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Samuel P. Lynam, 51, suffered atrociously while confined at the Blair Canton Prison, his ancestors contends.

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“The bastille dead my son,” Virginia Lynam said afore she could no best abide an account beforehand this spring.

Samuel Lynam’s sister, Linda Hen­der­son, said she trusted the bastille would booty affliction of him. Henderson said she didn’t appointment her brother because she was affronted with him for actionable his DUI acquittal that led to a six-month bastille book aftermost June.

“I anticipate about how abounding times my mom alleged and told me how ailing my brother was, and I consistently would acquaint her, they accept bloom affliction at the prison, and if commodity was serious, they would booty him to the hospital,” Henderson said. “I was so wrong.”

Letters alarm pain

Lynam dodged his DUI acquittal accessories and was answerable aftermost summer with accouterment apocryphal identification to law administration while sheriff assembly served his coffer warrant.

He was resentenced June 17, 2016, to six months in prison.

His affliction started in jail, and he frequently wrote home about bastille agents not alert to his medical requests.

He served all but about a anniversary of his book afore he was beatific to the Intensive Affliction Unit at UPMC Altoona, area he died Jan. 6.

Henderson and her sister, Amber Lynam, and their mother provided bastille belletrist Sam wrote from September to November. They alarm his attempt to accept medical absorption while incarcerated. The ancestors said his medical requests began in August.

Sept. 14: “He (the doctor) aloof told me to accumulate demography the ibuprofen, that’s it.”

Oct. 13: “I put in to see a doctor, but they alone gave me added ibuprofen. … I charge you to see if the bastille will booty me to the hospital for X-rays.”

Oct. 15: “I am in all kinds of affliction and no advice at all. … They are axis a dark eye on the botheration account they apperceive I accept to go to the hospital. … Mom, this isn’t acceptable at all for me.”

Oct. 30 (to Amber): “I accept aqueous architecture up in my anatomy now. I told Mom at visits on Saturday I acquainted like I was dying. … Do whatever it takes to get me to the hospital. They won’t accept to me or all my requests I’ve put in and my breath is slow.”

Nov. 19: “I’m affliction a lot, Mom, and it’s not acceptable at all. They actually charge to booty me to the hospital.”

Between Dec. 8 and 9, about a anniversary above-mentioned to his absolution date, Lynam was transported from the bastille to the Intensive Affliction Unit at UPMC Altoona, area doctors diagnosed him with accepting a stroke, amaurosis in one eye, academician cancer, cartilage cancer, blight in his neck, back and lung and a atom on his liver, according to the family.

Family trusted prison

Lynam had never been diagnosed with blight before, Henderson said.

His afterlife affidavit provided by the ancestors states his account of afterlife was “adenocarcinoma and metastasis.”

Lynam’s aunt, Rose Leiden, fatigued the family’s acceptance in the bastille system, initially.

“We believed in the system. That’s the affair we appetite the accessible to know,” Leiden said.

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Now his family, abnormally Henderson, wants to apostle for change.

“We don’t appetite this to appear to anybody else,” Henderson said. “They fabricated him suffer. Nobody goes from bastille to the ICU like this.”

“The doctor told us all the being that was amiss with him, and me and Mom aloof fell over,” Henderson said.

The blight metastasized quickly, but his ancestors believes he was denied medical analysis that would accept adored his activity or at atomic fabricated him comfortable, Henderson said.

During one of her aftermost visits with her son, Virginia said he was captivation on to the coffer to walk.

He had accounting in his Oct. 15 letter: “I could get or accept abiding assumption accident to my adapted side. Anyway it’s like 6 p.m. now and it hurts so bad aloof to lay bottomward so I’ve been continuing instead.”

Amber additionally visited him consistently and said she could see the affliction in his face. Virginia said she pleaded with a bastille agent to booty him to the hospital.

In their attempts to get Sam to a hospital, the ancestors contacted accompaniment Rep. Judy Ward, R-Hollidaysburg.

“What happened to him (Samuel) is actual tragic,” Ward said, abacus that she knows Linda Henderson and said the Lynams are “a abundant family.”

She refrained from criticizing the bastille or its medical provider, PrimeCare.

“I don’t appetite to abode accusation on anybody. But in ablaze of this, some behavior charge to be looked at,” Ward said.

Sicker inmates bulk more

The Harrisburg close PrimeCare Medical has captivated affairs to serve the added than 300 inmates at the Blair Canton Bastille back 2005.

PrimeCare CEO Tom Weber said alfresco visits to hospitals accept a banking appulse on the bastille and county.

“Anytime a accommodating goes out, whether by ambulance or van, they charge to be accompanied by a correctional administrator or two for aegis purposes. This incurs a bulk for the canton and can abode a accountability on the aegis agents in the facility,” he wrote in an email.

“This has no appulse on our accommodation to accelerate bodies out added than the actuality the jails do not appetite us to be sending bodies out unless they actually present a charge to go out. Sometimes we may get a accommodating appeal such as — ‘maybe it’s time to go to the hospital for an X-ray or MRI.’ In these situations, the accommodating may not apperceive we accept the adeptness to booty an X-ray, in actuality three of them, in a facility.”

Lynam’s belletrist announce he capital an X-ray Oct. 13 and didn’t get one until Nov. 16 afterwards his mother said she complained to Blair Canton Judge Elizabeth Doyle.

Weber said a from a bright emergency situation, assay and analytic testing is done at the bastille to actuate whether an bedfellow should go to the hospital.

He said the aggregation is not afraid to accomplish analytic tests because of cost.

“The acumen on the artery is we accommodate the everyman affliction to aerate profit. Not alone does that not work, it is actually denied,” Weber said.

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Catching affliction through analytic tests prevents aerial costs for treatment, he said, abacus PrimeCare volunteers to analysis prisoners for abundance and diabetes in accession to the accepted assimilation exam.

“It actually has a bulk account for us, and the accommodating is healthier,” he said. “It requires added resources, man hours, medications to affliction for a sicker patient. If a accommodating suffers from undiagnosed diabetes, their bloom is activity to adulterate decidedly and the charge for dialysis and hospitalizations will ultimately aftereffect in a bulk to the canton and in about-face the taxpayers.”

PrimeCare shares banking accident with the counties, Weber said.

The all-inclusive majority of PrimeCare’s affairs with bounded governments accept assorted caps, for example, for communicable ache medications congenital into them area already that akin is hit, the canton becomes financially amenable for the costs, Weber said.

Weber alleged Lynam’s death, “an acutely sad bearings for any family.”

“I actually accept their annoyance back they get assertive letters from their son and lose him so tragically,” he said. “As rapidly as his bloom deteriorated, it is no agnosticism adverse and abominable to the family.”

The Lynam ancestors is currently in the action of accepting Sam’s medical archive from PrimeCare and the bastille to see the X-ray aftereffect “if there was one,” Henderson said.

“An X-ray is acquired back accounted medically necessary,” Weber wrote in a aftereffect email. “This is no altered than what happens in the community. You cannot airing into your doctor’s appointment or an ER and appeal an X-ray. You back complaints, an assay is done, and a provider orders what testing they feel is appropriate.”

Warden questioned

Henderson said she doesn’t alone catechism PrimeCare. She believes the Blair Canton Bastille administrator bears some albatross for her brother’s suffering.

While in the hospital, back Sam came off a chase and batten with his family, they asked him if the administrator knew how ailing he was.

According to the family, he looked at them in the eye and said he actually did.

“We accept him,” Henderson said. “A administrator should apperceive absolutely what’s activity on with his inmates.”

Warden Michael Johnston is backward in October afterwards 34 years. Prisoners accept consistently complained about things, medical affliction and aliment amid them, he said.

The administrator stays out of inmates’ medical matters, he said, apropos to medical aloofness laws.

“I accept 350 inmates. I do not apperceive anniversary and every inmate’s medical, acknowledged or claimed situation. I am not a doctor, I cannot accomplish a analysis nor override a doctor’s orders,” he wrote in an email. “HIPPA regulations prohibit me from alike attractive at patients’ medical files, and if I did attending at a file, I apparently wouldn’t accept what I was attractive at because I accept no medical training.”

The medical administration has its own policies, he said. Prisoners can abode accounting medical block in a lockbox at anniversary cellblock.

“The alone bodies with a key to that is the medical people,” Johnston said. “A doctor comes in already a week. All requests are filtered through doctors. We aren’t sitting actuality arbitrarily acrimonious who goes to the hospital. It’s absitively through PrimeCare’s action and procedure.”

Henderson said her brother should accept been appear for medical treatment.

“No one should accept to ache like that. His civilian rights were abandoned to no end,” she said. “He had blight throughout his body, and they gave him ibuprofen and said he had a bankrupt nerve. … Had he gotten able affliction and diagnosis, he could accept been appear for treatment. That is on PrimeCare.”

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Prisoners can be appear for medical reasons, above Blair Canton Commissioner Diane Meling said. In those cases, the canton is not amenable for bills.

“In PrimeCare’s defense,” she said, “with their clientele, it can be difficult to actuate what’s a absolute complaint and what’s not.”

She gave a accomplished archetype of a abundant bedfellow about to accept a child. The bedfellow was absorbed to drugs and the adolescent could accept been built-in with complications.

“The canton was activity to be amenable for those expenses. That bedfellow was appear because she was not a crisis to the public,” Meling said.

Blair Canton Judge Daniel Milliron, who serves as bastille lath chairman, said he has accepted abode arrest if a captive is not a blackmail to accessible safety, absolutely for bulk reasons.

“I accept cautiously accepted abode arrest artlessly to abstain medical bills for the county,” he said.

Milliron said he sends abode arrest requests of admission convicts to PrimeCare to adjudge whether their affliction can be handled by the bastille system.

“Operating a bastille is a huge bulk to the county,” Meling said. “People don’t apprehend back accession has bloom care, alike Medicaid or Medicare, they lose it in prison. It’s up to the canton to pay for that.”

Voted adjoin PrimeCare

Meling said she consistently had apropos about the affliction inmates received.

In November 2013, an bedfellow about died for abridgement of medical care, the Mirror reported.

The ailing bedfellow was begin by a Hollidaysburg Borough badge administrator who happened to stop at the prison. The officer, who is additionally a paramedic, accustomed the charge for hospital care, the commodity stated.

When PrimeCare’s arrangement was renewed for three years in December 2014, Meling voted adjoin it, account a judge’s abode to the bastille lath on that incident, the Mirror reported.

However, Commissioners Terry Tomassetti and Ted Beam Jr. voted to renew PrimeCare’s contract. Canton admiral and PrimeCare accomplished efforts to abode what occurred, the commodity stated.

The bulk was $611,000 for the aboriginal year of that contract. That was still beneath than what the canton paid in 2004 back it assassin its own medical staff.

“They’ve done what we asked them to do 10 years ago: authority bottomward medical costs,” Blair Canton Controller Richard J. Peo was quoted as adage then.

There accept been around no companies to attempt with PrimeCare for the bastille contract, Milliron said.

Milliron took on the job of bastille lath chairmanship in January. He said he knew Lynam from his DUI cloister but did not apperceive how he died.

Milliron said negotiating ability with PrimeCare has been abundantly beneath by abridgement of competition.

But that seems to be changing, he said.

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“PrimeCare’s arrangement is up at the end of this year,” he said. “We are activity to do our due diligence. We are in the bosom of appointing a subcommittee to appraise the options. One of the issues back we renewed the arrangement with PrimeCare about three years ago was there wasn’t any competition. There was one added company, but it had not been recommended by the accompaniment Administration of Corrections. Now, there are at atomic one or two alternatives out there.”

Deputy Administrator for Bastille Casework Abbie Tate said the bastille is blessed with PrimeCare.

“My job is to baby-sit for the canton aloof to accomplish abiding we accept the bodies actuality and accomplishing what the canton expects of them,” she said. “They are our apprenticed medical provider currently. We assignment able-bodied with them. I am blessed with the cadre in my building.”

Weber said PrimeCare’s action is that “the aboriginal instance area there is a assurance a accommodating should go to the ER, they go to ER. It’s got to be a assurance beyond, say, pneumonia that may accept been in actuality already,” he said.

Pneumonia was amid the account of diagnoses back Lynam died. He had been autograph home about that advancing problem.

When his ancestors accustomed at the hospital in December to see him, there was a tube in his ancillary that had been clarification fluid.

He had accounting home about aqueous architecture up in his anatomy on Oct. 30.

Leiden, Lynam’s aunt, said she was abashed at how her nephew’s action could accept been brushed off by medical personnel.

“Even back accession has a algid and is not accepting better, you booty them to a hospital,” she said. “Imagine if this happened in a nursing home. Bodies deserve medical affliction whether they are in a bastille or not.”

Staffing protocol

Weber said back there is a afterlife in any of the prisons to which PrimeCare provides services, an centralized associate analysis is conducted to actuate if changes are required.

He beneath to altercate whether a analysis was done in Lynam’s case.

In an email, Weber fatigued that reviews are done back a captive dies in a adeptness served by PrimeCare.

However, Lynam died in a hospital. And how he accustomed there fills the ancestors with acknowledgment as able-bodied as frustration.

Henderson said she is beholden to the part-time bastille bouncer whom she said alleged for medical carriage back he saw Lynam disturbing to breathe. But she said she believes the bouncer was reprimanded for breaking protocol.

Tate could not affirm Henderson’s story. She said she did not apperceive how Lynam accustomed at the hospital.

A appeal fabricated to the Blair Canton commissioners’ appointment for 911 alarm logs from the bastille for Dec. 8 and 9 was alternate with advice that a alarm came to the 911 centermost from the bastille on a non-emergency, non-recorded line.

Under the state’s accessible annal policy, added advice is absolved from disclosure, the county’s acknowledgment stated.

No nurses on third shift

Tate said the agreement for a bouncer who sees a captive disturbing physically is to alarm the prison’s medical staff.

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However, the third about-face from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. has no medical staff, she said. But medical cadre are on-call for that shift, she added.

In accession to account visits by a physician and physician assistant, bastille staffing includes two nurses on day about-face and two on black shift, and a registered abettor confined as administrator of nursing 40 hours per week, Weber declared in an email.

He added they are accurate by a medical abettor bristles canicule per week.

“Per policy, physician and physician administration are declared to abide on-site until all patients on their band are addressed,” Weber said. “The staffing patterns are based aloft our experience, the admeasurement of the adeptness and the demographics of the accommodating citizenry in appointment with the county.”

Henderson questions whether the staffing is enough.

“Is a doctor who comes to the bastille already per anniversary abundant to handle the bulk of inmates at abounding accommodation that accept requests for medical attention?” she asked.

Henderson said her brother told the ancestors while he was confined that the bastille was about consistently at capacity, mostly due to biologic busts.

Suicide is the arch account of afterlife in prisons with a bloodshed bulk of 42 per 100,000 inmates over the accomplished 14 years, according to U.S. Administration of Justice statistics.

Suicide is alone one basic of PrimeCare’s brainy bloom program, but back suicides appear in a correctional facility, it garners astronomic bulk of attention, Weber said.

Cancer, with a bloodshed bulk of bristles per 100,000 inmates, is abundant lower on the account of bastille deaths, U.S. Administration of Justice statistics show.

While Lynam’s action worsened in October, the suicide of a changeable bedfellow at Blair Canton Bastille fabricated headlines.

The 23-year-old woman died by suicide, and her father, Dennis Beckwith, said his ancestors was aghast with bounded investigations award no accusation in his daughter’s death. He claimed oxygen tanks were not abounding to animate her and she displayed behavior that should accept beatific her to suicide watch.

Blair Canton Coroner Patricia Ross said she looked into the complaints and begin no admiring facts.

Wants faster responses

The Lynam ancestors believes added inmates charge be adversity similarly.

In backward March, a ages afterwards the Lynam ancestors active Sam, they apprehend a adventure in the Mirror about a sentencing audition for a Bellwood man whose adventure seemed familiar.

During a cloister hearing, Sean Buckmaster, 41, declared a attempt for weeks to accept able medical affliction for a streptococcal infection that fabricated it too aching to airing until his mother succeeded in accepting him hospitalized.

Aside from her advancement to access medical agents at the prison, Henderson said she’d be blessed with one change.

“I accept any inmate’s medical appeal in the approaching should be responded to in autograph with a yes or no, aural three canicule and a acumen for abnegation and for it to become accessible record,” Henderson said.

Weber said that would breach federal law.

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