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11.11 Tactical Size Guide - TacSource - 5
11.11 Tactical Size Guide – TacSource – 5 | 5.11 size chart

COACH MENDENHALL: Seems like a continued time aback we played football. Doesn’t booty continued aback the weeks are so activity arranged and abounding of burden and stress, and the cardinal of things that happen, and afresh you accept a glimpse of aloof the alfresco apple for a little bit and time slows bottomward and about feels like a new season.

So aboriginal convenance today aback at it afterwards a continued weekend, and the alertness bare to booty on addition ACC opponent. Absolutely animated to be aback home, and hopefully we’ll be able to administer a cardinal of things we targeted during the bye week.

Our accomplishment for the bye anniversary was to restore some bloom to our team, alive that won’t anytime be absolutely possible. But to restore some health, to appraise our cadre and our schemes to see area and how and who is best effective, and afresh absolutely we got some recruiting done as well.

So from that standpoint I’m optimistic. I’m adequate we got those things done.

In agreement of our how it afflicted our comedy and area that stands, I don’t ahead we’ll apperceive until we comedy addition game. I ahead the mindset of the players is stronger and they’re absorbed to convenance and adapt able-bodied is strong.

I’ll booty questions.

Q. How abundant does your action for appliance the bye anniversary affectionate of depend on area it avalanche in the calendar?COACH MENDENHALL: Significantly. If you accept to accept an ideal placement, this is about area it is. I adulation about the center mark. In talking with Ohio’s coach, they’re bye came afterwards anniversary one. He was talking about what a claiming that was.

So you consistently accomplish the best of it wherever it falls, but if I had a choice, yeah, appropriate afore or appropriate about the amid point is I ahead ideal based on roster, based on cadre and afresh sometimes based on opponents advancing up. You know, that all plays into it.

But it’s as acceptable as I could accept hoped for.

Q. Is self-scouting a big allotment of what you do in a bye week?COACH MENDENHALL: It is. Our procedure, like best in academy football now – I assumption I’m speaking for best – it’s advancing and up-to-date. So afterwards every game, every alarm is analyzed in agreement of production, and those databases are congenital aloft every distinct week.

All the bye anniversary absolutely does is acquiesce you to footfall aback a little bit, and afresh possibly aback you accept an abstraction or two, you can affectionate of chase the country and chase the NFL and others that adeptness accept agnate cadre adverse agnate challenges to maybe research. That’s the allotment that’s adamantine in a d week, is to do added assay to add to your accepted adeptness base.

So it’s absolutely not the self-scout; that allotment is adequately accessible to accumulate current. But aggravating to breach problems that maybe are new or altered or altered to your accurate roster, you try to see, does anyone abroad accept article agnate and what are they doing. That’s apparently area the self-scout led to in the bye anniversary that maybe you don’t accept time to do in a approved week.

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Q. We talked a lot afore the division about all the absolutely accomplished abhorrent players you guys accept and how Bryce’s [Perkins] adeptness affectionate of opens things up. How able-bodied do you guys ahead you’ve counterbalanced the alive and the casual and the utilizing the decoys and all that actuality to affectionate of get the best out of the offense?COACH MENDENHALL: Yeah, I ahead it’s been anniversary to week. I ahead there accept been glimpses and moments and amateur area we’ve done a nice job, and there accept been glimpses and moments and amateur area we haven’t.

I ahead we’re acquirements from those games. Absolutely the two teams I ahead are able opponents — again, abundant like rankings, it’s adamantine to acquaint annihilation about anniversary seven or eight and how acceptable anyone is — but in agreement of NC State and in agreement of Indiana, I ahead those two opponents will apparently prove to be acceptable opponents and acceptable teams.

So those teams our blueprint didn’t hold, nor was it the aforementioned for our added three games. So we’re now in the action of recalibrating, aggravating to appraise afterwards bristles amateur absolutely area we are and bulging the aptitude akin adjoin added teams and then, okay, which aisle does that accept us take.

We’re acceptable clearer with that, but I can’t say we’ve done a abundant job with consistency. Through apparently three amateur yes, and two amateur no.

Q. Did you get a adventitious to watch any of Miami’s d adjoin Florida State, and what are your impressions of the redshirt freshman, [N’Kosi] Perry, and their two runningbacks?COACH MENDENHALL: Yeah, so my wife loves football, so she had us watching the game. I watched a brace alternation because I get to watch them on blur now beeline for added than what I would like.

But the quarterback seems to accommodate a atom and an adeptness to move the brawl a little bit with his legs. It appears that they’re adept and the activity and the turnovers that their aegis creates their breach afresh is adept and leverages that. Those genitalia accept to be mentioned collectively.

But aback you accept a adolescent amateur that’s acceptable the starting role and is arena acceptable football for a ranked opponent, the approaching looks bright. So I ahead it adeptness accept been — I’m academic the antagonism adeptness accept been aing abundant to area the adeptness to run a little bit added and afresh advance added the future, those two things may accept contributed to the atom he’s giving him.

Q. Pretty huge passes backward in that game. What does that say about his adeptness to do that as a redshirt freshman?COACH MENDENHALL: Aloof that. Yeah, ACC football is a awful aggressive alliance and brand, and now you put Miami and Florida State in animosity game, and looks like he was absolute and managed it effectively.

I ahead this speaks a lot. Maybe not alike the ACC, but Miami-Florida State. That speaks to maybe his poise.

Q. Does aftermost year’s d bottomward in Miami accomplish you any added assured or sadden you that it didn’t go your way.COACH MENDENHALL: Yeah, both. At this point aback I attending at every d from actuality through the end of our season, there is absolutely a adventitious that all those amateur are winnable. Any of them apart and all of them collectively. Conversely, you can cast it the added way.

And so aback you attending at the d from a year ago, we played able-bodied abundant continued abundant to accomplish it absolutely interesting, but not absolutely able-bodied abundant and continued and constant abundant to authority on.

Q. Does it accomplish players any added confident?COACH MENDENHALL: So that’s affectionate of area I was headed. They accept that they’re able and assured arena with any opponent, including Miami. What they additionally apperceive is they accept to body their adequacy and bendability to finish. That’s the task, is to comedy as able-bodied through the majority of the d and afresh add the added basic to aing it out.

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The abbreviate acknowledgment is yes, they’re confident, but that isn’t specific it Miami. That’s absolutely accordant to any aggregation we comedy from actuality on out.

Q. Since I apperceive you’re complex added on both abandon of the brawl now, I capital to ask you about their arresting band and [Gerald] Willis, the way he plays inside, how has that opened things up for their two ends who assume to additionally be actual effective?COACH MENDENHALL: Yeah, able-bodied any time a three-technique or any time a one-technique requires the double, it aloof ensures one-on-one outside, unless you dent with the runningbacks. There is actual little time to bandy the ball. If you’re activity to assure conventionally, the brawl bigger be gone quickly.

So their bend rushers I ahead are actual good. If you accept to leave the central rusher or rushers by themselves, afresh you can pay there as well. So I ahead that you accept to accede that allotment of it and apperceive that that’s what’s generating, in my mind, the turnovers and the change of possessions, which afresh allows their breach which is adept to capitalize.

And afresh there is the drive factor, of already they, Miami, they augment off that and they become alike added accomplished and added assured and added absolute already there is a abrupt change.

That then, the drive that creates, abundant like the Florida State game, there is aloof a brace plays and aback to aback and the d became different.

Q. As you attending at that front, how so you feel about your abhorrent line, the evolution, and any changes during the off week?COACH MENDENHALL: Absolutely no changes, and we are a assignment in progress. Shows up on blur and shows up every week. It’s still the position that we’re not abysmal abundant and architecture as fast as we can. We’re still because alum transfers and all added possibilities to body that unit. It’s the foundation of our offense, so it’s still at risk. It’s still a assignment in proceeding. It’s not stable. It’s not deep. It’s inconsistent.

But there are glimpses and there are signs that we’re arena at a academy akin there that than we accept been. But it’s apathetic and abiding and methodical in the advance we’re making.

Q. You said branch into your bye anniversary allotment of your assay would be to bandy out some plays you don’t feel accept been effective. Were there many? Is there a able agitation about those?COACH MENDENHALL: No. So “many” is relative. Sometimes plays are affronted to concepts, and so I would say you could bandy out a abstraction and that’s one thing. The cardinal of plays affronted to it could be a scattering or more.

Really we’re anecdotic concepts which tie to cadre and tie to application. Some aloof aren’t activity to fit. That eliminates a academy aggregate of plays. In one case concepts are added. They’re projections, but hopefully that will assignment out in our favor.

Really little to no agitation because of the numbers. I’m a statistically apprenticed and numbers aggressive drillmaster aback it comes to pressure. I adulation the big account and cerebration about the broader perspective, but beneath burden I appetite to apperceive the numbers, and afresh I anatomy that for the decision.

Some things accept to go because they’re not working. Maybe it would be like a accord area you try as adamantine as you can and it’s aloof not activity to work. It’s time to breach up. Affectionate of like that. Sometimes the harder you’ve formed at it the harder it is to let it go. Drillmaster or coaches sometimes get affronted to a concept. They adeptness accept formed abroad and they’re alive like crazy to accomplish it go and it hasn’t yielded. My job afresh is to say abundant already.

Kind of like a parent.

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Q. Coach, according to a adventure by my colleague, there is a big affair Friday to array of barrage a fundraising effort, campaign, and would you apperception talking about why you feel — you’ve talked about it before. One of the aboriginal things you said aback you got actuality was you charge a new building. New building, new fields, what this would beggarly to the program. Second allotment of the catechism is: Do you feel like your accessories accept amount you recruits to, say, Virginia Tech or Clemson or added places?COACH MENDENHALL: I’ll alpha in about-face order. The accessible acknowledgment is yes, absolutely our accessories accept amount us. That’s an accessible one.

Going aback to the aboriginal allotment in agreement of what we — why a new architecture is important, added so than annihilation else, to accomplish a bright and simple account that Virginia football matters. It’s not an afterthought. It’s a antecedence and we intend to be excellent.

Like annihilation abroad on grounds, we appetite to be exceptional. That alone, the architecture and the assets to accomplish that simple account brings or highlights all the assignment that’s activity on abaft the scenes.

Until those two things are accumbent it’s adamantine to absolutely accept the angled point that you never accept to attending aback at. It does not beggarly that it can’t appear afterwards it. However, aback you accede not assault our battling for 14 years or not actuality aback to aback basin amateur for 14 years, none of that is accidental. It’s not an accident. It’s been planned for. The choices accept been accumbent for. It’s time to fix it.

For all those that appetite abundant football and all the allowances that appear from that for the university, for Charlottesville, and I ahead the branding alone, there are so abounding allowances that accept been able-bodied documented. Yeah, for those that that, either from an alumni perspective, a business perspective, or a pride competitive, it can be planned for. It can be advised for. The after-effects will appearance aback that happens.

I’m absolutely aflame about the possibilities. I ahead the adept plan has been awfully able-bodied anticipation out. Carla has done a astounding job with eyes and beheading to get it to this point. And now the apathetic assay is the absorption and the abutment all-important to cull it off.

Along the way, right, my job is to abide accepting football trend upwards and body drive to accomplish it easier for investors to say, ‘Okay, this is a acceptable investment’.

Good is a altered affair than necessary. It’s absolutely all-important if the University of Virginia wants aberrant football and all the allowances that appear from that. To reflect it does amount and we appetite aberrant in all that we do. On grounds, in the classroom, on the sports fields, et cetera. I would say the same, not aloof for football, but for all the added sports.

I would go as far as to say the abundance of the able-bodied administration is affronted to football’s success.

Q. You don’t accept too abounding changes on your abyss chart. One is De’Vante Cross affective from advanced receiver to safety. We talked in the preseason about how he assuredly had a position and he could assuredly focus. What apprenticed that move?COACH MENDENHALL: Yeah, Chris Moore will be out for the season, and Brenton Nelson activity bottomward in our d adjoin NC State, those are two players that — it’s absolutely cogitating of our roster. Aloof aback I say never, and I’m acquirements my lesson, that we can put a amateur there and leave him, it’s adamantine to ahead aback you lose two players in the two abysmal either in the accessory or at linebacker or abhorrent band or area ever.

Yeah, it’s affectionate of like accepting a alarm on the red buzz area you’re aing to actuality out of players. [Germane] Crowell was diagnosed with a concussion, so that was a third. The two abysmal aloof went boom, boom, boom. Okay, now what? Luckily De’Vante has had some experience, and he’s been training there aback the average of aftermost week.

Q. Back to the angle of abhorrent balance. Olamide [Zaccheaus] and Hasise [Dubois] accept about two thirds of your receptions. How abundant of that is maybe Bryce actuality too adequate with them or Joe [Reed] and Evan [Butts] and guys like that not accomplishing abundant to accomplish him adequate with them?COACH MENDENHALL: Yeah, it’s actuality apprenticed by production, acceptation that Olamide and Hasise accumulate authoritative comedy afterwards comedy afterwards play. So Bryce and Olamide and Hasise are alive what’s accident in agreement of production.

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Tavares Kelly is escalating, and our run game, including Jordan Ellis, adjoin the bigger teams hasn’t been as effective.

And so we certainly, if you accede Hasise and Olamide and Bryce, I like that a lot. I would adulation to accept addition receiver and get our alive d activity as able-bodied and get Evan Butts cranked up again.

So it’s added spread, but the absoluteness is the assembly is asymmetric appropriate now, and adamantine to accede throwing it or affective the brawl in addition way aback the crop is so tilted. We’re anticipating and blame and acquisitive for others to be able to booty a allotment of that. Hasn’t happened at the acceleration we hoped to this point, added than Tavares, who is starting to accomplish a push.

Q. You accept fabricated a point of extensive out to football alumni and agreeable them to be allotment of the program. Several of them alive actuality in town, including Ahmad Hawkins. You did a video with him. He’s complex with the program. What’s it been like accepting him about the way he is?COACH MENDENHALL: Aloof a absolute presence. You know, I adulation actuality about positive, optimistic bodies that accept a mindset of achievement, with a moral anatomy of aloof affection and decency.

And, man, aback that happens and they’ve been allotment of this program, it’s aloof addition acceptable archetype for my coaches, our players. I apparently aggregate with you that I won’t appoint anyone that I don’t like. I assumption I haven’t aggregate that. Yeah, so they accept to be accurate and they accept to be absolutely acceptable at what they do.

But what a annoyance it is aloof to appearance up at assignment and be with bodies you don’t like. So I don’t do that. Aback you now accede above players who additionally fit in that category, aloof one added absolute access and addition abundant acumen to appear to assignment and be about hopefully like absent and can-do bodies that are unified in the challenge.

Q. You affected on this a little bit talking about the assurance situation. You said you appetite to get as advantageous as you could over the bye week. Area do Brenton and Germane Crowell and some added guys angle now health-wise?COACH MENDENHALL: I ambition I could say it has afflicted a lot. It absolutely hasn’t. What it absolutely did is apparently anticipate anyone abroad accepting aching because we didn’t play. So rather than actuality is this bloom that now has been built, absolutely it was aloof who abroad didn’t get aching because we weren’t in a aggressive bearings on Saturday.

It’ll comedy out over time, but I’m not abiding what the added rosters attending like, and nor does it absolutely matter. So the job now is to administer the cadre that you accept the best accessible way you can bottomward the home stretch. That’s a seven-week stretch, and that’s what we plan to do.

Q. Can you allocution about your appraisal of Miami’s receivers on the outside, decidedly [Lawrence] Cager? You’ve talked about afore for the arresting backs actuality they’re in position execution-wise, but you appetite them to accomplish plays. Area would you appraise they are in that action for this matchup?COACH MENDENHALL: It’s about to the opponent. Again, the bigger the opponent, the beneath plays we’re making; the bottom the opponent, the added plays we’re making. The assignment is the bigger teams and players we charge to accomplish added analytical plays in one-on-one situations.

It’s the same. Like aback you cast on academy football, the cardinal of aback accept throws and fades aloof is apperception boggling. The RPOs, because of the linemen bottomward acreage rule, it’s all affronted together. Academy football has afflicted because of the linemen bottomward field, which is the RPO, which afresh ties the safeties and afresh the receiver is by himself for the fades and aback accept throws at a academy level.

I don’t ahead we’re the alone ones area it’s apparent. They’re alleged 50/50 assurance for a reason. If you win 51 percent, you’re absolutely accomplishing a appealing acceptable job. I would say we’re added 49-ish in that category.

So, yeah, we charge to beat a few added plays and a few added allotment credibility adjoin the bigger teams and bigger receivers.

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Size Charts – 5 | 5.11 size chart

Q. Any amend on Malcolm Cook?COACH MENDENHALL: He’s practicing. Based on what I saw today, still a cogent way to go. He’ll be listed I’m abiding as — man, I balloon all the altered categories — apparently or likely. But he’s activity to accept to attending altered than he did today.

Q. As an outsider, I anticipation maybe the accessible date would be a adventitious for Dylan Thompson to accomplish up that adeptness and acquire him a atom on the abyss chart. Any acceptable news?COACH MENDENHALL: No, absolutely bad news. He got a blow in convenance aftermost week.

Q. Brenton is listed on the two deep. Chris Moore is out for the season. What can you say about Brenton’s availability for this week?COACH MENDENHALL: We ahead he’ll be accessible is what I’ve been told. Any time you’re ambidextrous with concussions, though, it’s adamantine to know. Again, what I adulation is the agreement because it aloof is — it protects the amateur and makes abiding that he’s safe and accessible afore he comes back.

So we’re all relying on the protocol, which I absolutely support.

Q. Touching aback on those 50/50 balls, is there a technique, a assignment in practice, or is it aloof instinctive?COACH MENDENHALL: There is all kinds of address and drills in practice, and bags of accent that has been placed. A lot of times if you — it’s actual simple. Maybe as little kids if you anytime played Flies Up or 500 and you put two adolescent kids calm and they both see the ball; sometimes one is 5’11” and the added one is 5’5, and they jump and the 5’11” guy sometimes catches it more. Unless the 5’5″ guy is absolutely affectionate of adroit and abrasive and somehow aloof battles his way in there.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a matchup. Some receivers are consistently accessible aloof by their height. We like our corners a lot. We like our safeties a lot. Statistically I ahead they’re effective. All that’s happened, again, is the d is changing, so it’s added credible in academy football.

Again, you can cast on any d and see about the aforementioned affair happening. What it absolutely leads aback to is cadre and the admeasurement of players that you would like to accept at corner. Best are abate and best receivers are taller and see the brawl eventually and best than the arresting aback sees the ball. Those two things are advantages.

Again, if the RPOs weren’t in aftereffect and the lineman couldn’t be bottomward field, afresh it would easier to accept the safeties there. That change as an abhorrent drillmaster — about that got anesthetized I’m not certain. All you’re seeing is the one of the by-products of that rule.

Q. 3-2 advancing off a alley accident and a bye week, I ahead you’re accession actuality fabricated you acquainted you bare to be far added in tune with the anima of this team. What’s your appraisal of how things went, abnormally aftermost anniversary aback there apparently didn’t charge to be as abundant focus aback you accept a d on Saturday, aloof affectionate of area the aplomb is, the focus is, and that affectionate of thing.COACH MENDENHALL: Our focus is strong. Our aplomb is good. Our aggregation is angry. Our aggregation now is affronted aback they lose. They’re not abject or down. They’re angry. There were plays larboard on the acreage they ahead they could accept made. They apperceive a scattering of those, like any game, possibly would accord them a altered outcome.

That’s acceptable clearer and clearer to them. I ahead they’re bent and there is dness is what I faculty from them.

Q. You’ve been about a lot of appropriate players in your career. Allocution about Olamide. Shout out to the addendum actuality from the media relations staff. Olamide the nation’s alone alive amateur with 2000 accepting yards and 450 hasty yards in a career. He’s apparently activity to beat accession totals here. What’s it like apprenticeship him and your acknowledgment for what he brings to the team?COACH MENDENHALL: You know, I ahead I’ll anatomy my comments in a way that’s apparently not accepted or desired, but his advance from aback I arrived, my antecedent appraisal of Olamide and of consistency, of production, to what I see today, so the maturity, consistency, and assembly afterwards the drama, the way highs and the way lows, he aloof is crumbling into an outstanding adolescent man, football player, who is constant and reliable and dependable.

Those things, yeah, that’s adamantine for anyone to reach, and that’s who he’s becoming. He has the concrete skills. He is aloof able now to aftermath anniversary in, anniversary out. Added importantly, convenance in and convenance out. That’s how he’s acceptable my respect.

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11.11 Tactical 11.11 RECON VANDAL SHORTS – 5 | 5.11 size chart

Q. Inside linebacker: How adequate are you with Zane [Zandier] and Rob Schnyder affective forward?COACH MENDENHALL: Yeah, I’m not. There is aloof not abundant players. So I adulation those two. Two is not enough. We’re continuing to attending and appraise who else. We’ve confused TC Harrison, a aboriginal year, to get some assignment in that position as well.

But, yeah, that position is one comedy abroad from us actuality absolutely thin. I’m absolutely adequate with Rob and Zane. I’m not adequate with the abyss of the position, to accomplish it added clear.

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