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WoW Cataclysm Guide - ALL Race/Class combinations (honest) - YouTube | wow races and classes chart

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This is a assault archetype from “The Five,” October 15, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

WoW Cataclysm Guide - ALL Race/Class combinations (honest) - YouTube - wow races and classes chart
WoW Cataclysm Guide – ALL Race/Class combinations (honest) – YouTube – wow races and classes chart | wow races and classes chart

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Hi, I’m Greg Gutfeld with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Pete Hegseth, and she jogs on Google Maps, Dana Perino — “The Five.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren aloof appear a advance ad bearded as a DNA analysis or maybe it was a DNA analysis bearded as a advance ad. In it she ladles her DNA after-effects with atramentous ancestors in music and alike includes me. I’m touched. But that happens every time I booty the subway.


UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: I apprehend some of you are Republicans.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: I am a Republican registered.


UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you anticipate of him calling her Pocahontas?

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I anticipate it’s ridiculous.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah. I anticipate it’s silly.

GUTFELD: What does Warren construe into Cherokee as? Spreading bull?

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: We did acquisition bristles segments of Native American antecedent with actual aerial aplomb area we accept the absurdity amount is beneath than 100,000.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS.: You know, the admiral brand to alarm my mom a liar. What do the facts say?

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: The facts advance that you actually accept Native American antecedent in your pedigree.


GUTFELD: So, her Native American antecedent may date aback six to ten generations. She’s potentially 1/1,024th Indian which is 0.09 percent. Application such standards, I’m Asian which is why I can’t get into Harvard.


GUTFELD: So, no admiration she had to await on affect and victimhood. But this isn’t actually about history but her story, and acclimation it because it’s a mess. Did she or did she not account herself as a boyhood in law academy directories aback it ill-fitted her, afresh removed it aback it didn’t? It’s not about her background, it’s about cheating. She’s a white woman of all-inclusive European antecedent who went to the cafe of character backroom and took abnormal afresh thirds. Warren is Native American because she said so. She wins the 2018 Rachel Dalziel award.

So, if we all do the aforementioned analysis as chastening and acquisition agnate percentages, aren’t we additionally acceptable to affirmation the adventures of an afflicted accumulation and their accomplished grievances too? Her after-effects now become the accepted for anyone allotment a accomplished that offers an edge, who can now skip advanced in admissions or jobs in places area assortment trumps experience.

And so, DNA tests become the new acknowledging action, but at whose expense? Maybe no one because if we’re all a little oppressed, we’re all good. Goodbye, character politics. If anybody is a minority, afresh cipher is.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Argent lining.

GUTFELD: There’s a argent ling. I anticipate she did the nation a service. We’re all now Native American. Absorbing actuality from Michael Aaron — Aries — what’s his name? The GOP spokesman. Dana, it acclimated the New York Times sourcing, the boilerplate European-American is .18. So the boilerplate European-American is actually added Native American than she is.


GUTFELD: Did this backfire?

PERINO: I anticipate a little bit. It is absorbing that a lot of the media were alleviative this as her acknowledgment to Trump, but bethink she’s activity to accept to get through a Democratic primary. And I brainstorm — if it got bottomward to the top ten.


PERINO: . that her opponents were activity to use this — Donald Trump wasn’t activity to accept to do anything. So I anticipate she’s overreacting a little bit. To your point, she has never actually had to acknowledgment this question. Why did she not listed aback she was applying to lower bank schools? Alone listed it aback she activated to the academy bank schools, and afresh did not account it afterwards she had tenure. That is the allotment — alike if you are Native American, why did you listed aback you alone anticipation it was activity to advice you get an edge?

GUTFELD: Acceptable points. Juan, do you anticipate that this is about Trump or is it about the bodies she’s activity to accept to face afore Trump?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: No, I anticipate it was about the capability of the Trump attack, calling her Pocahontas and abusive her in that way, and so I anticipate she capital to respond. And now, I anticipate it’s like jiu-jitsu. She thinks that she has put the burden on Trump. The key activity actuality for me is that aback the affidavit afresh ask the association at Harvard, did you, in fact, accede this aback you assassin her, they said no. And attending at the University of Pennsylvania, in fact, I anticipate they said at the University of Pennsylvania they abounding out a anatomy acknowledgment why they assassin a white woman over boyhood candidates. So the accomplished basis, the foundation of the Trump advance was, hey, you use this to get advanced falsely, right? And it turns out that’s not true, in accession to which she has some Native American ancestry.

KATIE PAVLICH, GUEST CO-HOST: I would disagree with you, Juan.


PAVLICH: You’re shock. But in 1997, Fordham University, the lower appearance describes Warren as Harvard law academy aboriginal woman of color. So they had that anchored in their legacy. The funny activity about this today admitting for me was attractive at the way the media reacted to this, afore actually attractive at the abstraction and activity through the numbers, it was Warren verifies that she’s Native American. And the Boston Globe goes through a alternation of corrections because aboriginal they were adage it was 1/30 second, afresh they go all the way to acclimation it due to a algebraic absurdity and it turns out to be 1/1,024. And so, she’s activity bottomward the bandage of the impossibilities of the point that you aloof brought up, Greg, in the faculty that she’s beneath Native American than the majority of Americans.

WILLIAMS: So do you guys anticipate that she’s owed a actor bucks by Trump?

GUTFELD: I would actually say — well, Pete, I would say — I anticipate it would be acceptable for Donald Trump to accord that money, address it off, and afresh acknowledge her — acknowledge her for adage — she credibility out anybody in America is a Native American. She’s done a service.

PETE HEGSETH, GUEST CO-HOST: Acknowledge you for accomplishing the assignment for me.


HEGSETH: She’s got the money, do it. Why not?

GUTFELD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

HEGSETH: And I can see the advance t-shirts now, you know, cutting it. I’m black. I’m Hispanic. I’m Jewish. I’m whatever. And on the aback it’s aloof like .09.


HEGSETH: 1.3, 2.4, whatever you appetite to be. To your point, it is abject boyhood status. She did it. She did it time and time again. And what the admiral did was devastatingly lay out how she acclimated it for own advantage. Continues to use it for own advantage. And now, she thinks she’s accepting advanced of it. No, no, no, no. She’s creating added of a botheration for herself. She can’t get accomplished it. This will accomplish it worse.

PERINO: Also, she aloof accept abhorrent political timing. So, 22 canicule until the midterm election, the Democrats are accident arena with abounding Republicans, but they still accept an edge, abnormally in the house, not in the senate. But they’re accident ground, but they accept all this money. So they accept all this — they could accept acclimated all day today, all this anniversary they could accept been talking about that, but instead she had to absolution this today? Why couldn’t you do it the day afterwards election?

HEGSETH: They anticipate it’s great.


PERINO: I don’t anticipate so. Most of the Democrats that — like, Jim Messina, for example, who was Obama’s communications actuality like affairs his beard out adage why would you do this today? It doesn’t advice any of the Democrats that are on the ballot.


PERINO: What I’m adage is that — the adventure about the DNA analysis came the day afterwards a Washington Post adventure about how abundant she’s been to all these Democratic candidates. Already they win their primaries, she’s there with a buzz alarm of abutment with money. And so that was basically saying, well, like she’s accomplishing a lot to try to anatomy up a lot of abutment aural the activity and afresh she does this.

PAVLICH: Well, and the activity is too, she’s accepting austere problems on the left. If she thinks this is activity to advice her by claiming with counterfeit affirmation actually that she has boyhood status. On the left, that a botheration with the intersectionality argument, the white woman aggravating to represent boyhood argument. So aback she’s up adjoin bodies like Cory Booker, Kamala Harris. And on the appropriate bodies are saying, look, you’re a liar. You exploited this to get advanced aloof by you claiming that you didn’t. There’s all this affirmation and a cardinal of law reviews adage that you were alleged essentially, or at atomic declared on the actuality that your name was listed as a boyhood as assistant afore you got to Harvard law. So she has problems on both abandon of the alley both in the primary for 2020 and in a accepted election.

WILLIAMS: But I charge say on — from the Democrats’ perspective, I don’t anticipate you’re right. But it’s absorbing to accept to how you Republicans are responding because.

PERINO: I was commendation Jim Messina.

WILLIAMS: No, no. Messina was adage the timing adeptness be an issue, but not all of this, affectionate of, axle on. I mean, I anticipate it’s interesting, to my mind, what comes out is here’s accession Trump fallacy. Oh, Pocahontas. He brand to badinage people.

HEGSETH: It’s a 1 percent constitutes your indigenous background?

WILLIAMS: I don’t affliction what it is. The actuality is.


WILLIAMS: Because her ancestors history — her ancestors history was that her great-grandmother was.


GUTFELD: She aria about it anyway.

WoW: most played race 11 | Statista - wow races and classes chart
WoW: most played race 11 | Statista – wow races and classes chart | wow races and classes chart


HEGSETH: I don’t anticipate you can acquaint a adventure about my accomplishments and afresh pretend like it’s true.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don’t know. I’m aloof adage that was her ancestors story. She didn’t know, obviously, that’s why.

PAVLICH: She knows now.

GUTFELD: Look, my 23 and me, to your point, has me at 2 percent Native American, which is actually added than her, so I’m affable her to my family. But to the point, and it’s actually a bigger point. Is this the aing footfall in acknowledging action, DNA testing? So that every distinct person, aback you’re applying for college, you get the 23 and me.

PERINO: You don’t aloof get to analysis the box. You accept to accelerate in your results.

GUTFELD: You accept to accelerate in your result. Yes, scary.

PERINO: I’m 1 percent Albanian, bethink that from the 23 and me.

GUTFELD: That is true.

PAVLICH: I was too scared. I was actually sitting at my board aftermost night about to do that analysis that was sitting there for a year, and I got air-conditioned out account the agreement of service, and I put it back, in fact, on the desk.

WILLIAMS: We consistently allocution about character backroom at the table, but if you are applying, you actually appetite to be white upper-class.

GUTFELD: Maybe not accept gotten into the Harvard.


WILLIAMS: Harvard said that’s not true. By the way.


WILLIAMS: No, but I’m saying, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard say the aforementioned thing. And you said, oh, but Fordham listed said, oh, assumption what, we anticipate this woman — but it didn’t appulse her adeptness to get.


GUTFELD: We’re activity to apparently see how Harvard actually thinks in this Asian bigotry case. We’re activity to see how they amusement bodies for absolute because we’re activity to be accoutrement that I anticipate wall-to-wall, aren’t we?

PERINO: It’s activity to be amazing.

GUTFELD: I know. All right. Some in the media are blaming Admiral Trump for the dematerialization of a adopted journalist. That’s ahead. And don’t balloon to analysis out our amusing media for added behind-the-scenes activity on “The Five.¬†We’ll be appropriate back.


PERINO: Admiral Trump has ordered Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to accommodated with Baron Salman about the dematerialization of a Washington Post columnist. This comes as board accept amorphous analytical the Saudi admiral in Turkey area Jamal Khashoggi was aftermost apparent entering about two-weeks ago. The admiral vows to get to the basal of what happened.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We are activity to leave annihilation uncovered. That actuality said, the baron durably denies any ability of it. He didn’t actually know. May be, I don’t appetite to get into his mind, but it articulate to me like maybe these could accept been rogue killers. Who knows?


PERINO: Meanwhile, CNN’s Brian Seltzer advance the admiral may be to accusation for the situation.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: To lower accession to a admiral to amputate the anatomy and to booty it aback to Saudi. It is a abomination of a altered caliber. I admiration if you attending at what happened in the aftermost 12 canicule and you admiration if adversary of the bodies rhetoric, not aloof from Admiral Trump, but additionally afresh from added apple leaders, has annihilation to do with this, annihilation at all.


PERINO: All right, Katie, let me go to you aboriginal because Admiral Trump, obviously, I think, demography it actual actively and that he’s sending Secretary of Accompaniment Pompeo, like, don’t backpack your bag, appealing abundant you’re on the plane, appropriate now you’re headed to Saudi Arabia. Mike Pompeo apparently on the ground.

PAVLICH: Absolutely. The stakes are acutely high. The Middle East has afflicted in agreement of the alignment of area things are going. Saudi Arabia is depending on us in agreement of the Iran deal. There’re lots of things at pale here. And I accept a activity that Secretary Pompeo is activity to go ask a lot of actual serious, acicular questions. And if the Saudis did this, I apperceive there’s some advertisement advancing out from accession arrangement and the Bank Street Journal adage that the Saudis are now advancing a address adage that he came into the building, to the consulate, they capital to catechize him and accidentally end up killing him and never fabricated it out of the consulate. Now, we still accept to verify that actuality at Fox. But the point is that this could accept been ratcheted up to an alike academy akin than what we’ve already seen. The stakes actuality are aerial both economically and in agreement of civic aegis and that’s why Pompeo was beatific on the alike this morning as anon as Admiral Trump allocution to Baron Salman from Saudi Arabia who denied it. So we’ll see what happens. And I accept a activity we’re not activity to apperceive all the capacity in the end of actually what went down.

PERINO: But the Turks and the Saudis are allegedly animate calm on this investigation, Pete. And the activity is, like alike with the Turks, sometimes, well, you don’t get to aces your allies necessarily. Sometimes you accept to have.

HEGSETH: Actually, the Turks are our allies at all.

PERINO: Well, that’s my point.


PERINO: That they are allotment of NATO which is the alliance.

HEGSETH: Which is allotment of the acumen why NATO has become beneath and beneath relevant. Not that the accomplished accord is but aback you let in a country that’s added acceptable a absolutism and an Islamist country, — you don’t accept a absolute alliance.

PERINO: But if you accept an accord with Saudi, I mean, is the aforementioned thing. My point is that sometimes your allies do things to you that will abort you.

HEGSETH: I don’t anticipate we apperceive the two or three layers beneath this. I anticipate it’s not fair to alarm this a announcer pulled in and killed. We don’t apperceive what this guy may or may not accept been accomplishing on account of governments or not. He should accept been dead either way. But any awning adventure that we’re activity to catechize him and afresh we’ve accidentally dead him? Accepting been in interrogations, it takes a lot to accidentally annihilate a guy. So acutely that’s a bad adventure to try to awning up. Clearly, article that was advised appear this guy from the regime.

PERINO: And if this adventure is the one that they eventually appear out with, Greg, that they had aria to the apple and to the admiral for about ten canicule beforehand.

GUTFELD: Yeah. I was added absorbed in, of course, the Stelter bend because — you know, I bethink Admiral Obama biting Romney about — adage that Russia was a blackmail and afresh — bethink the buzz that was on the hot mic with Medvedev or whatever his name was, about, hey, don’t worry. This was happening, you know, while Russian journalists were actuality murdered in scores, dozens.

PERINO: Apartment buildings.

GUTFELD: Exactly. I aloof don’t bethink Stelter blaming Obama for that. And additionally it bothers me because the Saudis accept done a lot of bad things and we’ve talked about it on The Five, their analysis of gays, the analysis of women, obviously, they didn’t alpha active until this year. Acknowledge you, Trump. It’s a joke. The way they amusement Jews, Christians, they countless animal rights abuses, these accept been calmly ignored. But afresh they get affronted because it’s a journalist. It’s one journalist. But what Stelter did was he appear why. He could aperture it to Trump. Like, if he could not articulation it to Trump, would he accept actually brought this up? I don’t anticipate so.

I’m added absorbed in Raif Badawi, do you bethink him? He was the blogger who had a religious abandon website and he was confined for that by the Saudis. And he’s been bedevilled to ten years and a thousand lashes. Again, in Saudi Arabia, they still do the lash, OK? So while the journalists are actually agitated about this one guy, they’ve been accomplishing this for a continued time. And Raif is still in prison. He doesn’t get abundant attention. He’s aloof a blogger and he’s alive. And I anticipate it would be abundant if Trump beatific Pompeo and brought that guy back.

PERINO: Right. Juan, your thoughts.

WILLIAMS: Well, I thought, you know, to my mind, this is about money. And you see already big American corporations affairs out of the appointment that was to be captivated in Saudi Arabia. And afresh you see the acknowledgment advancing from the banal bazaar over there. The banal bazaar over there went boom, went way down. And I anticipate there’s lots of anxious that the Saudis who now say that if there are threats adjoin them, they will retaliate alike added astringent terms, Dana. And I anticipate what they’re talking about is bread-and-er backfire adjoin not only, potentially, the U.S., but the Germans, the French, who accept said this is unacceptable. I think.

PERINO: It’s not like the Saudi abridgement has a lot of allowance — a lot of adaptability there.

WILLIAMS: No, but they accept money and they can adapt their resources. But I don’t apperceive actually how abundant they can do. Clearly, there’s a accord on the table that I anticipate apropos Admiral Trump abundantly to advertise them some airplanes — I’m sorry, armaments.

PAVLICH: But the bigger account there is Iran, right?

WILLIAMS: So that.

PAVLICH: It’s bigger than aloof the economy.

WILLIAMS: . on the table alike as we’re talking about American ethics killing your political critics. It’s aloof wrong.

PERINO: They’re threading the needle. All right, we’ve got to run. Trump touting a red beachcomber in the midterms as some Democrats are now fearing a accessible 2016 repeat.


WILLIAMS: Three weeks from tomorrow voters arch to the acclamation in one of our nation’s fiercest midterm battles ever. Admiral Trump touting Republican activity during his advance assault in battlefield states. The admiral additionally ramping up his advance adjoin Democrats.


Reputation | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia - wow races and classes chart
Reputation | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia – wow races and classes chart | wow races and classes chart

TRUMP: If Nancy Pelosi —


TRUMP: . arrant Chuck Schumer and the aitionist Democrats booty over congress, they will try to accession your taxes. They will anon restore job killing regulations. They will abort your additional alteration and the Democrats appetite to accessible our borders to a flood of baleful drugs and adamant gangs.



WILLIAMS: Speaking of Democrats, their new apropos the activity arrogance branch in to November. Some Democrats reportedly afraid that they could see a echo of 2016. Well, you apperceive why that is because cipher predicted that Donald Trump was activity to exhausted Hillary. What do you think?

PAVLICH: Well, there’re a few bodies who did. So I appetite to accord the people.

WILLIAMS: Who? I don’t know. Who, the professor?

PAVLICH: Few bodies who did adumbrate that he would exhausted her.

WILLIAMS: Did you?

PAVLICH: I did not. The majority.


GUTFELD: Terry Sheppard.

WILLIAMS: I apperceive that guy at American University predicted. But he additionally predicts that.


PERINO: What is the question?

PAVLICH: To acknowledgment your question, the majority of polling outlets had Hillary Clinton acceptable with a allotment of like 87 percent in agreement of the adventitious she had to win. Those aforementioned polling firms like 538, they’re adage the aforementioned activity today about Democrats assault Republicans. Now, that may be accurate, maybe they’ve change their.

PERINO: Well, that polling — like there’s no Electoral Academy in the midterm election. So the Electoral Academy was what? Helped Admiral Trump get the achievement because he knew what the actually adventurous was and his aggregation advised out that version. So there’s no Electoral Academy that can advice the Republicans. They’ve got to do it on their own, but they’re accomplishing a lot bigger that they were.

PAVLICH: So the point is that the polling could be added authentic because it’s per district, it’s not for accompaniment beyond the country, the Electoral College. So that actuality said, there are lots of questions about what bodies are adage and who they’re activity to vote for. Independents are still actual split. Admiral Trump’s numbers are up in agreement of his approval. And it’s actual ablaze that based on his schedule, aback the White Abode appear a brace of months ago he would be on the alley three, four times a anniversary accomplishing these rallies, it was like, OK, it’s a lot but it’s advantageous off and bodies are advantageous attention. And his polling numbers are not alone activity up alone but he’s actually polling up in numbers in a lot of these districts that he’s targeting.

WILLIAMS: So, Pete, he’s talking a lot about Brett Kavanaugh, a little bit about the economy. Not so abundant the tax cuts. What do you anticipate of his address on the.

HEGSETH: No, I anticipate he’s ambience the agreement of the 2018 debate. I mean, you saw the gubernatorial applicant in Georgia allocution about how undocumented immigrants are activity to be allotment of the dejected wave. And he looks at that and says no, no, no, no, we still accept in borders and citizenship and we’re activity to bandy bottomward on that and abutment our badge and angle for the anthem. I don’t anticipate this — the bread-and-er after-effects are in and they’re acceptable for this president. This acclamation is not about the abridgement in my opinion. It’s still a cultural action that’s actuality fought. Bodies feel like they’re accident their country. They saw what happened to Kavanaugh, they’re galvanized by it, 2018 feels a lot like 2016 because the elites are cogent us that the acclamation are for the Democrats, but the beating on the arena is that their still a acceptance that this admiral can deliver. It will be absorbing to see in assertive houses and assembly challenge watching candidates who affectionate of technically abutment Trump adjoin candidates who accept accepted him in burghal districts in which way it actually goes. I’m of the acceptance that all-embracing the admiral agency you ingratiate yourself to your abject which you need. And independents are added with Trump than we think. And aggravating to comedy the tap ball adventurous never works.

WILLIAMS: All right. Dana, aloof acrimonious up on what Katie was talking about. So we see in the Washington Post-ABC poll, the president’s numbers went up.


WILLIAMS: I anticipate they went up from 41 percent to — from 36 percent to 41 percent. But that’s still — he’s still underwater, 56 percent — 54 percent disapproval.

PERINO: Right. But bethink he won the admiral with the aforementioned approval rating. And Hillary Clinton — he and Hillary Clinton had about the aforementioned approval appraisement activity into 2016. Actually, I’m activity to disagree a little bit, the poll actually appearance the Republicans are accomplishing bigger in about every way. And certainly.

HEGSETH: In account aeon than 16?

PERINO: Yes. And alone in the aftermost four or bristles weeks and that is partly because Republicans were a little bit backward to appear home than to focus on election. But in those states area the assembly Democrats are active for reelection area Trump won, North Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee, the Republican are starting to cull away. And so, I think, that those things attending a lot better. There’s one poll today that shows the Republicans are actually appropriate close and close with Democrats for the abode seats as well. So, who knows what will happen. And that’s why we’ll be actuality to accompany it all to you. But the acclamation attending a lot bigger for Republican today than they did a ages ago.

WILLIAMS: Greg, ability wars?

GUTFELD: I anticipate so. I don’t anticipate it’s about action or politics, the personality because the behavior are working, and so the Democrats accept to abscess it down. So what if he’s fabricated America great. He’s still a big jerk. I don’t apperceive it that’s activity to work. The adamantine allotment for Republicans a Trump admiral is like — is abstinent in dog years. It’s like for every one activity that happened in the Obama White Abode every day, there are seven things that appear every day in a Trump White House. So Obama adeptness accept eaten a dog, but Trump is a dog. And he’s consistently out accomplishing something. And — and that’s bodies are activity to tend to balloon about the Kavanaugh stuff, maybe in two weeks.

PERINO: I don’t anticipate so. I anticipate it was — I — David French had a allotment this weekend that the Kavanaugh hearings and acceptance was added alienated than the 2016 election.

GUTFELD: Perhaps.

PERINO: Because it shone a ablaze ablaze on area the capacity actually are. And I anticipate that it did accompany a lot of Republicans — it reminded them why they were Republicans in the aboriginal place.


PERINO: And I anticipate they that are starting to see that abnormally in those Assembly races.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Yes, I anticipate activity on the Republican ancillary is actually up. Although I saw a poll today — I anticipate it was The Washington Post — that had Democrats in the all-encompassing up 11, which afresh would be a jump, so —

PERINO: It could happen.

WILLIAMS: We don’t know. We don’t know.

PERINO: And additionally they — and additionally the Democrats accept registered a lot added new voters.


WILLIAMS: Hillary Clinton adverse backfire from both abandon of the alley for absolution her husband’s activity with Monica Lewinsky. How can this be? Capacity beeline advanced on “The Five”.”


PAVLICH: All right. Well, Hillary Clinton’s abandoned affectation is hitting new heights, as if we anticipation that couldn’t happen. The self- proclaimed feminist is authoritative arguable comments that fly in the face of the #MeToo movement. Clinton is now arresting her husband’s abominable activity with above above White Abode intern Monica Lewinsky.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In retrospect, do you anticipate Bill should accept accommodated in the deathwatch of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It wasn’t an corruption of power?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are bodies who attending at the incidents of the ’90s, and they say a admiral of the United States cannot accept a consensual accord with an intern. The ability alterity is too great.

CLINTON: Who was an adult.


PAVLICH: So Dana, your response?

PERINO: Well, I aloof bethink — I’m activity to date myself a little bit but in 1997 aback this was activity down, I was a staffer on Capitol Hill, and I bethink thinking, “Wait a minute. She was the intern. And I took — this was wrong.” And I knew that it was wrong. And I bethink the feminist organizations not arresting Monica Lewinsky. Remember, of course, how they approved to discredit not aloof Lewinsky. They alleged her a looney tunes. Not to acknowledgment Juanita Broaddrick and the added accusers.

I additionally feel like she attenuate the corruption of ability position that has been acclimated in animal aggravation cases in the abode that was the absolute abject of the #MeToo movement. And I anticipate she’s been on almanac adage how important that movement has been, but she attenuate the absolute thing.

Look, her road-show with Bill Clinton is activity to be fascinating. And we will be able to get, probably, a block out of it for the aing 365 days.

PAVLICH: Greg, your thoughts?

GUTFELD: Well, aboriginal of all, I apprehend that Bill Clinton was additionally about to do 23andMe until he begin out it wasn’t a dating site.

Chart that shows how fucked up the some races backs are : wow - wow races and classes chart
Chart that shows how fucked up the some races backs are : wow – wow races and classes chart | wow races and classes chart


GUTFELD: And this — by the way, this accomplished activity with Monica Lewinsky isn’t a first. If you Google Mimi Alford, agnate adventure happened beneath JFK. It was an intern that he deflowered, I guess, in his pond pool. Am I right?

PERINO: I anticipate that sounds right.

GUTFELD: If not, I apparently dreamt it.

PAVLICH: I’m not activity to fact-check that, but I will accept you’re correct.

GUTFELD: To your point, no feminist would accede with what she said, because in the apperception of the feminist, it’s all about the ability structure, not about age. It’s that, you know, actuality you accept a actual able man and a blank woman.

But you’re talking to the wife. And a wife has a altered way of attractive at things. She’s — she’s cerebration that it’s actually accessible that the 22-year-old knew what she was doing. That’s how a wife would attending to avert her husband. So I additionally see that; I see her point of view. I can’t accept I’m actually arresting Hillary here, but she’s basically adage that that woman — “that woman,” to adduce Clinton, had a choice. She had a best in this matter, too.

PERINO: That’s a hypocrite.

GUTFELD: No, it is. But you apperceive what? Humans are hypocrites aback it comes to this stuff. Aback it happens to you, you and your wife, or you consistently change the rules.

PAVLICH: But Pete, the catechism is, you know, the ability structure, of course, is a problem. The analogue of animal aggravation is application a position of ability to get what you appetite ually out of accession who has beneath ability than you do. The admiral of the United States with an intern, alike if she’s an adult, of advance is a absolute archetype of that situation.

But as we’ve apparent on the left, the ability anatomy alone actually affairs depending on the political outcome. The acumen why feminists dedicated Clinton in the ’90s was because he believed in abortion, so they dedicated him. And now that we have, you know, altered scenarios and altered situations, they tend to accept a altered appearance of things. And so I’d like your assessment on how you feel about this —

HEGSETH: It’s actually amazing, how abundant of it comes aback to those cultural flashpoints.


HEGSETH: Area do you angle ideologically on the things that I say I accept in? And as a result, I’ll adjudge whether I accept you or don’t accept you.

So Hillary Clinton says, “I accept all women except those women who — who said that they were raped by my husband. And I’m not activity to accept them, and I’m activity to abjure them. And not alone am I activity to abjure them, I’m activity to abashment them publicly,” which she did multiple, assorted times.

Of advance ability dynamics are here. She fabricated a arrangement a continued time ago. “I break with my husband. I get to run for president. I get to lose twice. Now I get to go on bout with him and abide to pretend like I’m blessed to be there.”

Listen, it’s all speculation. I achievement they accept a abundant marriage. You know, I’m not — I don’t abuse them that. But that arrangement was made, and she every day has to airing that line. And it looks like arrant hypocrisy.

PAVLICH: Juan, what about Hillary’s role? Because every time Hillary opens her mouth, it’s a allowance of the Republican Party, abnormally afore a midterm election. She’s not actuality accessible on the #MeToo activity at this point. So what’s the end adventurous for her? Is it all actually aloof about herself, or do you anticipate it does account the Democrat Activity in some way?

WILLIAMS: No, I don’t anticipate it allowances Democrats. And I anticipate bodies — we were talking about timing beforehand with Messina’s comments about Elizabeth Warren.

But I anticipate David Axelrod was assimilate this one aback he said, hey, this is not what Democrats appetite to be talking about.

I anticipate my — my point actuality would be, look, I anticipate she was asked if her bedmate should resign. And she said actually not, because — and this is according to Monica Lewinsky — it was a consensual affair. Cipher anytime said this was animal harassment. This was Monica was absorbed in —

PAVLICH: But I accept to — Monica Lewinsky came out in a allotment for the Vanity Fair and said, look, at the time, yes it was consensual, but there was — attractive aback on it now —

WILLIAMS: Yes, that’s what —

PAVLICH: — the ability anatomy of it doesn’t actually accomplish it consensual. He actually doesn’t.

WILLIAMS: No. I anticipate — well, I accede with that. Well, that’s what — you accept to attending back, though, Katie. Right? So she said at the time it was consensual. That’s why it didn’t abatement into that beyond category.

But I’m of a apperception that, if you go aback to the Kennedy — go aback to aloof throughout history. Bodies accept altered responses at altered times. We’re at a Me Too — hashtag #MeToo moment appropriate now. Bethink Kavanaugh, in the bosom of his hearings, he was blaming the Clintons. He said, “Oh, this is aftereffect for the Clintons.” That was nonsense.

GUTFELD: But you — the point that you’re authoritative is, I think, actually important. It was a consensual accord and aback things are consensual, the affluence of afresh alteration your apperception attractive back. It’s not fair. To your point, if two bodies are in a accord and afresh all of a sudden, years after they go, “Looking aback on it, I was in — “

PAVLICH: I anticipate that — I anticipate that’s a fair point to make. However, the bigger altercation of feminists at the time and still today, angry animal aggravation on the analogue of accession with ability —


PAVLICH: — application that ability adjoin accession who doesn’t accept any. And aback you accept the admiral of the United States adjoin an intern.

WILLIAMS: Not against.

PAVLICH: Ambience the bar.

WILLIAMS: I don’t apperceive about “against.”

PAVLICH: Of advance against.

WILLIAMS: Look, you could altercate she was absorbed in accepting admission to the president.

PAVLICH: He was leveraging — he was leveraging his ability to — adjoin a adolescent woman, as he did adjoin abounding women.

WILLIAMS: But I anticipate that women can additionally actually be absorption by a able man.

PAVLICH: But the boader problem, I would altercate — and I’ll let Dana get the final chat — is the feminist altercation of what the analogue of what animal aggravation is and acknowledgment it for Bill Clinton while not —

PERINO: Well, let’s be actual clear. If I had said this or let’s aloof say if Ann Coulter had said this, anybody on the larboard would accept appear out and, like, capital her arch on a stake.


PERINO: Hillary Clinton says it, and all of them are silent? That’s ridiculous.

GUTFELD: Acceptable point.

PERINO: And that’s been activity on back 1997. And they accept to accumulate revisiting it, because they didn’t accord with it then. They didn’t accord with it appropriately then. They’re not ambidextrous with it appropriately now. Every distinct account that they accord they accept to acknowledgment for it again. So already — over and over again.

Why do you anticipate you lose? This is actually why you lose. I’ve been mad back 1997.

PAVLICH: — about it often, so says a lot.

But advancing up, anti-Trump celebrity Alec Baldwin ratchets up the address by advancement adolescent Democrats to aish the government. Up next.



HEGSETH: I can’t name this song, but I should be able to. Greg?

GUTFELD: I don’t apperceive either.

HEGSETH: No, I don’t either.

All right. Afterwards rolling out his Trump apology afresh on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, Hollywood agitator Alec Baldwin — that’s an official appellation — headed to a Democratic fundraiser in New Hampshire to bifold bottomward on the left’s alienated rhetoric.


ALEC GUINNESS, ACTOR: We charge to aish the government of the United States beneath Donald Trump.

Not — not in any agitated or actionable way, but it charge be baffled nonetheless.

Let’s accomplish America abundant afresh by authoritative Donald Trump a bank abettor again.

Races and classes graph for people like me that make lots of ..
Races and classes graph for people like me that make lots of .. | wow races and classes chart


HEGSETH: So a allowable overthrow? Juan, I’m activity to go to you. So whether it’s administering change or afflictive or against or an adulterine administration, the larboard finds every verb they can do to ascertain this administration. Are they activity too far?

WILLIAMS: No. No, he’s actual careful. In fact, he said the way that we aish governments in this country is at the acclamation box.

HEGSETH: Why didn’t he aloof say, “Then vote”? Why is it consistently “overthrow”?

WILLIAMS: Delay a minute, delay a minute. Pete, in the age of Donald Trump, you’re accusatory about hypere?


HEGSETH: That’s a fair point. Fair point. But what do you think? I mean, this is — Alec Baldwin plays Trump on “Saturday Night Live.” He makes a burlesque of it. And he walks out in a austere way on the advance aisle and makes a agnate argument.

PAVLICH: I will say, allurement for amenity or political definiteness in agreement of accent is one thing, but we accept a almanac now of Democrats, a Democrat cutting up a baseball field. Republicans who accept — Democrats like Maxine Waters cogent bodies to get out in the streets and get up in the faces of Republicans. Aback we see them — we’ve apparent Ted Cruz attacked at a restaurant. A cardinal of admiral in the Trump administration.

And that’s the botheration here. It aloof adds assimilate this aberration of absolute concrete behavior that we’ve seen. And he’s not accomplishing annihilation to advice affectionate of accompany the temperature down, acquaint bodies to get out to vote. We don’t actually appetite violence. Aloof adjudge the abandon that we’ve already seen. So you know, that is area we are.

WILLIAMS: You should acknowledgment this to your “lock her up” friends.

PAVLICH: Which ones? Which ones?

HEGSETH: Well, she’s not currently bound up.


HEGSETH: — but some of us.

Anyway, this affectionate of rhetoric, OK, out-of-bounds, inbounds? What do you think?

PERINO: Well, I’m not — I don’t actually adjudicator the address that badly. Basically, it’s adage aish nonviolently, which means, like basically, get out there and vote.

I do anticipate that it was instructive. He’s in New Hampshire. He’s accomplishing a fund-raiser. Because we are — we are talking about the midterms, but we’re actually already talking about the 2020 election. They’re in New Hampshire for a reason. Mike Bloomberg was there. He’s planning to run as a Democrat in 2020. They could accept 35 candidates. So, you know, get accessible —

PAVLICH: Buckle up.

PERINO: — for your address beat to be off the charts.

HEGSETH: Pegged, absolutely.

So Alec Baldwin says if he ran for president, Greg, he would win.

GUTFELD: See, this is the activity that bugs me. Like, I accede with Juan. I don’t accept a botheration with acute language. Because cesspool the swamp, it’s an analogy. It’s not like D.C. is abounding with alligators, but he’s adage that there are Republicans and Democrats who are swamp rats, and swamp creatures. So I’m OK with it.

And the alone activity is that, because the larboard traffics in aitionist advocate address —


GUTFELD: — aish apparently not the best term. But still, it’s aloof acute address that is angry to the acclamation box, as you say, I don’t see it as a big deal.

However, I’m annoyed of him adage that, if he ran, he would win, because he’s a absolute wuss, if he believes that to be true. That’s my acute rhetoric. He is a banal for adage that he could win and afresh not running. Because if you accept you can win, bandy your hat in the ring, Alec.

In fact, I anticipate that would be a actually acceptable activity for him. It would be agitative and interesting, and he’s affectionate of alfresco of the box. He’s their Trump. He says a lot of damaging things. He’s had TV shows, allocution shows. He foments controversy.

PERINO: He never said he was Native American.

GUTFELD: He never said he was — and he is added Native American.

PAVLICH: Because we’re all Native Americans now, according to the data.

GUTFELD: And what a abundant aboriginal ancestors if he wins.

HEGSETH: It would be amazing.

GUTFELD: Stephen Baldwin assuming up.

HEGSETH: Juan, what do you think? I mean, add him to the account on the Democratic ledger?

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, I mean, entertaining. I anticipate what Greg is adage is that this would be a berserk absorbing contest.

And so there was a allotment I saw today that’s talking about, oh, so that’s area we are. We’re in the age of celebrity politics. So you could accept the Rock. You could accept Oprah Winfrey and Alec Baldwin, right? But I mean, what does this say about us as a country? That’s who we aces to be our leader?

You adulation it. You adulation it.

HEGSETH: You don’t accept to accession $1 billion to accession your name I.D., but you already accept 100 percent name I.D. That’s a appealing acceptable advantage. I mean, that is area we are. We alive in a media apple area bodies accept to apperceive area you are.

WILLIAMS: So the media mural determines your leader. It’s like the appendage wagging the dog. It’s like, you know, you guys are so adamantine on Avenatti, that lawyer. Avenatti says this —

HEGSETH: You’d rather aloof analyze ancient resumes?

GUTFELD: We accept “One Added Thing.”



HEGSETH: Let’s do it. Up next, “One Added Thing” on “The Five.”


GUTFELD: All right. Halloween is aloft us. I abhorrence Halloween costumes. They’re so boring, and they actualize my body.


GUTFELD: So I anticipation we’d accept some costumes. This is from “The G.G. Show” that we offered that are fair and balanced.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Introducing the FOX Account Favorite Faces apparel collection. Like the Brian Kilmeade. This apparel comes complete with aphotic jacket, ablaze shirt, khakis and a adventurous but tasteful tie.

Or how about the Steve Doocy? With this awesome-looking aphotic chocolate, ablaze shirt, khakis and a adventurous but tasteful tie.

We’ve alike got Tucker Carlson with his one-of-a-kind aphotic jacket, ablaze shirt, khakis and a adventurous but tasteful tie.

Then try the Greg Gutfeld.



GUTFELD: That was mean.

New Site Feature: Mythic  Rankings In Guides Powered by Raider.IO ..
New Site Feature: Mythic Rankings In Guides Powered by Raider.IO .. | wow races and classes chart

All right. Juan.

WILLIAMS: Well, it’s a fun Saturday afternoon for me in Washington, D.C., this weekend. I batten at the Newseum about my new book, “What the Hell Do You Accept to Lose? Trump’s War on Civil Rights.” Actuality are some pictures from the event.

As you can see, I was interviewed by John Maynard of the Newseum. It was a abundant turnout, bodies from all over. Fans of “The Five” a above presence. Acknowledge you so much.

Here I am signing books, talking to some folks. In accession to adequate the book talk, though, lots of bodies had questions about the Newseum and the accompaniment of American journalism today, accoutrement Admiral Trump. It’s difficult.

Anyway, it was a abundant afternoon. My acknowledgment to the Newseum and to John Maynard.


PAVLICH: Actual cool.


PERINO: OK. So Chris Stirewalt has two boys, and they came to appointment me aftermost anniversary and brought me these amazing things. Like, the melancholia flavored M&Ms. So I went and I got some for everybody.

This one actuality would be Neapolitan. OK? You can accessible these up and try them here. We’ve birthmark nut.

GUTFELD: Birthmark nut?

PERINO: Let’s see, which one’s this one? No. 3, raspberry.

Greg, I’m activity to get you these, because I anticipate you’re activity to like these. Excellent amber chip.

GUTFELD: Oh, yes. That’s activity in my pocket.

PERINO: Those are actually good. Espresso, anybody appetite espresso?

GUTFELD: Those are great.

PERINO: And how about this? White attic pie. Anybody like that?


PERINO: White amber attic pie.

GUTFELD: That’s actual alt-right.

PERINO: I’m 2 percent attic pie.

I don’t apperceive what that is. Can I accept some of — wait, you took them?


PERINO: We accept to allotment them. Anyway, they’re actually good. I can’t get abundant of the excellent ones. Acknowledge you to the Stirewalt boys.

GUTFELD: All right. What, did they accomplish them?

PERINO: No, they bought them and brought them to me as a gift.

HEGSETH: If you fabricated M&Ms in your basement, you adeptness accept absorb problems. Aloof a little bit.

GUTFELD: Exactly. Pete, you’re next.

HEGSETH: Am I next?


HEGSETH: All right. So I’ve never been to a Foo Fighters concert, but I’m a big fan. I’m told the concerts are consistently a big — abounding of surprises. They were at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. And they pulled up a 10- year-old — his name is Collier Rule — onstage to comedy Metallica, watch this.




HEGSETH: Juan’s allurement the appropriate questions. That’s aloof a 10-year-old from the audience.


HEGSETH: Handed — Dave Grohl handed him his guitar. He anon started playing, “Enter Sandman.”


HEGSETH: And the bandage played it with them. The kid says, you know, “Metallica knows who I am now. Foo Fighters apperceive who I am. Dave Grohl gave me his guitar. I played in advanced of the Sprint Center. I anticipate my brazier account is done.”


PAVLICH: A multi-million arrangement now.

HEGSETH: But they gave him the guitar, and he aloof started to play.

GUTFELD: Do you anticipate that’s because they apprentice from the Internet now? They aloof apprentice From YouTube?

HEGSETH: “Guitar Hero.”

GUTFELD: “Guitar Hero”?


WILLIAMS: We charge added guitar players.

GUTFELD: Yes, definitely. Katie.

PAVLICH: All right. So aftermost anniversary I was in Israel visiting the borders of Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. So I accept some photos for you. I was there for a fact-finding mission through the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Here’s the break bank with the West Bank and — and Judea Samaria. This is acutely the Western Bank and the Al Aqsa mosque. This is a appearance into Lebanon. Those hills you can see in area Hezlah has lots of rockets acicular at Israel. This is a assurance aing to the Syrian border.

And also, we accept some photos of a fence. We went to a kibbutz, which is a little adjacency appropriate aing to Gaza. And as you’ve apparent with the advertisement from Trey Yingst there in Israel, there has been lots of rioting. And they anticipate things are activity to alpha heating up alike added than they already have.

So we were there accepting some absorbing advice and briefings from admiral as things get acrimonious up, as we like to say. So acknowledge you to FDD for demography us on that cruise and giving us some information.


GUTFELD: All right. Set your DVRs. Never absence an adventure of “The Five.” “Special Report” is up next.

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