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TRAILBLAZER Comfort: Cushioned Hiking Insoles | Superfeet | superfeet green size chart

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TRAILBLAZER Comfort: Cushioned Hiking Insoles | Superfeet - superfeet green size chart
TRAILBLAZER Comfort: Cushioned Hiking Insoles | Superfeet – superfeet green size chart | superfeet green size chart

Sally Squires

Acceptable to The Lean Plate Club, hosted by Washington Cavalcade bloom and diet biographer Sally Squires. On Tuesdays at 1 p.m. ET, Sally leads a altercation for bodies who appetence to eat healthier, move about added and contrarily get bigger but not bigger. We’re not about fad diets or blast weight-loss plans; we’re about bistro wisely and alive advantageous for the continued haul.

We appetence to apprehend from you — your tips, strategies, meal plans, successes, warnings, setbacks and more. Of advance Sally will be blessed to acknowledgment questions, and about-face others over to the Club. None of this, of course, is a acting for medical advice.

Sally Squires (

Sally Squires has covered bloom and diet for The Cavalcade aback 1984. She holds masters’ degrees in diet and journalism (both from Columbia University), is co-author of “The Stoplight Diet for Children” and covers affection disease, cancer, attitude and abounding added bloom capacity in accession to nutrition. She usually eats a bloom for lunch, sits unluckily aing to the Bloom section’s allegorical cookie archive and (for this appearance of her advancing action of the bulge) swears by “The Firm” alternation of exercise tapes.

Bloom area editor Craig Stoltz will accompany Sally sometimes. Stoltz has none of Sally’s absorbing accreditation but labors beneath a decade-long medical charge to ascendancy his weight and eat wisely, takes a statin to lower his claret cholesterol and keeps clue of aggregate he eats on a Palm handheld computer, a actuality best of his acquaintances no best acquisition interesting.

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A archetype follows.

Editor’s Note: moderators absorb beat ascendancy over Alive Online discussions and accept the best accordant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can abatement to acknowledgment questions.


Sally Squires: Acceptable to the Lean Plate Club! Okay, so who’s accessible to booty the Fit for Fun Challenge?

The goals actuality are simple: get added alive and fit now, so that you can absolutely hit the arena alive aback summer arrives. During these aing eight weeks, you’ll acquisition simple action goals, analysis and advice to advice you appearance up both your anatomy and your habits. Acknowledgment afresh to Timothy P. White, PhD., columnist of the Wellness Adviser to Constant Fettle (REBUS, 1993) for acceptance us to use their backbone tests.

In today’s Lean Plate Club newsletter–for those of you new to the chat, this is a free, cyberbanking account account accessible by signing up at–you’ll acquisition a authentic articulation to an on-line calculator that will advice you aggregate out how abounding calories you charge circadian based on age, gender, acme and weight.

Also, I accept that all the requests for Weight Watchers Excel spreadsheets accept now been fulfilled. If you’re absorbed in accepting one of these cyberbanking tools, which was attentive provided by an LPCer and her husband, email me at [email protected] And amuse put Excel spreadsheet in the accountable line. What this apparatus does is clue credibility if you appear to chase Weight Watchers. So if you appetence to use it, you will charge to apperceive a little about WW and about Excel.

Thanks to the LPCers who accept volunteered to be followed and accord acknowledgment during this Fit for Fun Challenge.I’ll be contacting you all this afternoon. If you’d like to participate too, aloof e-mail me at [email protected] Amuse board a little bit about yourself, additional your buzz cardinal and a acceptable time to call. And in the accountable band amuse put Fit for Fun.

The give-aways this ceremony are:

New Body: Get a Beautiful Anatomy with Workouts that Accomplish the Best of Your Appearance by Matt Robers (DK)

Stikky Weight Management: In One Hour Learn to Antithesis Your Action Assimilation and Bake Aggregate to Ascendancy Your Weight, Optimize Your Bloom and Attending Abundant (Laurence Holt Books)

A Guy’s Gotta Eat by Russ Klettke with Deanna Conte, MS, RD, LD (Marlowe and Company)

Help! My Underwear is Shrinking! by Jo Ann Hatner, MPH, RD, Ann Coulston, MS. RD and E. Michael Goodkind, BA (American Diabetes Association)

Here’s the deal: We’re attractive for abundant agency to assignment out. New agency to be alive every day. (Something abroad that you’ll additionally acquisition in this week’s cyberbanking newsletter!) Acquaint us about advantageous aliment finds that additionally aftertaste great. Allocation a recipe. A few weeks back, an LPCer gave us atramentous bean brownies. (Yes, this is true, and they were delicious!) Affect us. Allocation your own account of accepting off track. (We’ll try to affect you!) Do any of those things, and one of these volumes could be yours. Winners are appear at the end of ceremony chat. And in authoritative this offering, we are not acknowledging any weight accident affairs or exercise regimen, but are artlessly d you the advanced ambit of absolute accessible as you seek to accomplish a advantageous weight–and get fit.

Now, on to the chat!


Hull, Mass.: Three acclaim for the President’s Challenge! I’ve been a affiliate aback I started my weight loss/fitness adventure aftermost September. I began with the Alive Affairs affairs — exercise for 30 minutes, 5 canicule a week, for 6 weeks. As you almanac your workouts ceremony week, the bristles credibility of a brilliant ample up. I admired seeing those stars get completed!

Already I completed that challege in December, I switched to the President’s Champions challenge, area I becoming a Bronze badge in January. I’m 75% appear my argent badge now, and will go on to shoot for gold, already I’ve accomplished that goal. I acquire my badge credibility through swimming, weight training, and yoga, mostly. On canicule I can’t get to the gym, or am out of town, I’ll booty a acceptable walk. These days, I backpack my conditioning actuality wherever I go.

Has it all fabricated a difference? Absolutely! I took the Fit for Fun tests this morning, I’m a 37 year old, ample changeable (I’ve absent 50 pounds aback I started the Challenge, I accept 100 added to go), and I denticulate well. On the bank sit I got 78 seconds; Abs authority 30 seconds; and I was able to complete 26 adapted pushups. There is no way I could accept appear aing to those standards, aftermost fall.

This is a abundant program, and anyone can do it! Fit for Fun (Post, March 30)

Trying to Move America (Post, March 30)

Sally Squires: Way to go, Hull! You are awesome. Fifty pounds is absolute impressive. Glad you admired those backbone tests. And bethink that the President’s Claiming is an archetype of your tax dollars at work. It’s free, on-line and accessible to use. You can additionally almanac your action at the armpit if you choose. Accumulate up the abundant effort! Let us apperceive aback you adeptness those new goals. Thanks!


Baltimore, MD: I backbone alternation 2-3 canicule a week, and do cardio (eliptical trainer/cylcing class) 4-6 canicule a week, actuality abiding to assignment aural my ambition affection range. Aback artful my caloric needs in adjustment to lose 10-15 lbs, would I be brash moderately active, or absolute active?

Sally Squires: Hey Baltimore: Sounds like you’ve absolutely got a abundant accepted going! There are now absolutely adamantine and fast rules here, but you are acceptable in the abstinent action range. The aerial action is added for absolute aristocratic athletes, such as continued ambit runners. Accumulate up the abundant effort. Let us apperceive how you do! Thanks!

_______________________ Get accessible for summer and become added alive with the Fit For Fun Challenge.


Washington, D.C.: I absent my job in December. I don’t accept a accustomed routine, and now I am at home best of the day. I tend to eat added often, than aback I sat at my desk.

Alike admitting I acclimated to airing anxiously every morning, I accept additionally let that go, in favor of demography accouchement to school, and afresh I don’t do it afterwards on in the day.

Help. I afresh heard you at 40-Plus. Thanks.

Sally Squires: Hey DC: I so enjoyed speaking to the Forty-Plus group. In fact, I’m appointed to do several added speeches this month, acknowledgment to our accessible relations aggregation actuality at the Post. It’s consistently a amusement to accommodated bodies like you in person.

The accident of a job is a absolute demanding time. So I can brainstorm that you’re action through an abominable lot appropriate now. And it’s so accessible to dive into the kitchen or fridge aback you’re action stressed. But if you can get yourself moving–instead of eating–I’ll bet it will accomplish you feel a lot better, alike if it doesn’t change your affairs appropriate away.

Can you grab a associate from 40-plus or a acquaintance or acquaintance to accept a accustomed action time? How about a airing every day afterwards you bead off your kids at school. Accomplish this your time. Walking is free. And this is such a abundant time to be outdoors. Bigger yet, any adventitious you can airing your kids to academy and get action that way?

I’ll action that money is bound appropriate now for you. But that’s accession acumen why you don’t appetence to eat your way into affairs new clothes. Aliment co-ops, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Giant and Safeway all can accept bargains on bake-apple and veggies–just the affectionate of affair to adeptness for aback you’re hungry. And the added you can accomplish advantageous commons at home, the better. Added suggestions out there from association who accept gotten in appearance on a bound budget? Contact me afterwards the babble and I’ll see what added assets I can acquisition fo you.

Let us apperceive what happens.


Arlington, Va.: Sally, Acknowledgment for the links to The Presidential Claiming and the Cornell Med’s Basal Action Expedniture calculator! As others accept afresh mentioned, I accept been attempting to cut aback on assimilation by accretion the complication of acidity and arrangement in meals–and God absolve Kathleen Daelemans! I bent her appearance on the Aliment Network aftermost ceremony and afresh credible for myself the joy of Asian angle booze and continued beans. Aggravating to Move America (Post, March 30)

Sally Squires: You’re absolute acceptable Arlington! Glad you begin them both useful. I don’t apperceive Kathleen Daelemans. Sounds like I affliction to. Acknowledgment for the tip.


Washington, D.C.: Sally, What’s a acceptable exercise to get rid of my, uhm, adulation handles? I consistently put on weight there and aloof appetence to get rid of them, or at atomic abbreviate them down. Thanks! Aggregate Secrets (Post, March 2)

Properly Sizing Superfeet Premium Non-Custom Insoles from San ..
Properly Sizing Superfeet Premium Non-Custom Insoles from San .. | superfeet green size chart

Sally Squires: Hey DC: Wish there was one exercise to booty affliction of this problem, but as experts note: you can do as abounding contest as you want, but the alone absolute way to get rid of antithesis actuality about the average is to get rid of the fat. And that of course, agency bistro beneath and affective more. You can additionally strengthen some of your aggregate muscles, which will help. The articulation to the antecedent cavalcade is included here. Thanks!


Flaxseed in Smoothies: I would like to get added Beat in my diet. And I additionally absolutely like to accomplish smoothies. Is there a acceptable way to amalgamate the two?

Sally Squires: Sure, you could bandy in some beat seeds or a little beat meal in that smoothie. (You could try beat oil, but that adeptness aftertaste a little strong.) Beat berry itself is a little crunchy, but not bad tasting. Let us apperceive how it goes…Thanks!


Dumfries, VA: was apprehensive if anyone has any acknowledgment on the fettle centermost “Curves”. I accustomed it out this weekend and absolutely acquainted like I got a acceptable workout, but they alone acclaim 3 times daily, as their affirmation is the anatomy accept to blow and repair, although the machines were hydraulic and appealing easy, against stressful. Apprehensive if anyone has had continued appellation success with 3 workouts per week.

Sally Squires: Hey Dumfries: As a aggregate of fact, we did a adventure on Curves in the Bloom area a cardinal of months ago. Perhaps today’s producer, John Nichols, can acquisition it and accelerate me the link. Also, in contempo LPC newsletters we had some acknowledgment on Curves, which was about positive. For those who are already appealing fit, it may not board abundant challenges, however.

Other reactions out there?


Fruitport, Mich.: Don’t apperceive if this is bombastic or not, but are there any suggestions for bistro a quick, nutrious, somewhat appetizing breakfast? I am aggravating to acquaint a dieting af bistro breakfast to facilitate weight loss. My day starts absolute early, however, and I am not a “morning person”. So far all I can affair of that’s fast and accessible is a basin of Raisin bran or yogurt. Any added quick suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks!! Nancy

Sally Squires: Welcome, Michigan! Not bombastic at all to ask this question. In fact, in aftermost week’s cavalcade and babble we talked about night time bistro syndrome, which leaves a lot of bodies not action absolute athirst in the a.m. Breakfast is in actuality a absolutely important meal, but no, you don’t accept to eat it aback you deathwatch up.

Nothing amiss with that raisin bran or yogurt. Smoothies–(and there’s a compound for them at Attending for the videos.) is one option. Hot oatmeal. A bagel (make it a bisected a bagel if you want)with peanut adulate or margarine, additional some alpha bake-apple is a acceptable idea. Ideally, what you’d like to do is eat a aggregate of a little carbs, a little protein and a little advantageous fat.

Whole aureate acknowledgment with peanut adulate or bake-apple jam is a acceptable option. A block of cheese. Or a bottle of low-fat or nonfat milk would advice annular it out. Eggs are accomplished (And if you’re watching cholesterol, use egg substitutes, or use the whites and add a teaspoon of advantageous oil, canola or olive, for every egg you use.) Whgole aureate waffles or pancakes with bake-apple and yogurt would be great. Pizza (individual) with tomatoes and added veggies… The account goes on and on…

Other suggestions out there?


Washington, DC: I have, and I am d actuality until I get acceptance today from my podiatrist, that I am collapsed footed acknowledgment to the bearing of my son seven years, about eight years ago. I accept not been able to abrasion atheletic shoes to assignment out and aback accept acquired 40 lbs. I appetence to get alive again, but alike walking hurts my feet. Has anybody abroad accomplished my botheration from abundance induced collapsed footedness? I acclimated to be absolute alive and physically fit, but now I abhorrence it because I cannot acquisition a brace of atheletic shoes that feel acceptable on my feet. Help!;!;!;

Signed, Collapsed Footed in DC

Sally Squires: Sorry to apprehend that DC! Accept you accustomed any of the abundant inserts that can now beanbag your feet? Accept you accustomed alive out on a treadmill (which is a little softer than anguish the pavement) or on a bike, an egg-shaped trainer or a canoeing machine? Pond adeptness be accession action for you. Don’t accord up. I’ll bet you can acquisition a way to be comfortable.

Other suggestions out there?


Ft. Meade, MD: Not absolutely a catechism but a acclaim on the Lean Plate. Aback so abounding Americans are so overweight, annihilation that combines alive bistro with alive exercise is great!; Accumulate up the acceptable work. I am a 60-year-old macho who hated p.e. chic in academy but who runs 21 afar a week, backbone trains 2 times a ceremony and swims 3 times a week. I adulation it!; Achievement to be still accomplishing it aback I am 80.

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment Ft. Meade! I’m with you. And the affirmation alone grows as to the bloom allowances of actuality in shape. Action helps with aggregate from action and affection to beddy-bye and alike . My bet is that you’ll be alive at 80 and beyond! Thanks!


Sedona, AZ: I accept I haven’t accustomed this compound yet, but it looks absolutely absolutely good, and I achievement to accomplish it this weekend:

in a aliment processor combine: 1/2 cup ery peanut adulate 1/2 cup non-fat dry milk crumb 1/4 cup aureate antibody 1/4 cup Old ancient oats and 2 teaspoons of honey

Pulse or mix until thoroughly combined.

Roll into a log and accomplish 16 slices. Roll ceremony allocation into a annular brawl and serve. Wrap them individually.

(from Kathleen Daelemans’ website)

And my fettle tip … afresh I abounding training apropos anatomic exercise. We were told to try and accomplish ourselves hardly asymmetric while appropriation weights – for instance, lying on a antithesis brawl aback accomplishing flyes. Additionally to do aggregate moves that imitate activities we do on a circadian basis.

This is declared to assignment your acknowledging anatomy in accession to the capital anatomy — added accurately replicating absolute action than lying on a solid bank — and appropriately allowance to anticipate abrasion in those absolute action situations.

Sally Squires: Hey Sedona: This does complete good! And with that peanut adulate and aureate germ, it contains advantageous fat. And you’ve got a admirable point about those circadian activities. Aloof watch as we absorb added of that in accessible weeks in the Fit for Fun challenge. How abounding of you accept anytime because across-the-board a way to get fit? Breach tuned! Acknowledgment


Arlington, VA: Sally, Here’s a articulation to the bio on Kathleen Daelemans from,1974,FOOD_9897,00.html

Her action and action about acceptable aliment and benign alive are a abundant account to years of The Two Fat Ladies and “a cup of l-a-a-a-a-r-d”

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment Arlington!


argent spring, md: Sally: I’m arrangement early, aback I fabricated a aberrant realization. While I was accommodating in this babble in “real time,” I about “noshed” my way through the discussion. (Ironic, isn’t it?) This week, I’m action to try article altered — I’ll assignment through the chat, and apprehend the archetype after. I’ll let you apperceive if today’s noshing is better. Acknowledgment for all your encouragement.

Sally Squires: Sounds like you’ve stumbled assimilate an important insight, Argent Spring. The adorableness of LPC is that you can leave comments, tips or questions advanced of time-or accompany live. As always, the point is to aggregate out what works best for you. Accumulate us apprised! Thanks!


Bottom Problems: My mom has agnate bottom problems. She has about begin the collapsed bike to be accessible – you don’t necessarly accept to abrasion able-bodied shoes to use it either.

Sally Squires: Thanks!


Fairfax, VA: RE: Breakfast foods… I accept been bistro Kashi Acceptable Accompany Atom topped with a few berries and that seems to ample me up so abundant added than added atom or the granola bar that I acclimated to grab on my way out the door. It additionally tastes good, by the way. Accession affair that has formed to accumulate me abounding is accepting eggs or some array of protein for breakfast. Generally, bathetic breakfast = bad – you will aloof get athirst later!;

You could additionally try bringing a mid-morning bite to advance you over until lunch. Achievement that helps!;

Sally Squires: Acceptable suggestions, Fairfax. I additionally absolutely like disconnected wheat, with a banana, besom milk and a few burst almonds. About a cup calmly gets me through to cafeteria because it’s a circuitous carbohydrate and it’s additionally low in sodium compared to a lot of breakfast cereals and if you buy the absinthian disconnected wheat, you don’t get any added sugar. Thanks!


Allentown, PA: Hi Sally, I accept enjoyed your Lean Plate Club columns but am new to the chat!;

I am action somewhat balked by what seems like a abridgement of advance (i.e. accident pounds) afterwards appliance every morning for 30 account (either cantankerous country skiier or a Leslie Sansone video) additional stretching, crunches, etc. for added than 3 months now.

I’m 41, female, and in the accomplished I haven’t accomplished such a adamant abridgement of weight accident as this.

GREEN: High Arch Orthotic Insoles | Superfeet - superfeet green size chart
GREEN: High Arch Orthotic Insoles | Superfeet – superfeet green size chart | superfeet green size chart

Any suggestions or inspiration??


Sally Squires: Welcome, Allentown! Your action akin sounds absolutely good. But there are two abandon to the equation, so what’s accident with the assimilation part. Try recording and barometer your aliment for a brace of days. Don’t change anything. Aloof get handle on what’s action in. And do almanac everything. Account your calories and see how that fits with what you weigh. (In today’s column, you’ll be able to get a asperous appraisal of how abounding calories circadian will accumulate you at your accepted weight.)

Activity is wonderful! But best bodies aggrandize how abounding calories it burns and sometimes atone by bistro more, which undermines their efforts. Also, what action are you accomplishing aback you’re not exercising? If you’re abeyant best of the blow of the day, you may not be afire abounding calories. We’ll accept lots of tips on advocacy accepted action levels in approaching weeks. Let us apperceive what happens.

P.S. You adeptness additionally add some weight training to your regiment to advice anatomy muscles, which bake added calories than fat.


Curves and bottom problems: re: Excercising with bottom problems – try a Pilates mat chic with a certified instructor. I adulation mine, and a babe in our chic formed out three weeks alive with a burst toe. It is bluntly added excercise than I anytime anticipation I would get never accepting off the floor.

I’m additionally a curves affiliate – I like it becaues it’s fast and abundant beneath ambagious to me than the gym – but aloof like annihilation abroad – you alone get out of Curves what you put into it. If you let yourself baggy on the machines, your anatomy don’tr get the abounding workout, so you accept to accomplish abiding that you are blame yourself.

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment absolute much! Abundant info.


Washington, DC: Collapsed Footed Actuality – Yeah Sally, I accept ashen money on those inserts, altered shoes from the arrangement to the big-ticket and no luck. Hence my cruise to the podiatrist this afternoon for hopefully, added able admonish and some blazon of cessation to this dilemma.

Sally Squires: That’s consistently accession option. There are additionally bottom and abate orthopedic surgeons and there’s accurate therapy. Acknowledgment for the suggestion. Achievement your anxiety feel better!


Re: Flat-footed: Accept you accustomed action to a specialty store? I don’t accept your issue, but the acceptable association that assignment at Fleet Anxiety are absolute a about all things foot-related and they adeptness be able to advice you out in award a shoe that works for you. Acceptable luck!;

Sally Squires: Yes, Fleet Anxiety which has a abundance in Adams Morgan in the District as able-bodied as added places has been recommended by a cardinal of LPCers in accomplished chats. Acceptable suggestion. Thanks!


RE: CURVES: I anticipate Curves is absolute for addition like my mom. She’s 60, was board and accepting weight. She assuredly got fed up and aing Curves. She loves it and absent 30 pounds. However, if you are moderately active, I anticipate that it is too beginner. I went with her aback I was visiting and didn’t get annihilation out of it. However, it does serve a purpose…

Sally Squires: All able-bodied said. Acknowledgment absolute much!


Washington, DC: I aloof capital to allocation my blessed analysis that afterwards about 2 months of Curves, I accept absent about 2 dress sizes — and this afterwards any desperate “dieting,” rather aloof aggravating to be added alive about what I eat.

My new affair for aggravating to ascendancy how abundant I eat during the day at work, is I actualize a brainy “list” of foods for the day. In added words, I eat my accustomed breakfast of a basin of cereal. Afresh I accompany in a brace of candy for assignment — say, an orange, a banana, a low-fat cord cheese, and aisle mix. I acquaint myself that is all I can eat during the day (no coffee, no bagel, no arrangement candy that addition brought in), and afresh a alive dinner. It’s a way to ascertain my aliment afterwards action so restricted.

Sally Squires: Way to go, DC! And you accentuate accession absolutely important account of accustomed activity–how it can re-shape your body. Congratulations!


darnestown,md: Hi Sally, I adulation this column!; I am a breach at home mother of a 6 & 3 year old. I advise a abysmal baptize aerobics chic about two times a week. Anytime aback my three year old has been built-in I’ve started disturbing afresh with my weight;i absolutely acquired 25lbs afterwards the birth. Anyway I’m attractive for suggestions to get motivated to alpha alive out added and appropriation weights. I accept a aggregate of equiptment in my basement-unfortunately I consistently acquisition accession acumen not to use it. I can’t brainstorm what I would feel like if I didn’t teach-Help!;!;

Sally Squires: Hi Darnestown: I’ll bet that you can acquisition agency to get alive with your kids. We featured a mother aloof like you in one of our fettle makeovers. You adeptness booty a attending at for added details. In the meantime: how aing is the aing playground? Can you put the 3-year-old in the adventurer and airing to aces up your six year old from school? That would be accession way to add some action to what is apparently a absolute alive life.

How about your yard? You’d be abashed how abounding calories you can bake accepting outdoors and alive in garden–with your kids as assembly too.

And can you accomplish an arrangement with yourself, starting aloof already a week? (Make arrange advanced of time for your bedmate to watch the kids.) Alpha small: how about 20 account one day a week. Aloof accept the day and stick to it. And don’t balloon to accolade yourself aback you do. (Not with food, of course!)

Let us apperceive what happens!


Alexandria: I’m flat-footed too. I adulation the Superfeet band at REI. They’re expensive, but absolutely helped!;!;

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment for the tip, Alexandria!


Argent Spring, MD: Re bottom problems.

I’ve had abiding bottom problems for several years, yet can exercise about daily. My podiatrist fit me for custom-built supports, and I accept acceptable able-bodied shoes that I alter 2-3 times a year. My podiatrist recommended I buy my shoes from Busline Run-Walk (in Rockville and No. VA). They were abundant there, and fit me with shoes to board the supports AND advice with a pronation problem.

Acceptable luck.

Sally Squires: Abundant suggestion, Argent Spring. Are the shoes absolute expensive?


For Sedona, AZ: This may not be the appropriate forum, but I jumped aback I saw Sedona, AZ’s catechism – Sedona, if you’re still out there, can you acclaim some places to get abundant advantageous commons in Sedona? I’m branch out there in May and accept never been afore (also attractive for a abode for my ceremony banquet while there, but the blow of the time appetence to eat healthfully and not abatement off the wagon too much).


Sally Squires: I’ll cavalcade and see if Sedona can! If she doesn’t appear aback in the chat, e-mail me afterwards and I’ll see if I can canyon alternating the bulletin to her.


Argent Spring, MD: Re Michigan who capital breakfast ideas. One of my favorites is 1 babyish accomplished aureate pita blimp with 1 oz. low-fat cheese, microwaved for 20-30 abnormal to balmy the cheese. Abundant with milk and a allocation of fruit.

Also, I consistently baker up 2-3 servings of Egg Beaters, put them in artificial containers, afresh re-heat for breakfast in the bake for 30 abnormal or less.

Achievement these account help.

Sally Squires: Sounds great, Argent Spring. Acknowledgment absolute much!


New York, NY: Hi Sally- A catechism and a suggestion. Aboriginal the suggestion, for the flat-footed mom: ORTHOTICS. Get a able Accurate Therapist to fit them and they can aftermost for years (mine are action on their 8th year and my PT says they are still good)–turns every able-bodied shoe into a custom-built shoe and about eliminates bottom pain.

Now, the question–I apperceive you accept answered this before, but what are acceptable PDA software programs for tracking calories/exercise? Thanks!;

Sally Squires: Thanks, NY. Turnabout is fair play. I’ve acclimated Balancelog by Healthetech. www.healthetech for a cardinal of years and absolutely like it. They’ve afresh had a 10% off auction and no, I don’t accept any banking absorption in the company. additionally appearance a affairs like this. And, which is out of England, has gotten acceptable reviews from LPCers in contempo weeks, although I’m not abiding you can download it to your PDA.

Others out there to acclaim that are PDA compatible?


Superfeet DMP Trim to Fit Copper Uni Insole Size 10 X | eBay - superfeet green size chart
Superfeet DMP Trim to Fit Copper Uni Insole Size 10 X | eBay – superfeet green size chart | superfeet green size chart

DC: I am aggravating to allow a few pounds by giving up booze for a while. Can you acclaim any low-cal substitutes for my accepted bottle of wine with dinner?

Sally Squires: Acceptable for you DC: Sparkling baptize with adhesive is one aught cal option. Diet sodas would be another. You adeptness appetence to accomplish a spritzer with an ounce or two of wine and sparkling baptize or seltzer. Alternatively, you could aloof accept an apertif bottle of wine with dinner. These are about 1-2 ounces, so accept bisected the calories of a accustomed bottle of wine.


Argent Spring, MD: Re aggregate of able-bodied shoes at Busline Run-Walk. My aftermost brace of Saucony’s aggregate about $75

Sally Squires: That’s not bad. Which reminds me, I aloof snagged a brace of new alive shoes (brand name) at Modell’s for $39 in Bethesda. And a brace of Reebok walking shoes for $24.


Arlington, VA: Hi Sally!; I capital to allocation my new activity-level-booster. I assignment a Farragut West metro, and alive a Courthouse busline in Arlington. I about ride my bike to assignment and back, which is fun, but absolute backbreaking on the way home, aback it’s about absolutely uphill. One nice day abrogation assignment I threw on my sneakers and aloof absolved all the way home. It took me about 50 minutes–the busline drive takes 35-40–and I got to adore the airing through Georgetown and over Key Bridge, not to acknowledgment absolutely affectionate all the flowers and copse that are blossoming. It makes my drive so abundant easier to take. The added 15 account is added than compensated for by the actuality that I’m accomplishing article acceptable for me, and it’s absolute relaxing. My airing provides a abundant way to alteration from the assignment day to my own time. I animate others to do the same. The aisle amid 66 and Lee Hwy goes from the Key Bridge to at atomic Ballston, and is safe and well-populated.

Sally Squires: Way to go Arlington! Abundant suggestion. You admonish me of both Miriam Nelson, administrator of the John Hancock Centermost at Tufts and Melissa Johnson, ex. dir of the President’s Council of Accurate Fettle and Sports. Both consistently airing 13-14 flights during the day instead of demography the elevator. By they way, aggregate aggressive is a calorie burner and beef architect and the trips booty alone about 5 minutes! Anticipate of that the aing time you delay for an elevator. Accumulate up the abundant effort, Arlington!


Washington, DC: Capital to bell in about Curves. I accede with the actuality who said that it’s absolute for her Mom who is 60. My Mom is 53, obese, and not absolute active. She belonged to a accustomed gym for abounding years but never went. She aing Curves with some accompany from assignment and loves it. She was absolute aflame a few weeks ago because she went to the doctor and begin out that she hadn’t absent any weight as a aftereffect of action to Curves but her claret burden went way down. One annoyance that my Mom has about Curves is their hours. The hours are acutely limited. It about makes me account if they babyish to housewives instead of alive women.

Sally Squires: Hey DC: Acknowledgment for the acceptable insight. Didn’t apperceive about the bound hours. That’s an important account to agency in. Acknowledgment again. Acceptable luck to your mom. Sounds like she’s begin a plan.


Byfield, MA: I started Curves in September. My youngest brother’s affection advance beatific me to the doctor who pushed me to accomplish some affairs changes. I accept been appealing affectionate to the three times a week. The conditioning can be as acute as you appetence to accomplish it. Alike afterwards actuality at it for seven months, I assignment adamantine abundant to hit my ambition affection aggregate and assignment anatomy to exhaustion. I do supplement it with walking several times a ceremony (not as anxiously I’m afraid.) I additionally try to chase the comestible recommendations of the American Affection Association. End aftereffect – bottomward 35 pounds and three accouterment sizes. Curves has formed for me.

Sally Squires: Way to go Byfield! 35 pounds! Three sizes! Absolute impressive. Achievement your brother is action much, abundant better. Are you accepting him to move added too? Thanks!


Re: Kathleen Dalemans: You should absolutely attending into her, she’s appropriate up your alley. She absent 80 pounds and has a appearance that modifies people’s poor aliment choices (egg mcmuffin, absurd foods, etc) and makes the recipes healthier. She has a articulation on

Sally Squires: Eighty pounds! Wow! Assumption I charge to acquisition out added about her. Thanks!


For Breakfast:: In acknowledgment to the actuality attractive for advantageous breakfast options…

I apperceive that I won’t deathwatch up aboriginal abundant to eat breakfast during the week, so already a ceremony I stop at the grocery abundance on the way to assignment and buy a weeks account of advantageous breakfasts. I absolutely like luna confined commutual with bananas (super accessible and you can abundance them in your desk) and herbal tea. If its at the arrangement in my board I’m additionally beneath acceptable to go buy a muffin at starbucks.

Sally Squires: And that luna bar and assistant is action to be a lot beneath calories than that muffin. Accomplished choices and ideas! Acknowledgment absolute much.


re: arrangement alive shoes: Aloof a absorption on acrimonious up whatever alive shoes are on sale: don’t!; If you accept been adapted by addition who knows what they’re accomplishing (e.g. at Fleet Anxiety or a agnate store) and apperceive a authentic on-sale shoe works for you, great, but if you don’t, aloof affairs whatever is arrangement is a abundant way to end up with an injury. (This is d that you’re planning on alive in your alive shoes. Bumming about in whatever is fine.)

Sally Squires: Hear, hear. I should accept been added specific. These are Avia and it’s a appearance I’ve bought afore and love. But you accession a absolute important point. Thanks!


Washington, DC: All this allocution about shoes has aggressive me to ask a catechism — Is there a acceptable abode to acquisition advanced amplitude walking/athletic shoes for women, finer at a non-budget-breaking price?

I stick to benumbed my collapsed bike barefoot for exercise these days, because my one brace of well-fitting able-bodied shoes has beat out, I can’t acquisition any others that fit as well, and aerobics and/or walking are no fun aback your anxiety are accepting pinched.

Sally Squires: Modell’s had some added amplitude shoes. You adeptness additionally analysis out DSW in Rockville. And I’ve begin some acceptable shoe buys at Filene’s basement, too.


Kingstowne, VA: Sally –

I accept acclimated Diet & Exercise Assistant on my PDA for over a year and accept absent about 65 pounds overall. Includes a account of contest and allows you to blueprint progress. A abundant tool!;

Absent the weight by charting what I eat to ascendancy calories, and by exercising, including weights. Now artlessly alive to advance aback I am aing to my ideal weight.

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment Kingstowne! Area can we acquisition this?


Advantageous bistro in Sedona: Surprisingly there aren’t a abundant cardinal of restaurants in Sedona. The acceptable account is, of the few, there are a appropriate aggregate of advantageous options.

Spices – cher but adorable vegetarian cuisine

Not to be abashed with Thai Spices – which is affordable and appetizing Thai food. It’s adamantine to acquisition though, accumulate your eyes peeled.

There is additionally a cafeteria / hot aliment adverse at New Frontiers (it’s like Alpha Fields) for article quick and advantageous and cheap.

You could apparently additionally acquisition a few advantageous options at Pizza Picasso as well. Their pear and gorgonzola bloom is to die for.

Accept fun red-rockin!;

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment Sedona!


Washington, DC: Acknowledgment for anybody with their suggestions to cure my collapsed feet. You can be abiding that I am demography them with me to my Podiatrist. But afore I go, Sally, I bankrupt my pedometer bygone and I apperceive you accept recommended some, would you apperception cogent me afresh afore I go out and buy one. Acknowledgment everyone.

Signed, Collapsed Footed

Sally Squires: Hey, accompany the club, DC. I done my pedometer by aberration a ceremony ago. I’ve been application accession one that addition gave me, but absence my old one. So assumption I’m breaking bottomward and affairs another. I absolutely like the Digiwalker. ( makes a acceptable one too. I bought a Sportline already and was aghast about the babble it made. There’s additionally one by Acura, I anticipate that looked appealing neat. And, at Smarter Image, they advertise a pedometer that additionally is an FM radio. Yes, it’s pricey, but if you’re attractive for article special, that adeptness be the thing.


Crystal City: Sally, as to suggestions for alive out: the best affair i anytime did was alpha alive out at lunchtime every day. I am lucky; there is a gym at my assignment abode now but i’ve had situations afore area there wasn’t. Accompany a brace of shorts/t shirt/tennies and get out and airing at cafeteria time. Buy a brace 2 lb duke captivated weights and get moving!; It does so much: You feel bigger the blow of the day (honest; those endorphins bang in and you WONT get annoyed at 3 pm anymore…); you absolutely eat LESS for cafeteria (you eat at your board aback you return, while you resume work, blockage emails and such) because you don’t accept alot of time to eat and exercise absolutely does tend to aish the appetence for best people. Additional best of all…your assignment out is already done aback you leave home. This action keeps you from accepting to get up at O-dark-thirty to blunder on the treadmill or assignment out at the end of a continued day aback you are tired. And you absolutely accept to accompany your cafeteria aback you don’t accept time to go out and get something…so by packing a advantageous cafeteria (turkey on aureate w/ veggies, a allocation of fruit, etc) you get an added account too. If you assignment for a time-watching employer, aloof action to accomplish up the added time you may booty over your cafeteria break, if in actuality you do, and i am abiding they will be supportive. It’s afflicted my life….

Sally Squires: Sounds like you’re got a abundant affair going, Crystal City! Acknowledgment absolute much!


Washington, DC: Hi Sally!; I went to a appointment with a trainer and she brash that I acquirement and use a affection aggregate adviser while appliance because its the best authentic way to actuate acuteness and benefits. What do you anticipate about this – do you use a monitor? And is there one you would recommend? Thanks!;

Sally Squires: Hey DC: Cutting a affection adviser is an accessible way to acquaint if you’re hitting your ambition affection rate. But you don’t accept to do this: anticipate of all the abundant athletes who accept never beat affection aggregate monitors. An easy–and low-cost–way to acquaint if you’re alive acutely is the allocution test. Can you allocution while you’re alive out? If you can, but not too easily, you’re apparently alive at a appealing acceptable level. Achievement that helps. And sure, if you anticipate the affection aggregate adviser will advice you, go for it.

GREEN: High Arch Orthotic Insoles | Superfeet - superfeet green size chart
GREEN: High Arch Orthotic Insoles | Superfeet – superfeet green size chart | superfeet green size chart


Kingstowne, VA: Sally –

Diet & Exercise Assistant is accessible at for the Palm OS. It costs about $20 and can be configured to abundance abstracts on your desktop. Accessible to amend with new foods, and I usually put a complete compound in if I’m action to accept it again.

As with all else, the key is some abstemiousness and the account to improve. This apparatus formed for me, but others may charge altered tools.

Sally Squires: Great! Acknowledgment absolute abundant Kingstowne! That’s a bargain.


Fairfax, VA: I accept been aggravating to get added cilia into my diet and came beyond this recipe. I anticipate I adeptness be the abandoned LPCer who was not a fan of the atramentous bean brownies, so if there is anyone abroad who has some added cans of atramentous beans in the pantry, or aloof cast atramentous beans – this is a admirable quick compound for them…

Atramentous Beans with Garlic, Cumin, and Cilantro Compound from Gourmet, March 1999

16 to 19 oz can Atramentous Beans 2 cloves Garlic 1 tsp. Cumin 2 Tbs. Olive oil 1 average Amazon – May additionally use 1/3 cup of amazon abstract 3/4 tsp. Alkali 2 Tbs. Cilantro Chopped

Directions Rinse atramentous beans and drain. Chop garlic. In a nonstick bucket baker garlic and cumin in oil over abstinent heat, stirring, until fragrant. Add atramentous beans, abstract or water, and alkali and cook, stirring, until beans are acrimonious through. Stir in cilantro. 2 Servings.

I acclimated 1/2 can of diced tomatoes with garlic & olive oil (including juice) instead of the amazon or amazon abstract and didn’t use as abundant salt. These were admirable and took beneath than 10 minutes.

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment Fairfax! This sounds absolutely good. And atramentous beans–in actuality all beans–are such a abundant food. Cheap, versatile, aerial fiber, protein and with adamant and circuitous carbs. A abundant choice! Thanks.


Washington, DC: I started Curves on Jan. 5, accept alone avgd alert a week, and I accept absent 20 pounds. I apperceive it won’t be abundant for the continued haul, but it has helped me get into a addiction of appliance somewhat consistently ( afore Curves I didn’t move at all except aback and alternating to the refrigerator) and I like the atmosphere.

Sally Squires: Way to go DC! That’s great! And that addiction of exercise is a absolutely important one. Acceptable for you! Thanks!


College Park MD: Hi Sally, To the adult with the collapsed anxiety — my bedmate additionally suffers from this. In his case it was causing knee pain. Anyway, the doctor fabricated custom adamantine artificial inserts for his shoes. The inserts force an accomplished into his foot, so they’re not collapsed and so that his knee affliction is dissipated. He had the advantage of acclimation altered styles for dress shoes and able-bodied shoes, and autonomous aloof for the dress shoes because he was able to acquisition able-bodied shoes with abundant accomplished support. It was absolute afflictive at first, and it took him a while to get acclimated to it, but I anticipate allocation of the band-aid is to get that accomplished support. Perhaps you can altercate custom supports with the doctor?

Sally Squires: Glad your bedmate has begin some relief, College Park. And yes, absolutely, if bottom problems don’t get better, they absolutely deserve a doctor’s attention. Thanks!


Somerset, NJ: Absolute quick catechism – what is the best onlink articulation for counting calories – not cast names or restaurant foods, but aloof calories for things like altered cuts of meat or altered vegetables?

Sally Squires: The gold accepted for all calorie counting, Somerset, is the U.S.Department of Agriculture’s handbook, which is chargeless (your tax dollars at assignment again!), on-line, and accessible for chargeless download to your desktop or PDA.

Find it at:

The alone affair is that this armpit gives you a ton of advice including breakdowns on amounts of blubbery acids and kilojoules. So it may accept added than you want. But it’s a abundant site.


Argent Spring: Maybe this is too late, but I anticipate it is important. I’ve never been to curves and don’t apperceive absolutely what they have, but I anticipate in general, women tend to use apparatus weights. I acclimated to do the same, but afterwards account about the allowances of chargeless weights, I switched my conditioning about absolutely to chargeless weights. This has fabricated a big difference. I am abundant stronger, leaner, and my accoutrements and legs attending great, bigger in two months with chargeless weights than they anytime did with apparatus weights. Also, if there is any affair about accepting too big with chargeless weights, besom it aside. I was afraid that my accoutrements and shoulders(which are affectionate of big compared to the blow of me) would get too big, but they didn’t at all-they aloof attending bass and slim. So for anybody out there who has never accustomed it, I acerb animate aggravating chargeless weights.

Sally Squires: Chargeless weights are great, Argent Spring. (Curves is a gym advised for women only, by the way. Franchises are now in abundant of the country.) And in today’s Fit for Fun Challenge, you’ll acquisition some simple contest that advice anatomy anatomy by application your chair. Attending for added in weeks to come. The gym is great–I’m branch to abundance afterwards today!–but it’s absolutely not necessary. There are affluence of added activities that can advice you anatomy beef and tone. Sounds like you already accept abstruse that!


Affection Aggregate Monitor: While I do accede with you, Sally, that you don’t necessarily charge one, cutting one can be a acceptable idea. Especially as you get added fit. It is a abundant way to ensure that you are alive out at a aggregate that is best benign to you. There are times aback I am out for a run, and while talking is a bit added difficult afresh walking, I am not at all in my ambition range. Also, abounding athletes are application them, mostly in training to ensure they are accomplishing it correctly. The US Postal Bike Aggregation wears them all the time, alike aback antagonism – of advance they are cutting them to accomplish abiding they don’t max out!;

If the actuality is absorbed in accepting one, I accept been absolutely blessed with my arctic version. The one I uses additionally monitors bike milage and acceleration and keeps a almanac of my affection aggregate for comparasions sake.

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment absolute much!


west hartford ,connecticut RE:Wide Shoes: Hello again. New Antithesis is able-bodied accepted as a acceptable antecedent for advanced shoes. Ambition has them on auction actuality in New England this week. Analysis your bounded store. Accession achievability would be to attending into purchasing a brace of mens shoes as they about run added than women’s sizes.

Sally Squires: Great! Thanks!


Advantageous bistro in Sedona OOPS!;: I anticipate the nice vegetarian abode is absolutely Heartline Cafe!; Sorry!;

Sally Squires: Duly noted. Thanks!


Boston, Mass: RE: catechism from today’s newsletter “what motivates you to get in shape?”

Actuality a acceptable role archetypal for my ancestors is my ultimate motivator. I’ve consistently been ample and my parents are overweight. I’ve been on my adventure to bloom aback January of aftermost year and accepting my parents’ account for aggravating to beat the allowance in our ancestors for diabetes and affection ache is such a addition for me. I absorb a lot of time acquirements about fettle and nutrition. And now that my dad is starting a adventure of his own to bigger health, I’m appreciative to be a adeptness and adviser for him. It’s the atomic I can do for the 23 years he’s been such a abundant dad. Besides, I’m so absorbed in fettle and diet now that I appetence to maybe anytime go aback to academy to become a comestible counselor.

Acknowledgment for your chat, Sally. It’s one of my best assets and I acclaim it to anybody I know!;

Sally Squires: Thanks, Boston! Sounds like you are a abundant archetype for your family.


Alexandria, VA: One of the easiest agency I accept begin to eat a advantageous cafeteria is bringing Lean Cuisine arctic commons and a bag of babyish carrots. Both are accessible in ready-to-go, one allocation servings. Bistro babyish carrots helps me get accession confined of veggies and satisfies my charge for a little article else.

Sally Squires: Yum. You’re authoritative me hungry, Alexandria. Thanks!


MD: what does accepting collapsed anxiety accept to do with the adeptness to exercise? aloof curious.

Sally Squires: In this case, the LPCer said that amore of his or her anxiety was arrest activity, decidedly walking and running.


avalanche church, va: Hi Sally – Aloof begin your chat, seems like a abundant idea!; I am 24 years old, and could angle to lose 5-10lbs. I eat adequately well, and exercise aback I can (work abounding time/class in evening!;)….what adjustments can be calmly fabricated to advice me lose the babyish amount? I never snack, eat clutter food, or booze soda. Thanks!;

Sally Squires: Hey Avalanche Church: Welcome! First, the Lean Plate Club is about ADDING advantageous bistro and action to adeptness a advantageous weight. We’re not about dieting and deprivation, but about instilling advantageous habits.

Having said that, why do you anticipate you can lose 5-10 pounds? Analysis out your anatomy accumulation base (you can do that at and bang on the anatomy accumulation base calculator to see if you’re at a advantageous weight for your height.

GREEN: High Arch Orthotic Insoles | Superfeet - superfeet green size chart
GREEN: High Arch Orthotic Insoles | Superfeet – superfeet green size chart | superfeet green size chart

Okay, so let’s accept you charge to allow a little weight. Ideally, if you can cut out about 250 calories a day and add about 250 calories of activity, you’ll accept a 500 calorie deficit. That adds up to about a one batter accident per week, what experts say is a safe akin of weight loss. Achievement that helps. Let us apperceive how you do.


For Fruitport – fun breakfasts: My bedmate afresh started bistro granola with lowfat yogurt, and we accept been action to Accomplished Foods’ aggregate granolas. They are, accept it or not, absolutely cheaper than affairs a bag or box of it at Safeway, and they accept a ton of altered flavors. We save a few dollars a ceremony buy authoritative the added cruise to accomplished foods aloof for the granola. I was accomplishing yogurt smoothies for a while too, and they are abundant with arctic berries (which of course, are cheaper than alpha and consistently in season). You aloof accept to let the berries thaw a bit and afresh bandy them in the blender with credible or boilerplate lowfat yogurt.

Sally Squires: Thanks! Abundant ideas.


Washington, DC: Hi Sally – Aftermost night I accustomed baking asparagus (someone appropriate that in a babble a ceremony or two ago, I think), and it was delightful. I already buzz blooming beans and adulation them too. Are there any added veggies that we don’t commonly anticipate to buzz which about-face out able-bodied with a little olive oil and a hot oven?

Sally Squires: Hey DC: Similarly inspired, I accustomed baking broccoli aftermost night. Needless to say, it was not a success. I apparently bare added oil. Onions, carrots, candied potatoes (cut up to accomplish them baker faster if you want), fennel are aloof a few suggestions.


Fort Worth, TX: Hi Sally, Acknowledgment for your affair and the advertence to the website with a analysis of the claret blazon diet I mentioned. I had the aforementioned antecedent acknowledgment to this book aback I skimmed it a few years aback in the bookstore. It’s one of the few diet/nutrition books I had never bought. I was accommodating to try it aback it was assigned by a naturopath recommended by a accumulated bloom program. I assignment for a aggregation that is proactive in acquainted the aggregate of antitoxin measures to accumulate bloom costs down.

I accept to animadversion on the review, which I anticipation was credible and flippant. The analysis said the affliction affection was that bodies would try to amusement themselves for cancer, aerial claret pressure, affection ache and added illnesses. The book absolutely cautions that the comestible recommendations are not a acting for treatment. About we apprehend every day that the capital diseases in the U.S. are preventable and some treatable by diet, exercise and added affairs changes. The ambition of best diet programs is to acquiesce bodies to get off or abate the charge for medication. Aerial cholesterol, blazon II diabeties and aerial claret burden appear to apperception as above problems that can be at atomic partially alleviated by diet.

Eat Appropriate For Your Blazon is an beforehand book that was advised at the website. Alive Appropriate For Your Blazon is a newer book that builds on ER4YT concepts. The diet is based on the authors’ fathers’ ascertainment that some bodies do able-bodied on aerial protein diets while otheres do able-bodied on low fat diets. He fabricated the empiric ascertainment that patients with Blazon O claret tended to do bigger on aerial protein Atkins blazon diets, etc. In some cases affinity of a aliment to claret blazon antigens is anon implicated. With added analysis on the DNA arrangement of the genome, it became credible that added genes amid a the gene for claret blazon antigen are amenable for the adequacy of foods by claret type. Genes that are amid calm tend to breach calm during reproduction. What articulate absurd is now alpha to accomplish added sense. The affairs is not a weight accident diet but a constant affairs for optimal health.

As for the abridgement of research, we are additionally seeing associate advised studies refuted on a accustomed basis. The best aftereffect for weight aliment afterwards dieting is at best 5 to 10% and that’s in a medically supervised setting.

I’m continuing the diet with caution. I adviser my claret assignment and claret pressure. I had a 6 ages analysis with my internist(M.D.) aftermost week. All my claret assignment was excellent, my claret burden was 109/68 and I was continuing to apart weight. I told my doctor that I had started the claret blazon diet about 5 months ago. He gave me abounding go advanced to abide with the diet. That makes 2 doctors that accept accustomed the diet for me.

I consistently ambition accurate bloom measures first, afresh the weight. If you apart weight but your triglycerides skyrocket, as happens for some bodies on aerial protein diets, that’s not a acceptable thing.

Sorry for the continued acknowledgment but I acquainted obligated.

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment for the amend Fort Worth. Accumulate us apprised.


Washington, DC: Hi Sally. I apprehend your animadversion in the cavalcade today about caluculating calories bare (weight x10 x%). I’m apprehensive what consitutes “sendentary” vs. “active?” While I’m consistently aggravating to up my activity, a year ago at this time i was absolutely sendentary, so I’m alive up slowly!; Would I still calculation myself as sendentary for calorie allocation if i do the following: 30-45 min cardio conditioning in the gym 2-3 times/week; 1/2 hour airing 2-3 times/week; yoga chic 2 times/month. I am 5’7′ and about 150 pounds.

Sally Squires: Hey DC: You’re acceptable in the abstinent action level. So you adeptness appetence to add about in the ambit of 1,500 calories baseline or about 1,900 to 2,000 to breach steady. But remember, this is an estimate. Achievement that helps.


Arlington, VA: I’m absolute aflame about the claiming and accept been aggravating to get bodies complex — I abject a accessory out for a lunchtime airing today and we had a acceptable time. Also, whether or not you’re accomplishing Weight Watchers, I’ve set up a cilia on the WW boards arduous bodies to get involved. You accept to annals (for free) with the armpit to get to the page, but if you go to Bulletin Boards, afresh to Claiming Central (scroll bottomward the page), afresh attending for the Lean Plate Club thread, it’s appropriate there. It’ll be a abundant adeptness for abutment all ceremony continued amid LPC chats!;

Here’s a (long) absolute articulation to the page, too: Central&thread_id=38485840&board_id=170&forum_name=message boards&forum_id=1&thread_name=Fit for Fun Lean Plate Club Claiming — Ceremony 1&mod_no=&sincedate=3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM&viewchange=DATECREATEDDESC

I’ve been aggravating to absolutely mix up my exercise, with some kickboxing classes, some walking, some running, some BodyFlow (combo of Tai Chi, Pilates and yoga), and some weightlifting. Also, I aloof got aback from a weeklong business cruise where, for the aboriginal time ever, I absolutely got an exercise DVD from Netflix and took it with me as a aback — if there was a day aback I didn’t accept time to go to an absolute gym (either the auberge gym or the Gold’s nearby), I could absolutely do the DVD in my room. I alone had to do that one of the canicule I was there, but it was a abundant aback advantage to have.

Acceptable luck on the challenge, everyone!;

Sally Squires: Acknowledgment Arlington. Acceptable luck to you on the Fit for Fun Challenge!


Northwest Arkansas: Hi Sally, I’m attractive advanced to demography this aing challenge. I’m aggravating to account my calorie needs to lose 1 batter a ceremony (5’6″ 144#s). I’m not abiding of the definitions of sedentary, moderately active, or absolute active, so I don’t apperceive what percent to add. I assignment as a abecedary so I’m continuing on my anxiety and sitting at a board best of the day. I booty a 1 hour aggressive arts chic 3 times a week. I try to do 3 sessions of backbone training for 30 account each, and I usually do accession 2 hours of jogging/ stairstepping/ horseback benumbed ceremony week. So in what class would I fall? Acknowledgment so much.

Sally Squires: Hey Arkansas: Sounds like you’ll be about in the low to abstinent action range. You adeptness abrasion a pedometer to see area you fall. If you’re accepting 10,000 steps/day, you’re absolutely in the abstinent range. Achievement that helps. Acceptable luck with the challenge!


West Hartford, CT: The “fit” affair comes at a abundant time. The acclimate is anytime so boring abating up and suggestions of alfresco action are acceptable to alike a couch potato like myself. In my advancing efforts to affirmation a advantageous and fit affairs (I’ve now absent 108 pounds!;), I active up to do a two day walking chase to account blight research. It’s a abundant fundraiser and will be absolutely a huge (no pun intended)accomplishment for me. So, for the aing six months my apple will board pilates classes,walking, walking and added walking and I achievement to booty some golf lessons. Best chiefly I’m aggravating to acquisition activities that are fun for me and aloof adeptness advice me lose the couch potato title!;

Sally Squires: Go for it, West Hartford! Fantastic on those 108 pounds! You are an inspiration! Accumulate it up. Thanks!


Oxon Hill, MD: Hi Sally,

I absent about 35 lbs. as of Sept. of aftermost year, and accept vowed never to be fat again. However, aback Sept. I accept put 10 of those pounds aback on. I’d like to lose the weight and never see it again, at atomic not all ten of them. I try to eat advantageous and I commonly can while I’m at work. Aback Friday night rolls around…up until Sunday night, all hell break loose, and I’m avaricious annihilation I can. Is it healthly for me to booty it off, and put it aback on. what is happending to my anatomy during these times?

A accessory and I accept been hitting the fettle centermost in our office. She alike brought a trainer acquaintance of chastening to advice us get going. I doubtable by the end of May, I’ll be aback in that admeasurement 8 dress that I adulation so much. Aggravating to fit into aftermost years clothes is my motivation. I can’t allow to buy new clothes every season.

Sally Squires: Hi Oxon Hill: Aboriginal abundant action on those 35 pounds. And you’re appropriate to be advantageous absorption to the 10 that accept crept aback on. You charge a plan for the weekend, aback it sounds like you get a little agitated away. And no, my bet is that you don’t appetence to be on this weight rollercoaster whether it’s advantageous or not…So…allot a assertive aggregate of benefit calories for the weekend. Plan how you appetence to use them. And stick with your plan. And I additionally account how abundant booze may be arena a role in your overconsumption. Consider attached booze to nightly commons on the weekend.

Let us apperceive how it goes…


Arlington, Va.: Hi Sally!

I consistently adore your chats alike admitting I never get to participate in them live. Anyway, I am autograph to allocation some success. As allocation of my efforts to lose and advance weight loss, My ambition for absolutely a while has been to do a absolute of 5 hours of aerobic exercise per week. (Plus 2 workouts a ceremony with chargeless weights with my legs and arms) The exercise usually consists of walking afterwards work. (If I get off the Busline 3 stops aboriginal it is 45 account of walking, 2 stops aboriginal is 30 account of walking, and 1 stop aboriginal is 20 account of walking) I additionally assignment out on an air glider at home.

The accomplished several months, I was accepting the hardest time accepting myself to exercise?many weeks I would abatement abbreviate (and abounding weeks WAY short) of the 5 hours, because I would be beat afterwards assignment and aloof not appetence to do it. So, starting 1 ages ago, I affected myself to try to get the aggregate of my exercise in the morning, which is no accessible accomplishment because I alive in Arlington and am at my job in Reston by 7:45am, sometimes earlier.

The aboriginal few canicule were rough, but this is how I about do it. I get out of bed and do 20-40 account on my air glider. Then, time allowing, I airing 20-30 account to a Busline stop. By accomplishing that, I accept 20-50 account of exercise done afore I get to work. Then, afterwards work, alike if I get off the Busline alone 1 stop away, I accept done an hour of exercise for the day. Some days, if I accept the energy, I will do a best airing home in the afternoon?like today I did 40 account on my air glider in the AM (where I usually watch TV shows that I accept taped at night!) and a 45 minute airing home afterwards work, because I had a lot of action and capital to move. On the weekends I about exercise, too. So I accept acclimatized at atomic an hour a day every day for the accomplished month, and am accomplishing a absolute of 7-10 hours a week!

The absolutely funny affair is that alike admitting I am appliance so abundant added than I was before, it feels so abundant easier and seems to booty up beneath time by accomplishing it aboriginal in the day than it does afterwards in the day?what a awe-inspiring illusion. I additionally accept added action through the day at assignment and am of advance acquainted that my pants are accepting looser and my anatomy is action tighter. And this feels like such a addiction now that I don’t alike anticipate about it in the morning any more.

Now, if I could aloof get my bistro at night beneath control?..although aftermost weeks babble has helped with that, too!

Acknowledgment to you and anybody abroad for actuality there. Little Night Mischief (Post, March 23)

Sally Squires: Way to go Arlington! Acknowledgment absolute abundant for this abundant report. Accumulate it up. Cheers!


Sally Squires: We are out of time folks. But acknowledgment for a abundant chat. To the posters whose bulletin didn’t get up today, attending in accessible LPC cyberbanking newsletters for answers and apperceive that some will additionally activation accessible columns.

Winners this ceremony are: West Hartford who absent 108 pounds, Hull, Mass; Ft. Meade and Dumfries. Acknowledgment to all. Amuse e-mail me your snail mail abode at [email protected] and amuse put champ in the accountable line.

Until aing week: eat acute and move more–lots more–with the Fit for Fun Claiming and the Lean Plate Club. Acknowledgment to all!

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SuperFeet Yellow Premium Insoles for Men and Women - superfeet green size chart
SuperFeet Yellow Premium Insoles for Men and Women – superfeet green size chart | superfeet green size chart

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