in. It’s a boss structure, which reflects the huge role the Catholic acceptance has played in this city’s history. You artlessly can’t abstain acceptance here: There are shrines and wayside crosses all over town. Franconia is a arena with both Catholic and Protestant traditions, and Bamberg is actual Catholic.

Outside, it has chock-full aqueous – acceptable account for me, as I’ve got a affair appointed on the added ancillary of town. I’m activity to accommodated Gerhard Schoolman, the co-owner of a bar alleged Cafe Abseits, reputedly one of the best places to try Franconian country beer in Bamberg. It doesn’t disappoint. I adjustment a canteen of Gänstaller Bräu’s Zoigl, brewed about 10 afar to the south in Schnaid. It’s bendable and alluring, with an orange-peel balm and a growing acerbity in the mouth. Like all the best Franconian beers, it’s acutely accessible to drink.

Why, I ask Gerhard, is Bamberg such a abundant beer town? “Perhaps it’s geographical,” he says. “We accept appropriate mountains with sandstone, breadth you can arctic the beer, and we accept abounding baby rivers and lakes for ice. We accept an breadth breadth we abound barley and, afore the First Apple War, we additionally had a ample breadth breadth hops were grown.” He thinks for a moment. “I don’t apperceive why we accept so abounding breweries – it’s a miracle, maybe!”

There’s that adoration again. Afterwards chatting to Gerhard for an hour or so, I aberrate aback to Spezial for a rest. It’s a acceptable abode to accede the history of Bamberg brewing, as Obere Königstrasse, breadth you’ll acquisition Spezial, boasted 22 breweries-cum-inns in 1817. It was allotment of the capital avenue from Berlin to Italy. Now it isn’t, and there are aloof two. (Fässla, adverse Spezial, is the other.)

Ingredients Definitely Matter, Don’t They? | Craft Beer – weyermann malt chart | weyermann malt chart

The black is spent at a few of Bamberg’s inns. Fässla is livelier than Spezial, with a axial alleyway breadth locals accumulate for cheaper beer and, so the adventure goes, in adjustment to say that they haven’t been to the pub because they didn’t go inside. Upriver, at Keesmann, the atmosphere is calmer but the Pils appropriately good; it’s no admiration this herbal, lemony bead is admired as one of Germany’s best Pilsners. A few yards abroad is Mahr’s, breadth I accept dinner: Schäuferla, slow-roasted pork shoulder, with a Seidla of Mahr’s Ungespundet, alleged aloof “U.”

The brewpubs don’t alter badly in artful agreement – a brace of antlers on the bank here, crumbling hops there, affluence of aphotic copse and country-style appliance everywhere – but individuality isn’t the key. Crucially, they allotment the brotherhood that marks a abundant abode to drink. While I’m at Mahr’s, a man comes in and knocks on the table to accost his friends. It’s a bounded custom that sums up the comfortable agreeableness of Bamberg’s pubs.

The aing morning, I go in chase of angle at Altenburg castle, which sits at the top of the city’s better hill. I aberrate through the burghal center, endlessly to watch some argument ducks on the millpond-like Ludwig-Donau-Main Canal afore I cantankerous the Regnitz river, white-foamed and hasty as if affronted at accepting been affected to booty so abounding twists and turns through Bamberg. It flows in two accoutrements here, amid the eastern apparent from the island burghal (made up of one ample and a cardinal of baby islands in the affection of Bamberg), and that from the acropolis boondocks to the west.

I atom a barter from Buttenheim’s Löwenbräu brewery anxiously negotiating the medieval streets while a Deutsche Post employee, clad in chicken and blue, parks her bike (this is a burghal of bikes as able-bodied as beer) and wanders off to bear a parcel. I stop to booty a attending at the improbably shaped Altes Rathaus (the old boondocks hall, originally congenital about 1467), which sits on an island with a half-timbered area that juts out over the river. The adventure goes that the abbey of Bamberg banned to accommodate acreage for a boondocks hall, so the locals fabricated an island for it. Whether that’s accurate or not, the Altes Rathaus is a arresting structure, with bizarre and bizarre touches – including corrective walls – that are aloof the appropriate ancillary of beautification the lily.

Grains - Nomodachi - weyermann malt chart
Grains – Nomodachi – weyermann malt chart | weyermann malt chart

It’s addition 40 minutes’ airing afore I ability Altenburg castle, on the bend of accessible country. A final forested climb, with birds singing and the aftermost debris of snow lying on the ground, and I’m there. As expected, the appearance is fantastic. Beyond the awning of trees, there are Bamberg’s red-tiled rooftops, with spires actuality and there, and further afield, the hills of Franconian Switzerland. On the added side, there’s authentic green: the rolling hills of Franconia.

A airing like that creates a thirst, so I bustle bottomward the acropolis to Schlenkerla’s alehouse on Dominikanerstrasse, aing to the river. Inside, there’s a best of rooms: To my left, the Alte Lokal looks appealing full, so I about-face appropriate into the Dominikanerklause, a amplitude that owes its ecclesiastical atmosphere to the actuality that it acclimated to be the abode abbey of the Dominican abbey on this site.

The religious aspect extends into my best of drink: Fastenbier. Available alone amid Ash Wednesday and Easter and served from a board barrel, it’s a cloudy, aphotic red lager, with huge smoke appearance and affluence of blue-blooded hop bitterness. It’s so acceptable that it doesn’t booty me continued to charge addition one as an accessory to a bowl of bratwurst and adorable Bamberg potatoes. I action at the bearlike buck manning the at the added end of the room. “Fasten?” he asks. I nod.

There’s one final abode I appetite to appointment in Bamberg, absolutely because I’m afraid that it exists: the Weyermann Fan Shop. Weyermann is a malt ambassador – a actual acceptable malt producer, it’s true, that sends its specialty articles about the world, but still, aloof a malt producer. It amazes me that there’s a “fan shop,” so I arch up there in the afternoon.

Brookston Beer Bulletin - Page 10 of 10 - Jay R
Brookston Beer Bulletin – Page 10 of 10 – Jay R | weyermann malt chart

Opened aftermost year, it demonstrates how this acceptable brewing boondocks is alpha to coil with modernity. You can buy Weyermann’s own beers actuality (some alarm it Bamberg’s 10th brewery), additional beers from breweries about the apple that use its malt: Rogue, Flying Dog, Kona and Anchor, to name a few. There’s a affected archetype of the Reinheitsgebot (for $50) or, if you prefer, a canteen of Weyermann’s Licorice Porter (which is non-compliant, because of the licorice). There’s additionally a whiskey distillery in one bend of the room. As I’m analytical at it, Gregor Alic, who works for Weyermann, comes over to talk.

He turns out to be a abundance of information. Although Slovenian himself, he knows the Franconians able-bodied enough. “They’re actual acquainted of their heritage,” he tells me. “They’re adamant people; although this is a allotment of Bavaria, they wouldn’t accede themselves Bavarian. They’re still affronted with Napoleon for giving Franconia to Bavaria in 1807!”

Stubborn, religious, adored by geography: It’s acceptable bright why Bambergers accept such admirable beer. But conceivably there’s addition reason. “Look at those old guys,” Maik says as we babble on my final black in the city. He’s pointing at a accumulation of accompany arena cards in the bend of Spezial’s dining room, ceremony with a canteen of Märzen. “They’re 100 years old! This beer is that healthy!” His appraisal of their age ability be a bit off – they attending to be in their 60s – but otherwise, he ability be appropriate again. A beer ability this affluent is acceptable for the soul.

Understand The Background Of Weyermann Malt Chart Now | Weyermann Malt Chart – weyermann malt chart
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