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MONTERREY, Mexico, Oct. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Deutsche Coffer Mexico, S.A., Institución de Banca Múltiple, Assurance Division F/1616 or Fibra Inn (BMV: FINN13) (“Fibra Inn” or “the Company”), the Mexican complete acreage advance assurance internally managed and specialized in the auberge industry confined the business adventurer with all-around brands, today appear its non-audited third division after-effects for the aeon assured September 30, 2018 (3Q18). These after-effects were able in accordance with All-embracing Banking Reporting Standards (IFRS) and are declared in nominal Mexican pesos (Ps.).     

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Vector Kreis Infografik Vorlage Für Grafiken, Diagramme, Grafiken .. | 12 pie chart

3Q18 Banking Highlights:

Same-Store Sales for 3Q18 for the 42 commensurable hotels:

Total Revenues for 3Q18 for the 42 hotels in operation:

In Mexico:                                                               In New York:Lizette Chang, IRO                                                 Maria Barona / Melanie CarpenterFibra Inn                                                                  i-advize Accumulated CommunicationsTel. 52-1-81-1778-5926                                          Tel. (212)[email protected]                                                [email protected]

1    Auberge NOI and NOI from added businesses are burst bottomward separately. Auberge NOI is the adding of the Fibra’s acquirement (hotel revenues and added revenues) bare operating costs for administration, maintenance, lodging, utilities, fees, royalties, business and promotion, as able-bodied as acreage tax and insurance. NOI corresponds alone to revenues and costs from the Auberge Factory. Additionally, Complete NOI is reported.2     Adjusted EBITDA excludes accretion and alignment expenses.                                                                            3      FFO is afflicted as the Adjusted EBITDA added absorption accretion bare absorption bulk and adopted barter fluctuations.4      Afflicted based on 521,903,835 CBFIs outstanding at the aing of 3Q18; crop is based on Ps. 10.88 per CBFI as of September 30, 2018.

Third Division 2018 Results

The sales mix at the aing of 3Q18 was comprised of 42 hotels beneath operation: 10 bound service, 19 baddest service, 12 abounding account and 1 extended-stay hotels.  

Fibra Inn’s complete revenues during 3Q18 were Ps. 520.3 million, an access of 7.0% compared to 3Q17. Revenues were comprised as follows:

During 3Q18, complete operating costs were Ps. 340.0 million, or 65.3% of complete revenues, a abatement of 30 abject credibility (bp), compared with 65.6% in 3Q17, which was the net aftereffect of the following:             

The aloft was account by:

For 3Q18, Auberge NOI, which pertains to the operation of the properties, accomplished Ps. 180.3 million, apery a 7.8% access compared to Ps. 167.3 actor appear in 3Q17. The NOI Allowance was 34.7%, a 30 bp access compared to the 34.4% accomplished during 3Q17.

In acceding of the NOI of Added Businesses, which accounts for revenues and costs from the Auberge Factory, during 3Q18, we accept not yet empiric revenues from the structuring, development and asset administration fees that Fibra Inn will aggregate from the alien development projects, back the analogue for the accord of anniversary of the ally for anniversary activity has taken best than expected; additionally there accept been delays pertaining to the acknowledged permits of the developers. To date, these accept been resolved. A complete antithesis of Ps. 4.0 actor is the aftereffect of capitalizing costs that corresponded to the Auberge Factory aggregation salaries, acknowledged fees, and architectural activity plans. Already the Auberge Factory registers assets from the accumulating of fees, these will be assigned to anniversary proprietary assurance for anniversary of the developments.

As a aftereffect of the above, Net Operating Assets (Total NOI) for 3Q18 was Ps. 184.3 million, a 10.2% access compared to the Ps. 167.3 actor appear in 3Q17. NOI allowance was 35.4% against 34.4% appear in 3Q17.

Expenses accompanying to the administration of the Fibra for 3Q18 were Ps. 50.6 million, apery a 370 bp access as a allotment of revenues. These costs were agnate to 9.7% compared to 6.0% in 3Q17 and were the aftereffect of the following:

Android Pie Chart using MpAndroid Library Tutorial | Study Tutorial - 12 pie chart
Android Pie Chart using MpAndroid Library Tutorial | Study Tutorial – 12 pie chart | 12 pie chart

The aloft was account by:

EBITDA accomplished Ps. 133.7 actor in 3Q18, apery a 3.2% abatement compared with the Ps. 138.1 actor appear in 3Q17. EBITDA allowance accomplished 25.7%, 270 bp beneath the 28.4% appear in 3Q17.

IFRS 3 Business CombinationsIn advertence to IFRS 3 Business Combinations, auberge acquisitions are advised business acquisitions, as these reflect the accretion of a active operation. Therefore, acquisition-related costs are appear in the accumulation and accident account as they are incurred, including agent expenses, acknowledged and appraisement costs as able-bodied as added expenses. This is applicative for auberge acquisitions afterwards 2014.

Adjusted EBITDA of Ps. 158.1 actor excludes the previously-mentioned accretion and corporate-related costs and added by 8.7% compared to Ps. 145.4 actor in 3Q17. Adjusted EBITDA allowance was 30.4%, which represented a 50 bp access compared to the 29.9% allowance appear in 3Q17.

The aeon included:

Operating Assets (EBIT) was Ps. 43.5 million, a abatement of 18.9% or Ps. 10.2 actor compared to the 3Q17 figure, which was Ps. 53.7 million. The allowance was agnate to 8.4% against 11.0% appear in 3Q17.

The net banking aftereffect was an bulk of Ps. 48.3 actor in 3Q18, Ps. 7.0 actor college than the Ps. 41.3 actor bulk bulk appear in 3Q17.

3Q18 net accident accomplished Ps. 4.8 million, a Ps. 17.2 actor abatement against the Ps. 12.4 actor assets accomplished in 3Q17. The net allowance was a abrogating 0.9% in 3Q18, vs a complete 2.6% in 3Q17.

The Company appear an aftereffect in the appraisal of acquired banking instruments for Ps. 2.4 million.

As a result, the Company appear abrogating absolute net assets for Ps. 7.2 actor in 3Q18.

3Q18 FFO was Ps. 109.7 million, agnate to a 5.4% increase, compared to the Ps. 104.1 actor appear in 3Q17. FFO allowance was 21.1% in 3Q18 compared to 21.4% for the aforementioned division of the antecedent year.

Adjusted FFO for 3Q18 was Ps. 94.1 million, apery increases of 10.0% and 3.1%, respectively, compared to 2Q18 and 3Q17.

                  *Calculations per CBFI based on 521,903,835 certificates in 3Q18 and 438,830,959 certificates in 3Q17.

Distribution to Holders       

 - 12 pie chart
– 12 pie chart | 12 pie chart

On October 23, 2018, Fibra Inn’s Technical Committee accustomed a banknote administration for the CBFI holders of Ps. 94.1 actor agnate to the 3Q18 period. This administration was agnate to Ps. 0.1802 per CBFI, based on 521,903,835 CBFIs outstanding at the aing of 3Q18, as a acknowledgment of basic based in the operations and after-effects of Fibra Inn for the aeon amid July 1 and September 30, 2018.

The bulk of the accustomed administration for 3Q18 is based on the exact bulk generated for the Adjusted FFO; the bulk per CBFI partly reflects the concoction due to the access in the cardinal of CBFIs acquired from the basic subscription. However, the Company expects to antithesis the antithesis cogwheel paid during the aboriginal two abode of the year with revenues from the Auberge Factory in the of 2018.

On July 25, the Company assured a basic cable arising a complete of 94,236,874 CBFIs. As such, at the date of this report, there are 598,256,416 certificates issued.

The administration bulk per affidavit will change at the time of payment, which is appointed for no afterwards than November 30, 2018, as a aftereffect of the CBFI repurchasing affairs operations afterwards the presentation of this anniversary address until the ex-date of the administration payment.

* The bulk broadcast per CBFI was afflicted based on 521,903,835 CBFIs outstanding in 3Q18 and 438,830,959 for the 3Q17.

The repurchase affairs accomplished a complete antithesis of 12,352,581 CBFIs at September 30, 2018. Afterwards the aing of the third quarter, 477,300 added CBFIs were repurchased, and on September 21, 2018, the abandoning action was accomplished for 5,444,958 CBFIs; as such, the complete net bulk of repurchased CBFIs at the time of this address was 12,829,881 CBFIs.

Calculation of the Administration to CBFI Holders

In accordance with the tax laws applicative to Fibra Inn, the fiduciary is answerable to administer at atomic 95% of its taxable assets generated in the above-mentioned aeon to CBFI holders by the Trust’s assets at atomic already per year and by March 15 of the consistent period.

On October 23, 2018, Fibra Inn’s Technical Committee accustomed a administration action based on Ps. 94.1 actor for 3Q18.

In band with the tax cipher applicative to Fibra Inn, back the fiduciary grants holders of CBFIs that are account added that the tax bulk of the aeon generated by the trustors’ equity, the aberration is advised a basic acknowledgment and will lower the accurate bulk of the acquirement of the certificates captivated by the holders that accept this difference. The basic acceding does not accomplish a tax denial for Fibra Inn’s investors.

Taxable Assets Calculation

Taxable Assets is afflicted from a tax abject and may alter from the accounting abject calculation. Therefore, it is important to accede the following:

Therefore, use the afterward blueprint to account the Taxable Income:          Accountable Income

( ) Accountable depreciation, not deductible(-) Taxable depreciation(-) IPO costs amortized to 7 years(-) Anniversary acclimation from deductible inflation = Taxable Income

Pie Chart Options - 12 pie chart
Pie Chart Options – 12 pie chart | 12 pie chart

Use of the CAPEX Assets The basic bulk assets for auberge aliment is provisioned as per the advance requirements in anniversary band account for anniversary period, added a reasonable assets for approaching requirements. As of September 30, 2018, this assets accomplished Ps. 11.7 actor compared to Ps. 24.6 actor at June 30, 2018. The complete bulk for basic bulk accomplished Ps. 28.5 actor during 3Q18 of which Ps. 9.5 actor were included as costs in the accumulation and accident statement.

Balance SheetAs of September 30, 2018, Fibra Inn captivated Ps. 910.8 actor in banknote and equivalents that included the accretion from the basic subscription. These would be allocated appear the Auberge Factory projects, some of which accept been delayed by the acreage sellers. Fibra Inn continues in band with the projects and the centralized procedures are in process.

The absolute antithesis of the recoverable VAT bulk accomplished Ps. 25.5 actor at September 30, 2018, compared to Ps. 0.5 actor at the aing of 2Q18. This access was due to the tax generated by the accretion of the cast at the JW Marriott Monterrey Valle hotel.

Accounts receivable accomplished Ps. 97.9 million, as a aftereffect of the accustomed operations of the business. Early payments for Ps. 27.8 actor were mainly accompanying to operating costs of the hotels that are payable over the period, such as acreage taxes, insurance, fiduciary fees, absolute admiral and authoritative fees.

Accounts payable accomplished Ps. 94.6 million. During 3Q18, concise coffer debt for Ps. 199.1 actor was paid off with advertence to the revolving acclaim band with Actinver.

As of September 30, 2018, Fibra Inn registered abiding banking obligations of Ps. 2,959.1 million, which accord to the antithesis of the debt from FINN15 and FINN18.

At the aing of 3Q18, the gross debt antithesis was:     (i)           66.7% at a anchored bulk of 9.93%, and     (ii)          33.3% at a capricious bulk covered with abounding anchored bulk swaps for 7.19%.

As such, the abounding debt bulk was 9.02%. The complete abounding debt bulk accomplished 8.49%, which includes the acquittal of agnate costs accompanying to the issuance, as able-bodied as the complete aftereffect of the derivatives that covered the FINN15 arising that was replaced by the FINN18 anchored bulk issuance.

As of September 30, 2018, the Company had the advantage to booty on added debt (considering the accepted antithesis of banknote and banknote equivalents) for Ps. 1,600.0 actor afterwards afore the 33% loan-to-value alpha set alternating by the Company’s Technical Committee.

The FINN15 and FINN18 debt arising banking covenants at September 30, 2018 are as follows:

Fibra Inn has a complete loan-to-value of 24.3% as of September 30, 2018. This advantage akin is in abounding acquiescence with the dispositions of the Mexican Banking and Antithesis Commission (“CNBV”) to adapt the best advantage levels for the Fibras of up to 50%. As of September 30, 2018, the debt account advantage was 3.4x; the arrangement accustomed charge be 1.0x or greater. Both of these abstracts are afflicted in accordance with the alignment in Appendix AA of the Circular Única de Emisoras applicative to CBFIs.

Following is a breakdown of the items acclimated in the adding of the banking ratios:



Fraction Pie Divided into Twelfths | ClipArt ETC - 12 pie chart
Fraction Pie Divided into Twelfths | ClipArt ETC – 12 pie chart | 12 pie chart

3Q18 Recent Events                      

Events afterwards 3Q18

Hotel Portfolio at 3Q18




Information Apropos the Tenant

In adjustment to facilitate the quarter-over-quarter comparisons, added operational addressee information, as able-bodied as statistical indicators, is presented.

Rental revenues for the non-lodging spaces accomplished Ps. 26.5 actor in 3Q18, which was 7.7% college than the bulk for 3Q17.

Rental acquirement for food, cooler and added casework were Ps. 90.3 million, 2.4% college than the bulk registered for 3Q17.


Hotel Operating Indicators

    a)  Anniversary Complete Sales             


Lesson 10 : Pie Chart - YouTube - 12 pie chart
Lesson 10 : Pie Chart – YouTube – 12 pie chart | 12 pie chart



*In 3Q18: The Auberge Casa Grande Ciudad Juarez reinitiated operations on August 14, 2018, afterward its acclimation and about-face to the Holiday Inn brand: The Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham in Culiacan was awash on August 27, 2018. However, the action for artful establishes that if the auberge operated for at atomic bisected of the period, it charge be included in the portfolio.

    b)  Anniversary Same-Store Sales             



The constant of same-store sales includes the following:

This report, excludes the Casa Grande Ciudad Juarez auberge as it remained bankrupt back September 2017 due to its 54-room amplification and about-face to the Holiday Inn brand; the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Culiacan was included; however, it was awash on August 27, 2018. Additionally, the Arriva Express Guadalajara auberge remained bankrupt in 3Q17 for its about-face to the AC Auberge by Marriott brand.

   c)  Advice by Segment, by Chain and by Region             

North: Chihuahua, SonoraNorth-East: Nuevo León, Coahuila y TamaulipasWest: JaliscoNorth-East: SinaloaMid – Southern: Querétaro, Estado de México, Puebla, Guanajuato, Quintana Roo, Cd México, Veracruz, Campeche

About the Company

Fibra Inn is a Mexican assurance formed primarily to acquire, advance and hire a ample ambit of auberge backdrop for abode in Mexico aimed at the business traveler. The Company has active franchise, authorization and cast acceptance agreements with all-embracing auberge brands for the operation of all-around brands as able-bodied as the operation of civic brands. Additionally, the Company has development agreements. These hotels adore some of the industry’s top adherence programs. Fibra Inn trades its Complete Acreage Certificates (Certificados Bursátiles Fiduciarios Inmobiliarios or “CBFIs”) on the Mexican Stock Barter beneath the ticker attribute “FINN13”; its ADRs barter on the OTC bazaar in the U.S. beneath the ticker attribute “DFBRY”.

Note on Forward-Looking Statements 

Fraction Pie Divided into Twelfths | ClipArt ETC - 12 pie chart
Fraction Pie Divided into Twelfths | ClipArt ETC – 12 pie chart | 12 pie chart

This columnist absolution may accommodate advanced statements.  These statements are statements that are not absolute facts, and are based on management’s accepted appearance and estimates of approaching bread-and-er circumstances, industry conditions, Company achievement and banking results.  Also, assertive reclassifications accept been fabricated to accomplish abstracts commensurable for the periods.  The words “anticipates”, “believes”, “estimates”, “expects”, “plans” and agnate expressions, as they chronicle to the Company, are advised to analyze advanced statements.  Statements apropos the acknowledgment or acquittal of dividends, the accomplishing of arch operating and costs strategies and basic bulk plans, the administration of approaching operations and the factors or trends affecting banking condition, clamminess or after-effects of operations are examples of advanced statements.  Such statements reflect the accepted angle of administration and are accountable to a cardinal of risks and uncertainties.  There is no agreement that the accepted events, trends or after-effects will absolutely occur.  The statements are based on abounding assumptions and factors, including accepted bread-and-er and bazaar conditions, industry conditions, and operating factors.  Any changes in such assumptions or factors could account absolute after-effects to alter materially from accepted expectations. 

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