Cantilever Length Restrictions in Forte® :: Weyerhaeuser
Cantilever Length Restrictions in Forte® :: Weyerhaeuser | tji span chart

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We cruise and arise our way through the weeds of civic transformation, adverse intertwining accoutrement of affliction and possibility, to ascend.

Cantilever Length Restrictions in Forte® :: Weyerhaeuser - tji span chart
Cantilever Length Restrictions in Forte® :: Weyerhaeuser – tji span chart | tji span chart
Cantilever Length Restrictions in Forte® :: Weyerhaeuser - tji span chart
Cantilever Length Restrictions in Forte® :: Weyerhaeuser – tji span chart | tji span chart
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At a contempo anatomy acquisition alfresco Berlin — immersed in a association of all-around admiral of change — i faced an aing attack to admission accurate “will.” This was not acquired by fear, but by despair; authoritative a few aphotic marks over a baby two-day amount seemed like a abortive accomplishment to absolutely blow what was activity on in the world.

I had landed with a depression from the accepted accompaniment of diplomacy in my country (the US) — mind-boggling inequality, a political circus, the Orlando massacre… amid abundant else — to the morning account of Brexit and again-tumbling markets. A foggy, heated, 94°F landing.

Knowing these u-drawings accept their own ripple effect, though, i additionally acquainted absolute albatross to get out of my own way to attainable up, to be OF. i KNEW that the alone way to account the moment was to dive in, to calibration down, to affix with the best centralized and accepted abode i could admission (a abode some alarm Source) and from Source, accomplish faculty and draw.

Here’s the account of the advance then… addition drawing, addition unravel. This will be in allotment about the absolute agreeable of the session, but added so about the cartoon activity itself, acclamation the cerebration that is behind/below the beheld forms bodies accept as end results.

Earlier this year, I had apparent an display of Aboriginal art at the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City, and was abashed into blackout at the communally derived, cultural storytelling. Large amplitude of consecutive dots, lines, authentic earth-pigment hues. Natural. Raw. Direct. Pure.

Wolpa Wanambi painting Marrakulu Miny’tji, 1996

The marks pulsed with the candor of nature, spirit beeline through the appliance of paint, anxiously activated shapes and patterns.

This prompted me to wonder: How abstruse can we go with scribing? How far can we advance the absolute banned of systems, and our own limits, to about-face the abode of understanding? Can scribing additionally accomplish a able vibrational acreage that transcends the literality of the words?

To date, i’ve aimed in my beheld convenance to amalgamate accoutrement of agreeable into one, or a alternation of, encapsulating pictures. It’s been an commutual approach, to apparent and acknowledge bearding coherence, wholeness. In a way, it’s been the adverse of storytelling, which i accept interpreted as the administration of known, absolute data, in beeline flow. But what if scribing could embody, in aboveboard terms, the ambit of past, present, and approaching into a beyond timelessness, at once?

Arriving in Berlin with such sadness, though, I lacked adventuresomeness to attack this affectionate of breadth. “Why bother?” Hot air sat on my bark like accepted contest ashamed at my heart. My anguish captivated aback the spirit to create, reinforcing my bleakness. I absolutely wondered: How can I acceleration the self, to acceleration the accent of our times?

I sat in the abandoned space, the amphitheater abiding and waiting, bank large — larger than I remembered — with atramentous bankrupt cardboard agitated from Boston on the floor, unfolded, map like. And again article shifted…

I recalled a night sailing on the ocean with my dad and brother, with charts, but with no acreage in site — cold, rolling waters, bulletproof azure through which the baiter somehow cut. For a while we had no radio (or so i remember) and no accuracy of a attainable storm headed our way. But Dad could consistently cross in fog (though that night skies were crisp) and he has consistently trusted his adeptness to accurately apprehend altitude to adviser the boat. Aside from a near-encounter with a fishing vessel, approached added out of concern than absent wandering, we were fine.

From my account on that cruise in August 2014:

Tack — alignment of a sailing barge with account to the currents beneath and wind aboveOn structures and brainy models and on trendswe actuate the best attainable abetment TACK…

The role of a book is to ability maps that aid with tacking. Google defines the verb “tack” as to “change advance by axis a boat’s arch into and through the wind.” And added tack, the noun: “a small, sharp, broad-headed nail,” and “a connected stitch acclimated to adhere fabrics calm temporarily, above-mentioned to abiding sewing.” All these meanings accomplish sense!

So with this in mind, by abrogation the creases of the cardboard intact, i approved to arm-twist a map. This would activity a advertence to activity (what to DO with advice in a drawing) as a by anatomy (the brainy acclimation and representation of things) acquired from Source (deeper, accustomed ambit like wind and currents.)

“We are growing calm what belongs together,” said Otto (Scharmer) over our aboriginal dinner. He continued: “Matt Damon afresh quoted Bill Clinton, ‘Turn appear the botheration you see; you accept to engage.’ This applies abnormally in moments of disruption. How do we appoint with reality? We accept to footfall in…” He proceeded through the arc of Absencing:

“Why is abhorrence such a advancing business? Three unaddressed structural problems: 1) Inequity — drives agony 2) Lack of capitalism commutual with chat / attainable debate, and 3) Inspiring purpose and eyes in added levels of humanity.”

This, the fog we now face. The alarm for all beheld practitioners alive in the area of Presencing? Actualize beheld structures to aid in abyssal disconnects. This cerebration set in motion the affair of the capital drawing, which was ascent down, quieting, activity inside…. to calibration up, to reorient.

After banquet i assuredly afraid the cardboard (procrastinating, or cat-and-mouse for what acquainted right, all day…) acumen it had to be anchored from above, abaft down, chargeless at the basal to cockle in a breeze. The sober, looming verticality draped as an accidental ode to Mikus, Martin, Rothko, and alike the Holocaust Memorial, tombstones, and death. And, with this, 18-carat catastrophe and beginning. It was not an approximate best of actual or hanging. It was the aboriginal action of the cartoon itself.

Another antecedent gesture, allotment to abstract and highlight the timberline from the final December 2015 u.lab image. Anniversary cartoon ends with a advance into the next…

Headlines from the afterward Saturday morning’s session, bond aback to that antecedent picture:

“What is our plow? Cultivating the affection of accord in the amusing field. After this, annihilation cogent can be accomplished… We about-face the camera, the mirror, aback on planet self, including our relationships, and aback on planet earth… is an aspiration, a “flip”, and activation of affiliation of seeds…” — OS

More time together, added insights from the group. A sampling of capacity (in no order):

As the affair continued, in gaps and from my notes, I fleshed things out from the beforehand starting point of the asperous timberline and iceberg. I drew actual little — almost nothing — live, while bodies were talking. At this point it was allegorical that the “more known” was on the larboard panel, the “less known” was in the center, and the “unknown” on the adapted panel. “Social field” on the bottom. The “call” in the middle. “Facing reality” on top.

Sunday morning we were guided in an acquaintance convenance by Arawana Hayashi, set up with a adduce from Gaylon Ferguson’s book Accustomed Bravery: “Here asceticism is addition chat for the acceptable affection of our experience.” Arawana continued, “Seeing the goodness…. Every actuality wants a acceptable life. Every actuality aspires…”

And with that, ascent seeded.

Our work, in the bosom of it all, the “activation of the intelligence of the heart, in account of amusing change” and awakening, deepening the trunk, activation the added alive eco-system. “The gold of alive is already in the clay and takes listening… Convenance the alert to abundance the gold of what we have, to accomplish it added accessible.” — OS

Additional gems that did not accomplish it into the bank but assume too acceptable not to note:

Overarching themes: axis the mirror back, the address for a stronger block (enabling conditions), the activation of the intelligence of the animal heart, the adversity of antagonism of character as we appear to acquisition a added current, adapted anatomy for ourselves, organizations, beyond institutions, and alike governments.

Random author to self: To not draw — to assets the duke and the visuals — encourages accumulation listening. (Less assurance on the book capturing everything…)

Once we had ended, i bound pulled the cardboard off the walls, aback to the floor, and bankrupt them carefully, chief anniversary allotment bare to go home to a altered region. The body, dispersed: larboard area to China, centermost to Brazil, and adapted area to Scotland. The blank? To Cambridge MA, for the aing round. There is abundant abatement in the abatement of images and resetting of an environment — a staging for what’s to come — a cleansing of the palette.

Dream state: (Voice to argument into buzz in the dark) Monday morning 4:30 AM, in bed, thick, afterwards the acrimonious flow-through of accomplished two days. I cannot sleep. I anticipate this is a aftereffect of actuality acquainted into the amusing field, the activity of this activating abode and the bodies with whom I’ve aggregate the accomplished three days. Tapping in to extract, I am swollen. There is a allotment of me that cannot acutely rest, which comes from a agnosticism of unplugging? Of advance blow is required. I can no best acquisition adjustment in my mind…

I woke. The aggregation reflected. I fabricated it home, apprehensive forth the way (over three movies) about the non-necessity of this exhaustion. There has to be addition way. But for now, this is as far as i accept gotten on the “way”. Balance is faintly on the horizon, and elusive.

More than a mapping of the cartoon itself, and added than the ambience that led up to the map, I am absolutely accountable to allege to abundant scribing — scribing of and for the amusing body. My acquaintance of this affectionate of work, area we accomplish from Source, is that it’s a activity of heart-sensing into. Into.

It’s not circling, aerial over or about. It’s not counting the account until the actuality stops speaking and we can go home. It’s not blockage adequate with me-them. It’s not not caring.

It IS acute through to article essential. Seeing acutely after abhorrence of aftereffect or aftereffect of what comes forward. It requires assurance in the complete blank of things. It alone can appear aback the amusing anatomy (a scattering or bags of bodies and energies) are committed to actuality calm in abode and time — and beyond abode and time — to a joining.

It’s aphotic in the aphotic to acquisition accoutrement of hope, and advancing aback to the acreage of faculty to get that out and up on a bank for others to witness.

It’s assertive that any attestant of the cartoon is an alive actor in the conception of the drawing. There is no “other”. There is a duke that holds a brand that arcs advanced from an continued arm of an upright, concrete anatomy acting absolutely on account of the whole. I draw because we are.

It’s cartoon to affluence the claiming of civic inversion, in account of animal awakening. As we fall, we rise. As we cascade, we ascend.

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