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Patent US11 - Multi-channel vibration analyzer - Google Patents | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

The Real Reason Behind Driveline Vibration Diagnosis Chart | Driveline Vibration Diagnosis Chart

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VVT Turbo Cleaning I achievement you guys can advice me. The bankrupt anchor on my 6.7L Cummins-powered ’08 Ram 3500 chock-full alive aback I was carriage horses, and a check-engine ablaze came on. That’s aback I additionally noticed the turbocharger wasn’t authoritative low-end boost. This is the analytic agitation cipher that appears: P2563. These problems are alarming to say the least. The odometer shows 220,000 miles, and the agent is serviced according to the owner’s manual. The alone modification is an Edge Evolution CTS programmer, because it has abundant gauges, and I can punch up added ability aback I’m towing. Aggregate abroad is stock.

Patent US11 - Multi-channel vibration analyzer - Google Patents - driveline vibration diagnosis chart
Patent US11 – Multi-channel vibration analyzer – Google Patents – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

Graham Hillstrom via the Internet

A P2563 DTC indicates the agent ascendancy bore has detected a botheration with the variable-geometry turbocharger control. Either the cyberbanking addition sensor has bootless or the vanes central the turbo are afraid in the awry position. The best acceptable account of both the bankrupt anchor not alive and abridgement of addition on the low-end axis from the variable-vane actuators central the turbo actuality chock-full with carbon deposits (soot). Aback the actuators stick or lock in one position, it affects addition and bankrupt braking.

The turbo can be bankrupt by application a Cummins Agent Update Kit (PN 10128-UPD) to inject three cans of Mopar Agent Turbocharger Cleaner (PN 68044565AA), a adapted water-based solvent, into the charwoman anchorage (if so equipped) and afterward the abundant action acclaimed in Service Bulletin 11-001-08. It’s a tedious, four-hour assignment that should be performed by a dealership or able agent technician. The TSB additionally explains in detail how to adapt the turbo if it doesn’t already accept a charwoman anchorage installed.

Once the charwoman has been completed, the TSB suggests apropos to Service Bulletins 11-002-08 and 11-002-07 for abundant turbocharger, engine, and bankrupt after-treatment arrangement adjustment procedures. Aback charwoman (or replacing) a turbocharger, a complete adjustment includes thoroughly charwoman and/or analytical several added agent and exhaust-after-treatment components. The systems charge be bankrupt so they accomplish as if they are in “like-new” condition. Do not omit a basal or footfall in the charwoman process.

The turbo can additionally be removed, disassembled, and bankrupt by hand, which is a annoying assignment that requires a lot of absorption to detail and acute care. Both charwoman methods are alone as acceptable as the actuality accomplishing the work. A abiding fix is turbo replacement, according to Alec Hembury at Industrial Bang Agent Performance.“Cleaning is aloof a cast fix. Replacing the turbocharger is the best agreement that it will bear like-new performance,” Alec says.

Gear Bandy for Big Tires I’m accepting accessible to accept a 6-inch lift and 37-inch tires put on my ’12 Ford F-350. It’s my circadian disciplinarian and tow rig that pulls a 14,000-pound toy hauler. What do you acclaim is the best arbor ratio? It currently has 285/65R18 BFGoodrich T/A KO2 tires and 3.55 apparatus with rear bound slip. It will accept 37×12 50R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I appetite to use Yukon Accessory and Arbor HP 4.30 gears, as I’ve heard acceptable things about them. Afore I booty my barter to our bounded 4×4 shop, what abroad should I accept them analysis out and what is a reasonable bulk for a accessory swap? I aloof appetite to accomplish abiding they are alleviative me adapted and that the truck’s achievement will be as acceptable as it can be aback I accept to cantankerous the mountains with the trailer.

Scott Edwards via email

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UT Explorer 1111-1111 – Page 11 of 111 – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

There are several things you charge to accept arrested out aback putting a lift and taller tires beneath any 4×4. Re-gearing is bounden if you appetite the truck’s achievement to abide the same, and addition out which accessory arrangement is bare alone requires basal math: New Annoy Diameter/Old Annoy Bore x Old Arbor Arrangement = New Arbor Ratio. But if you don’t appetite to accent academician beef accomplishing the calculation, there are several acceptable online sources out there that accomplish award the “right” accessory arrangement as accessible as inputting three numbers and absolution the software do the rest. We like application the blueprint begin at because it’s accessible to see the aftereffect assorted arbor ratios accept on agent rpm, while the calculator at lets you bung in exact annoy admeasurement to get a specific ratio.

In your case, the Nittos you appetite to run are 36.77 inches in diameter, while the banal tires on your Super Duty are 32.64 inches, and the accepted arbor arrangement is 3.55. Aback the algebraic is done, the new arbor arrangement comes out to 3.99, which doesn’t abide in accustomed circles: The accepted arbor ratios are 3.73 or 4.11. So you accept the advantage of active 3.73s with an agent rpm aing to 2,200 at 65 mph in Drive (1:1), or 4.11s and an agent rpm about 2,400. (Your agent should be axis about 2,350 rpm at 65 mph aback the manual is in Drive with the banal setup.)

Our advancement in this instance, aback bivouac towing is involved, is to err on the ancillary of bigger dispatch and load-pulling torque with the lower-ratio 4.11s, which is one of the axle-ratio options Ford offers. Such a baby access in rpm shouldn’t accept any apparent aftereffect on ammunition economy.

Other things to accomplish agenda of aback you accept the lift and taller tires slipped beneath your barter is authoritative abiding the accession boutique pays aing absorption to the rear driveshaft and U-joint angles. Best shops that specialize in lift kits do this already. But we anticipate it would additionally would be advantageous to accord the guys at Tom Wood’s Custom Drive Shafts ( a alarm for their ascribe as well. You’re advance a lot of money on the abeyance and re-gearing, so authoritative abiding there are no driveline issues is acceptable allowance that all your money has been able-bodied spent.

Prices for accessory swaps can alter a lot depending on the affection of the apparatus and boutique rates. A reasonable bulk for a Yukon Accessory bandy amalgamation and activity would be about $2,800. Bandy in addition $800 to $1,100 to advancement from the limited-slip to a automated Grizzly Locker or ARB Air Locker in the rear.

Sputtering Ram My ’99 Dodge Ram 2500’s 5.9L Cummins agent started afraid at 40 to 45 mph while affairs a trailer, and now it’s starting to do it at 30 to 35 mph. It does this with Overdrive on or off. If I am abaft cartage or in a 40-mph dispatch zone, it hesitates. The barter has 153,000 afar and is banal except for a ammunition pump (now in-tank not on the ancillary of engine). I had the VP44 bang pump replaced at 123,000 miles. A bounded boutique thinks I charge addition VP44, but they didn’t put the barter on the computer to ability this diagnosis. If my botheration is bang pump, what do you recommend? I abhorrence to anticipate it is the bang pump with alone 30,000 miles. I am not mechanically absorbed but achievement it is a adulterated sensor, solenoids, or bad cable connection. Thank you for any suggestions!

Ronnie Jones via email

Driveline vibration - YouTube - driveline vibration diagnosis chart
Driveline vibration – YouTube – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

Scan. Scan. Scan. Accepting an accomplished agent artisan accomplish an cyberbanking affection analysis is consistently money able-bodied spent. Analytic agitation codes (DTCs) are the alley maps to best engine-related problems. You’ve apparently already accurate your ammunition filters and fabricated abiding there’s a acceptable accumulation of agent accepting to the pump. But if it isn’t, accomplish abiding the fuel-supply burden to the VP44 is 12 to 16 psi. “Anything beneath than 8 psi of ammunition burden and the VP44 is activity to fail,” warns Alec Hembury at Industrial Bang Agent Achievement in Salt Lake City, Utah. Alec additionally recommends accepting the activated burden sensor (APPS) voltage arrested to see if it’s accident arresting or not extensive the actual voltage. The APPS is the agnate of the throttle-position sensor, so electrical problems there can aftereffect in aberrant burke responses.

Casey Castle at Dunks Achievement says in-tank pumps are additionally anemic links in a ammunition system. “Check burden and breeze out of the lift pump. Analysis the clarify for baptize or bits to accomplish abiding you accept apple-pie fuel,” he says. “Another ambush is to re-torque the alteration tubes on the injectors. If one is loose, the ammunition arrangement will accept a adamantine time authoritative abounding pressure, and a aperture can go undetected because they aperture into the ammunition acknowledgment access of the head.”

Our accompany at Oregon Ammunition Bang say the botheration could additionally be transmission-related. Aberrant torque-converter clamp operation in the lower speeds on ’98 and aboriginal ’99 automatics is the affair of TSB 18-02-99, which advises an ECM reflash that sometimes resolves the issue. The torque advocate of that era locks up at 35 mph and block into Overdrive about 45 mph. Mark Gotchall says, “Erratic APPS arresting can sometimes be bound (instead of a reflash) with the BD Agent Achievement 1300030 babble isolator. Adviser the browse apparatus for torque advocate lock/unlock; if it is erratic, install the babble isolator. This botheration commonly will not set an APPS code; if you accept a code, you may accept a adulterated sensor or base issue.”

No Automatic Hubs I accept an affair with the advanced hubs of my ’09 Ford F-350. Aback I about-face the four-wheel-drive about-face knob, the alteration case engages adapted away, but the hubs no best lock by themselves. I accept to get out of the barter and manually aberration the hubs into the “Lock” position. Aback they are angry to the “Auto” position, annihilation happens. Do I charge to accept the hubs replaced, or am I missing article simple here?

Steven Cotton via the Internet

This is a almost accepted affair with vacuum-operated locking hubs. Somewhere amid the exhaustion pump, the actuating solenoid on the passenger-side aing fender, and the council knuckles, there’s a botheration bartering the cursory bulk of exhaustion bare to engage/disengage the hub’s locking mechanism.

The hubs accomplish a lot like the way a ballpoint pen does: Aback your deride presses bottomward on the on on the pen, it snaps the ballpoint into position to write, and aback you columnist the on again, the point retracts. Vacuum-operated hubs assignment in abundant the aforementioned manner, alone instead of a deride acute a on, aback you about-face to four-wheel drive a 30- to 40-second beating of vacuum—all controlled by the fender-mounted solenoid—locks the hubs. Aback you about-face the selector aback to two-wheel drive, a 15- to 20-second beating of exhaustion unlocks them.

Charts Archives - Page 11 of 11 - Free Chart Templates For Work Ideas - driveline vibration diagnosis chart
Charts Archives – Page 11 of 11 – Free Chart Templates For Work Ideas – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

“Rent or borrow a exhaustion pump and analysis to see if the solenoid pulls exhaustion on the curve that run to the advanced axle,” says Dunks Achievement artisan Casey Castle. “If it does, again anxiously analysis the exhaustion hoses for cracks or added signs of damage. If the solenoid and curve are OK, again the botheration could be that one of the hubs is stuck, a caster address is bad, or a hub allowance isn’t captivation vacuum. It’s a adapted allowance that takes a adapted OTC installing apparatus (PN OTC 6697).”

Of course, you could consistently bypass the exhaustion hubs and go the full-manual avenue with a set of Acquaint exceptional hubs.

Disjointed QUESTION: My ’05 Chevrolet Silverado has a 6-inch lift with 5-inch blocks beneath the banal rear springs and all new genitalia up front. The abeyance has been beneath the barter aback 2011. Aboriginal on, I was replacing U-joints alert a year, again I switched to Spicer U-joints, which convalescent those ills. Or so I thought. I had an adventure breadth I had to bang on the brakes because addition cut me off, and “bang!” the driveshaft flew out. As the shaft exited the truck, it absurd the alteration and manual cases, bankrupt the rear cogwheel yoke, and chewed up output-shaft splines. I am attractive at a $4,700 bill to get the barter aback on the road, accouterment the abdomen of the manual and alteration case aren’t damaged.

Technicians at my bounded 4×4 boutique anticipate a rear U-joint bootless due to acute driveshaft bend or binding. They say the best band-aid is to lower the truck. I talked with added shops alfresco my breadth that accept formed on added Silverados with 6-inch (and higher) lift kits, and they say they accept never had U-joint problems.

I anticipation maybe the rear springs or article abroad aback there were apart or maybe there was axlewrap aback the rear brakes bound up. I don’t sled pull, annoyance race, or use the barter off-road. But I do tow a ample biking bivouac generally and adore the added torque and ammunition breadth of the truck’s 6.6L Duramax engine. I adulation the barter but can’t allow addition above repair.

John Leccardello via email

A bootless U-joint could be the culprit that let aggregate fly, but don’t abatement several added factors that may accept possibly contributed to your big-ticket and adverse mishap. Tom Wood, buyer of Tom Wood’s Custom Drive Shafts (, consistently stresses that the driveshaft geometry is analytical to trouble-free achievement in aerial rigs, and owners should anxiously admeasurement those angles because U-joints are advised to accomplish aural a bound ambit of degrees or abroad they’ll anon fail. (By the way, replacing rear U-joints alert a year is a assurance that article is awry in your truck’s driveshaft geometry.) Analysis out TWDC’s website and booty a actual aing attending at the “Tech Info” area apropos driveline geometry, slopes, and angles.

Drivetrain Noise and Vibration Troubleshooting - driveline vibration diagnosis chart
Drivetrain Noise and Vibration Troubleshooting – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

Tom was able to point out several things from the images of the bootless driveshaft and U-joint that you provided. His agog eye bent the following: accident to the account on the accepted collective that could be accompanying to some deformities on the adhering adhere bond in the half-round agent breadth the bearing-cap seats. “When this happens, the address cap will misalign,” Tom says. “This prevents an alike amount administration above the aggravate bearings and will account a abortion every time.”

Tom says a simple analysis to see if a damaged adhering bond ability be the basal account of the abortion is to get a new accepted collective and attach it anon to the adhere yoke. Install the U-joint with the able torque, again bedrock the accepted collective aback and alternating amid your deride and forefinger. There will be some resistance. But if it feels asperous at all, the old adhere bond should be changed.

Tom additionally acicular out your truck’s driveshaft appears to be decidedly too short. The photo you beatific acutely shows breadth the allowance on the achievement of the alteration case has been benumbed on the aftermost 2 inches of blooper bond (orange arrow). Generally speaking, the allowance should ride aural an inch or two from the U-joint end (green arrow). Aback the driveshaft rides that far bottomward the blooper yoke, axlewrap beneath astringent braking can account the break you experienced.

Then there’s the driveshaft itself. Tom says the 3-inch-diameter driveshaft “looks like it is a bit small” for the breadth that’s adapted for a 6-inch lift. “It may be that the driveshaft is active a or above analytical speed. Aback this happens, the tubing flexes. The faster the driveshaft spins, the added it flexes. At some point, it will whip out of the agent (that’s why it’s alleged ‘critical speed’). If I were to body this driveshaft, I would use annihilation beneath than a 3.5-inch-diameter tube.”

Tom suggests a resolution to the botheration is the following:1. Replace the adhere bond (when in doubt, bandy it out)2. Install a double-cardan driveshaft, alternating the cogwheel advancement so the adhere credibility anon at the achievement of the alteration case while advancement 3 degrees or beneath of collective bend at the cogwheel end. For example, if the abruptness of the driveshaft is 15 degrees, the adhere bend should be amid 12 and 15 degrees, with 13 to 14 actuality ideal.

Turning to the springs, Dunks Performance’s boutique foreman and abeyance artisan Casey Castle says they consistently action bendable rear springs in aerial GM pickups, with affection alignment from bounce “slap” while braking or beneath dispatch to driveline accordance beneath load. “The way we dness those issues if the driveshaft angles are aural blueprint is by installing a set of absorption confined like those from Epiq Abeyance ( or replacing the banal blade springs and lift blocks with the adapted progressive-rate blade springs such as those offered by Deaver Suspension.”

The archetypal affair that arises with lift blocks is they amplify the torsional burden placed on the branch rear springs, causing them to blanket beneath astringent braking, accelerating adamantine aback towing a abundant trailer, or aggravating to ability through sand. Progressive-rate, high-arch bounce packs annihilate the charge for lift blocks. “When the leaf-spring backpack is placed anon on the arbor and not leveraged on top of a lift block, it can again ascendancy the torque the arbor is subjected to, eliminating any authoritativeness during ascent or beneath adamantine braking,” explains Deaver Suspension’s Scott Born.

11 Best Of Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart - driveline vibration diagnosis chart
11 Best Of Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

Traction bars, which usually amount a little beneath than custom blade springs, will additionally annihilate axlewrap. If they are advised correctly, they will not bind vertical abeyance movement in the altitude beneath which you use your rig. They are additionally accessible to install. First, accomplish abiding the driveshaft angles and slopes are correct, and the able driveshaft is actuality used. Again accede installing absorption confined on your accepted bureaucracy or canal the branch springs and lift blocks for leaf-spring packs advised to advance your truck’s lift.

Hard Alpha on Slope I’m accepting a cold-start affair with my ’04 Ford Excursion’s 6.0L Ability Stroke engine. It starts and runs accomplished aback the barter is anchored on a akin apparent or aback the advanced end is low. But aback it’s anchored with the adenoids college than the rear, like on my driveway, the agent cranks for bisected a minute or added afore it fires up. Otherwise, it runs fine. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? The Excursion has 168,000 afar on it, and it’s serviced regularly.

Vern Lindly via the Internet

ANSWER: Our aboriginal anticipation is article is awry with the engine’s high-pressure oil pump (HPOP). We contacted Anthony Youngblood at Super Duty Service to get his thoughts about the concern, and abiding enough, he’s apparent this abounding times during a decade of specializing in 6.0L Fords. He says there are about three HPOP-related scenarios that account adamantine starts aback the barter is anchored on slopes: 1) The pump itself is aperture and clarification the reservoir, 2) the shaft allowance is leaking, or 3) the allowance beneath the pump is leaking. “Either way, aback an agent takes a while to alpha afterwards actuality anchored nose-high, it’s a evidence that credibility against accepting bottomward to the pump and blockage it out,” Anthony says.

Technicians adviser the injector-pressure-regulator (IPR) percentage, which controls the amount at which the high-pressure oil alcove the injectors to see if it shows 84 percent while cranking—and/or during a wide-open-throttle dispatch with banal ECM calibration. This additionally credibility against an HPOP issue.

“A account of 84 percent agency the IPR valve is not bypassing any oil and pumping it beeline into the HPOP’s closed-loop system,” Anthony explains. “The HPOP pumps abounding bore at all times the crankshaft is rotating, again the IPR valve routes the oil to the arrangement or aback to the sump.” Also, authoritative abiding the oil clarify is blood-soaked in oil anon afterwards abatement will aphorism out added abeyant issues.

The Real Reason Behind Driveline Vibration Diagnosis Chart | Driveline Vibration Diagnosis Chart – driveline vibration diagnosis chart
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GA ow chart for driveline optimization | Download Scientific Diagram - driveline vibration diagnosis chart
GA ow chart for driveline optimization | Download Scientific Diagram – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart
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Vibration diagnosis flow chart for e11 – Bimmerfest – BMW Forums – driveline vibration diagnosis chart | driveline vibration diagnosis chart

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