Trends in Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing From 11 Through 11 ...
Trends in Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing From 11 Through 11 ... | high psa level chart

Seven Small But Important Things To Observe In High Psa Level Chart | High Psa Level Chart

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Gabe Canales, Founder of the Blue Cure Foundation

Trends in Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing From 11 Through 11 ..
Trends in Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing From 11 Through 11 .. | high psa level chart

There’s much controversy over the US Preventive Services Assignment Force’s recent recommendation that advantageous men not be accustomed PSA claret tests to ascertain prostate cancer.

I was diagnosed after such a test at age 35 and I’ve shared my thoughts on this amount on Houston affiliates FOX, CBS and ABC.

Health professionals and the accessible accept until Nov. 8 to animadversion on the new proposal. Comments will be advised by the assignment force afore the console writes its final guidance.

Confused on whether the PSA saves lives or doesn’t? I asked Facebook accompany of the Blue Cure Foundation, which I launched, to allotment their thoughts on the PSA screening test. Actuality are some of their comments:

Raul E. Jimenez Led to biopsy, which accustomed cancer, which adored my activity through radiation, which in about-face leads me to accept PSA consistently monitored and to feel exams added frequently, which agency I accept a bigger adventitious to booty antidotal activity if the affair comes back.

John B. Gill III I was a advantageous 51 year old whose PC was apparent by a accustomed PSA test. As it angry out the blight has already protruded into adjoining tissue. Prostrate and tissue was removed robotically. Now PSAs appearance no assurance of cancer! Accustomed PSA adored my life! – John Gill, Ormond Beach, FL

Ed Peterson ‎50 year old. PC apparent by accustomed exam/PSA testing. Radiation followed by berry implants DEC of aftermost year. PSA still dropping. Actual blessed with this decision. Actual beholden for our ancestors doctor for watching and his affair which adored my life.

Lee Sellers ‎46 years old aback diagnosed as a aftereffect of aboriginal accepting a PSA of 3.9. Went on to accept proton analysis for a cure. Now 48 and ecology PSA. The PSA analysis adored my life. I’ve never had an aberrant DRE. Lee Sellers, Orlando, FL

Sunny Conditt Williams Bedmate was 59 at the time – PSA showed about aerial and dr. adapted biopsy…came aback absolute and so he took addition PSA, abundant higher. We absitively to go with HIFU and now PSA is zip!!! Absolutely adored his activity – we would accept NEVER anticipation he would accept PC, no history in the family.

Tish Lowe-Realtor ‎44 years old, had NO symptoms, but acknowledgment to a accustomed PSA Exam, Prostate Blight was detected and advised with Automatic Prostectamy. Acknowledge God for PSA Exams! -David Lowe, San Antonio Texas

Diane Lizette Oviatt My dads PSA akin was actual aerial and because of this analysis he chose radiation and all assurance of this ache are gone…. He continues to get activated regularly. Acknowledgment to the PSA claret testing. Valdo Carrizoza, Phoenix, Arizona

PSA Anxiety – Dan’s Journey through Prostate Cancer – high psa level chart | high psa level chart

Gary Letcher If I, had not taken a psa. My blight could accept been alfresco of the prostate. Encourage you doctor to do a psa it’s aloof a claret sample. It could save your life. Until they appear up with a bigger way. We charge to check. My blight was not apparent the agenda way, every affair seemed normal. Aback I asked the doctor to accord me one, I begin my cardinal was 21. Today afterwards radiation my cardinal is .o15. I achievement the medical profession, doesn’t booty advantage of a acceptable thing. Let’s not corruption or alarm bodies with low numbers. But let’s break on top of it.

Kirby EagleNation Goman Outwardly super-healthy 51 y.o. has PSA of 20.6. Turns out to be Date 3, with seminal abscess captivation and extra-prostatic extensions. Acknowledge God for my surgeon, Naveen Kella of Urology San Antonio. Everyday is a gift.

Earl Wheeler Because of my father’s PC in the aboriginal 90s, my PSA levels were monitored during accustomed anniversary physicals and a abject band of 2.5 was established. Afterwards any apparent symptoms, the claret analysis from my concrete assay in backward 2009 adumbrated a abrupt fasten to 4.5 triggering a barometer to a urologist for added evaluation. The archetypal antibacterial regiment forth with saw palmetto bargain the PSA to 3.8, but because it was still college than the abject band PSA, a biopsy was recommended. 3 of 12 cores yielded absolute after-effects with two Gleason 6s and one 4 3=7. A automatic prostatectomy was alleged because of my age (57) and because the bump was positioned throughout the prostate which alone radiation as an option. The column surgical anatomy abode adumbrated no advance of the ache and afterwards 18 months, the PSA levels abide to be undetectable. Because we backward on top of ecology my PSA levels, there is every adumbration that my blight was bent in time and I accept an accomplished prognosis.

Grant Pleuss PSA and abdominal aboriginal and often–saves lives–it did mine!

Roena Hopper David Hopper, Conroe, Texas. Aboriginal PSA analysis in 5 years showed 10.4, DRE afresh biopsy showed cancer. Surgery, and 32 radiation treatments followed. PSA 0.1 in 3 analysis over the year aback surgery. Healthy, active, showed no signs, analysis was done aback allowance afflicted and new doctor came on board.

Rusty Stevens My psa jumped a abounding point from 5/08 to 10/08. That forth with a agenda assay which begin a agglomeration on my prostate brought me to accepting a 12-needle biopsy and so 9 out of 12 were positive. That all developed in 5 mos. It was aloof an act of God that brought me to accept addition agenda in Oct. 08 afterwards accepting one in 5/08. Had the DaVincy automatic prostatectomy on 5/27/09 at Maine Med. Ctr. in Portland, Me. All psa tests accept appear aback with an ephemeral account since. Aing one 11/11. Every 6 mos.

Bill Harvel The actual aboriginal PSA I had was at age 54, and because I had no affection whatsoever, it is actual acceptable that afterwards this analysis I would be ambidextrous with an UN-TREATABLE cancer. Instead I am a blight survivor. If not the PSA test, afresh what will save lives?? Bill Harvel Burr Ridge, IL

Ray Hoetger PSA angled in beneath than 2 years. Gleason account was 9 (5 4). Had automatic anaplasty Columbus Day 2009. I’m on hormones every 4 months. If I waited till I would’ve been 60 (next year) I would be dead. Columbus Ohio 59

Jeanne McCall My bedmate had PSA tests and if it wasn’t for them and his primary dr we wouldn’t accept accustomed that he had cancer. His primary dr kept acid and sending us to the adapted drs and accepting the answers we bare and he had his prostate taken out June 29th and he has a PSA analysis afterwards the anaplasty and is came aback negative. He goes aback in December to accept addition one. My bedmate was a advantageous one to not accept the blight go alfresco the prostate at the time it hadn’t but we were told best acceptable it would accept in a few months because afterwards he had his taken out the tests came aback and we begin out that he had an advancing cancer. If they are activity to do abroad with the PSA Analysis afresh I achievement they accept a bigger way. We feel that the PSA analysis adored my bedmate LIFE. Lonnie and Jeannie McCall,Forest Grove,Oregon. We appetite to acknowledge our primary Dr. Bindall, our Surgeon Dr. Janoff and Dr. Leaf and Acceptable Samaritian Hospital in Portland Oregon. Acknowledge you so actual much

Ed Wakeley I had been in a psa ecology affairs for 4 years. Never for annihilation during MULTIPLE DRE’s. My PSA was 4.9. I had my prostatectomy 6/1611. The anatomy appear 7 tumors in a prostate abounding of cancer. Ed Wakeley, Manassas, Va.

Brent Clanton Animated PSA calculation from ancestors doc’s assay beatific me to urologist who accustomed tumors in 2005. Anaplasty to aish prostate…followed by six years of life, cancer-free…and counting.

psa level chart by age - Heart.impulsar
psa level chart by age – Heart.impulsar | high psa level chart

Anita Nelson Chitty At the age of 57, with a ancestors history of Prostate Cancer, I relied on the anniversary PSA to break “safe” aback the age of 35. In May 2010, a actual slight but abrupt acceleration was found. This prompted my primary affliction physician to anon accredit me to urologist for biopsy; abiding abundant I had blight too. Had it not accept been for this “tool” to adviser and ascertain changes, God alone knows what the aftereffect would accept been. Robert Chitty, West Hills, CA

Jay Barber ‎, Salisbury NC. My PSA was 849 in June 2010. Begin in accustomed CDL concrete exam. They reacted actual fast, now its .01 and I had 38 radiation treatments and get the Lupron shots every 3 months. Acknowledgment a Million for Duke University Hospital…

Frank Hearn I had my aboriginal PSA analysis at the age of 69. I was told that I had Advanced Prostate Cancer. If I had had the PSA earlier, I ability accept had a bigger adventitious of ambidextrous with the cancer. “Early testing rocks”

Karl Nybergh Miami, Florida at age 42 PSA was 5.4, we watched it till I was 50 aback it jumped to 11 , added tests at that time appear I had PC.

John Mullineaux PSA of 4.1 at age 54 got me to the urologist for a biopsy – positive. My urologist said if I had waited until I had affection he would accept not apparent me of addition decade and afresh it would accept been a amount of how abundant best he could accumulate me alive. Seve years later, my PSA is .6 and I am attractive advanced to addition brace of decades.

Donald Ezrin aboriginal psa at 40years of age, no access aloft 1.0 till I got into my 50’s afresh baby increases over 7 years, annual ecology bent a acceleration that was about bifold at 55 it was 3.6 and by the time I got to 56 it was 6.0 dr. ordered biopsy and it came aback absolute in one amount out of 13. If we hadn’t bent it afresh acknowledgment to psa would I still be animate today. Aboriginal apprehension led to adapted appropriate treatment, imrt, that has maintained my animate affairs with no ancillary effects, and psa is pulled every 6 months and is still beneath .65, dre, and radiation oncologist tells me he can’t accomplish any money off of me, lol, I am one of the advantageous ones. I am now blame 65 years of age so its 8 years and counting. Donald Ezrin Clarks Summit, Pa.

Thomas E Sands Sr. of Sandown NH. Added PSA advance to Biopsy. Biopsy begin advancing cancer. Anaplasty removed all signs of cancer. End of story!

Bruce Stambaugh My ancestor had died of prostate cancer, and my earlier brother had had da Vinci anaplasty to aish his prostate cancer. My urologist carefully monitored my PSA scores, aboriginal annually, afresh semi-annually aback they began to boring rise. Aback the PSA accomplished 5, prostate blight was accustomed with a biopsy, and I had my da Vinci anaplasty two months later, blessed to be animate to acquaint the story. – Bruce Stambaugh, Millersburg, OH.

Dan Ruff PSA analysis adored my life.

Karen Allison the alone affair it is accomplishing for my bedmate with treatments he had, was to apathetic bottomward the progression. A CURE would be nice…

Don Aguirre I aloof accept the biopsy two weeks ago, afterwards that I went to the hospital for claret infection, the acceptable affair is negative, what is the aing step? I accept some affliction in my adapted testicle is normal?

Alkaline Phosphatase Level Chart Best Of Alt Level Chart ..
Alkaline Phosphatase Level Chart Best Of Alt Level Chart .. | high psa level chart

Alan O’Brien Six years ago my PSA was aing to 2,000 and I accustomed the actuality I had a problem. It’s simple, afterwards that analysis I would be asleep now

Daniel C. Olivas No symptoms, PSA spiked, biopsy confirmed. San Antonio, Texas

Joe Dunlap I was 45 years old and had actual few symptoms. My Primary Affliction Physician adapted a DRE and PSA check. My PSA was 2.5, not advised aerial for my age by him. My Urologist said for a 45-year-old man, it was high. He retested PDA and, again, 2.5. He adapted a biopsy, which, no doubt, adored my life. Blight was removed and I am now 48 years old and CANCER FREE! Joe Dunlap, Youngstown, Ohio

Terry L Broadbent I had an accustomed PSA baseline over several years. Afresh in one year it added by 50%. My urologist ordered addition PSA three months later. PSA was up by about 30% more. Dr. adapted a biopsy. Blight was begin and RP done a few months later. Blight had advance in prostate but not outside. Did PSA analysis save my life? I’ll never apperceive for abiding that I would accept died from PC but I won’t now. Terry Broadbent, Salt Lake City, UT

Lee Sellers Age 46: PSA of 3.9. GP referred me to a urologist. Biopsy showed cancer. Started proton analysis 4 months afterwards with a PSA of 5.3. YES, THE PSA TEST SAVED MY LIFE.

Ray J. Lonsdale I’m 48 years old, PSA was activated by my ancestors physician and because it was aerial beatific me to an urologist for a biopsy. The blight beef were begin in the 12th sample and were, at the point of discovery, still diminutive and independent in the prostate. As a aftereffect I adopted for a aitionist prostatectomy. I accept been activated every 3 months aback the anaplasty and the PSA levels are now at or actual aing to zero. I’m animated I got tested… afterwards this adjustment of analysis the aftereffect could accept been VERY different.

Joe Carlisle Ascent numbers brought on agenda exam, biopsy, and removal. Acknowledge God, it was aboriginal date and acknowledged recovery.

Ed LaFleur Went in for a accustomed physical, but the Dr. canceled his appt because of a bad back. I rescheduled with his accessory & one analysis led to addition & I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It was in 40 % of the larboard ancillary of Prostate. Had it removed at age 53 in 2000. If I’d skipped that physical, which I about did, I wouldn’t accept accustomed annihilation about it. I wasn’t one for accepting advised at all. Didn’t alike apperceive what a PSA analysis was! Definitely adored my life. Ed LaFleur, Burns Harbor, In. On my 2nd annular of Lupron Depot shots aback 2007. Still animate & kickin.


Mike Simmons I was 50 years old and had a PSA as allotment of a accustomed physical, I had no symptoms. My PSA was animated so a biopsy was done and appear cancer. I had a aitionist prostatectomy in Nov. 2010. I feel it adored my life, as the blight was growing and could accept spread. Afterwards that PSA analysis I would accept begin out about the blight aback it was too late.Mike SimmonsPueblo, Colorado

Al Verhoff My PSA went up from 2.3 to 5.7 in beneath than 4 months..My ancestors doctor bent this fast jump by blockage my PSA..I’ve aloof accomplished 44 treatments of Radiation..I will acquisition out after-effects Oct 20th.. I’ll allotment them..If you appetite name and abode I’ll e-mail them..

psa level chart by age - Heart.impulsar
psa level chart by age – Heart.impulsar | high psa level chart

Neil Townsend Neil Townsend Mansfield Pa. Had several DRE’s which came aback ‘normal’ to blow but I insisted on a PSA. Aboriginal one borderline, aural aing 6 months it went beeline up. 10 biopsies, 4 cancerous, moderately aggressive, had a Aitionist Prostatectomy in ’08 at 53 years old.

Grant Pleuss KC. Mo- hospital at KU medical center/best urologist about Dr Trasher/ assistant of urology baron of the Divinci Apprentice saw him one moth afterwards advertent that 9 out of 12 biopsy’s and were positive-with a Gleason of 11–had non assumption sparing anaplasty –cancer chargeless and PSA ephemeral for over 2 years now– activated every 6 months–anyone on K.C. Area this is the man and the abode to accept this procedure–bar none! (was diagnosed by kimo dr with 2 years to live–thank GOD we chose DR Thrasher, or I would not be cogent you all this now.

Christine Oakey My admirable bedmate Richard Oakey, St. Clair Shores, MI. Our ancestors doctor bent continued prostate at age 41. PSA came aback actual high, accept da Vinci Prostatectomy 2 months later. Anaplasty was non-nerve battle but blight chargeless to this day. Adored my husbands life! Amuse get your PSA analysis men. One bit of admonish if you do appear to accept prostate blight amuse seek addition to allocution to. You’re not alone!

Richard Jackson I had been accepting a psa analysis at atomic already a year anytime aback my ancestor died of the ache in 1979 and the PSA analysis became available. I knew I had to do it because men in my ancestors consistently get the advancing anatomy of the disease. They did a psa at the aforementioned time that a urologist was testing me for accessible branch stones. This was February 2010. Afterwards actuality abiding with no change for about 20 years, it aback angled in six months. Biopsy accepted it…8 out of 10 samples with advancing blight cells. I would be a afterlife now afterwards the psa test.

Michael Berry Ecology my PSA over a three or four year aeon ultimately led to a biopsy which accepted absolute and I’ll accept anaplasty to aish my prostate in backward November. I am 58 No added affection are present. Surgeon told me than in 8 years or so the blight would accept confused to my bones. I’d say that ecology adored me from dying of prostate cancer.

Jim Wiest I hadn’t paid any absorption to the PSA, The Dr looked at my chart, said it had been a year, I got a 8.5. approved afresh 2 wks afterwards afterwards antibiotics, 7.5. wet to urologist, begin diminutive blood, biopsy begin blight so we cut it out and adored my life.

Brent Severson On the admonition by my DR. I accept been activated aback the age of 39. At age 51 it jumped about 2 pts in 18 mths. Was biopsied and I had fast growing cancer!!! I had a rad . DaVinci prost. additionally removing 14 lymph nodes for testing on Feb 24, 2011. Blight was not in the aqueous arrangement and aloof 2 weeks ago my urologist feels that it will be awful absurd for the blight to return!!!! I DIDN’T HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS AND THE PSA TEST WAS THE ONLY INDICATOR. I could accept been in the action of dying as we allege and I wouldn’t alike accept accustomed I was sick, until it is too late. GET TESTED EVERY YEAR BOTH WITH PSA BLOOD TEST AND A RECTAL EXAM.

Mary Morton-Johnson My bedmate had his PSA activated every year afresh it angled in 2 years-2.4 to 4.8!! Abiding abundant biopsy 3 out of 12 plugs had 25% to 50% blight with Gleason of 6!! Di Vinci prostatectomy and now his PSA is -.01 absolutely Gone! He’d be a actual ailing man if not asleep from blight afterwards the PSA analysis giving him a active up!!! Paul aloof angry 52!

Erin Baggett My father-in-law was actuality PSA activated every 6 months, alone because of age (he aloof angry 75). He had no affection and no allegation on abdominal exam. One year ago his PSA was 4 , so they started testing every 3 months. Aural 9 months, his PSA had jumped to 14 , but still no allegation on abdominal exam. He had automatic prostatectomy on September 15, and anatomy showed blight in the lymph nodes. He has an arrangement aing anniversary with a radiation oncologist to altercate added analysis options. If it weren’t for the PSA, he still would not apperceive that he has cancer! PSA is important and it saves lives every day!

Tish Todd Had my bedmate not had the PSA test, his blight would accept been undetected. Aural a few months, his Gleason account went from 6 to 7! This is apocalyptic of actual advancing cancer. My ancestor in law died in a amount of 6 months from actual advancing prostate cancer. Joe Todd, Tom River, NJ

Brian Kawa Had PSA arrested with cholesterol analysis at 49 no affection of any affectionate analysis came aback a 10 told it should not be added than 4 ,went for biopsy and begin it was blight and advancing bare anaplasty asap afterwards anaplasty psa is 0 and accept been a survivor for 6 activity on 7 yrs. Still blight chargeless and admiring life. Afterwards the analysis I would accept never accustomed and apparently not be actuality now. Accept the analysis it may save your activity too. No it is not 100 percent authentic but you charge to chase up with your doctor ask questions and get added tests done to get a accustomed analysis .If it were not for the PSA I would be aing to or asleep as a aftereffect of blight by now. Brian Kawa, Cheektowaga, New York

PSA Screening | ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer - high psa level chart
PSA Screening | ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer – high psa level chart | high psa level chart

Pete Jakubowski My PSA was 1.2 for years but my Urologist begin claret in my urine and Prostate Blight has taken one ancestors affiliate and two others are aggressive it, so we did biopsy and it was a 7 (3 4) so we did automatic on 3/14 … And I’m animated I did. Pete Jakubowski, Pottstown, PA

Jeff Davis Had my aboriginal anytime PSA analysis in 2002 at a veteran’s account alignment health. Primary affliction doc alleged and said I had animated PSA and referred me to urologist. Rapidly ascent PSA and biopsy confirm

Jeff Davis Had my aboriginal anytime PSA analysis at a veteran’s account alignment bloom fair at the age of 55 in 2002. Primary affliction doc got after-effects advertence animated levels and referred me to specialists who monitored rapidly ascent levels and biopsy was positive. Aitionist abatement in 2003. Animate today because of testing!

Chris Smith As allotment of his approved analysis up, a PSA analysis was performed on my bedmate both in 2009 and in 2010. His PSA akin in 2009 was 2.2, and in 2010 it was 4.4. Our Primary affliction dr. beatific my bedmate to a urologist who didn’t anticipate it was a big deal, but he did added accepted tests, afresh a biopsy. Seems he did accept cancer. And by the time he had gotten through with all the tests, biopsy and aitionist prostatectomy, the blight was in both lobes of the prostate, in the urethra, and into the bladder. We accept thanked our Primary Affliction Physician over and over for actuality anxious alike admitting his numbers were so low. Christine Smith Bethalto IL.

John Hayes PSA testing had been allotment of my accustomed concrete aback axis 50. In 2010, at the age of 57 and afterwards several years of apathetic but explainable increases, my PSA account grew at a faster rate. A barometer to a urologist and a biopsy later, a blight analysis was confirmed. Afterwards several conversations, an Animate Surveillance access was chosen. Eight months later, with my PSA account acceleration in that time frame, I absitively to accept a RALP procedure. Anatomy abode appear an upgraded Gleason score, from 6 to 7, and added bump captivation than the biopsy had revealed. In the end, I am blessed with my decision. I had a adequately rapidly growing blight removed that presented with no affection afore it had a adventitious to spread.

Bob Pereira In August, 2009 afterwards an animated psa for the fourth after year, my GP referred me to a specialist for a biopsy. My psa at that time was 4.2. The biopsy accustomed the cancer. Fortunately I got a additional assessment and the Urologist referred me to an Oncologist and an MRI was done. The MRI accustomed the blight had advance alfresco the prostate. I had analysis with zytiga, and in August of 2010 I had the RP – my psa is now 0.0. Bob Pereira; Georgetown, MA

William M Andrews ‎Colorado Springs, Co. If had not been for the PSA analysis I may not be actuality today. In a amount of about three months my PSA went from 10.24 to 14.32. So I accept to say that the blight was growing at an acutely accelerated rate. I was alone 52 years old and that was ten years ago. Today my PSA is beneath .002.

Chuck Abeln I had a PSA analysis done in Sept of ’10. My Doc did this as allotment of added testing. I had no affection of problems with my prostate. I was 48 and my account came aback @ 6. They monitored my PSA for 3 mo and it alone .3% (5.7) over that time period, I had a biopsy in Jan of ’11 and begin out I had cancer, account was 7. Had a aitionist apprentice assisted prostectomy done in March. PSA is beneath .002. If it had not been for the PSA analysis I would not accept begin out that I had cancer, because there was no concrete evidence. Chuck Abeln Champaign, Il

To see what a simple PSA screening looks like I’ve included two videos of a PSA I (Gabe Canales) had: PSA Analysis and addition PSA Test.

Have you had a PSA? Did it save your life? What are your thoughts on the USPSTF recommendations?


What to Do with an Abnormal PSA Test - high psa level chart
What to Do with an Abnormal PSA Test – high psa level chart | high psa level chart

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Seven Small But Important Things To Observe In High Psa Level Chart | High Psa Level Chart – high psa level chart
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psa numbers chart - Heart.impulsar
psa numbers chart – Heart.impulsar | high psa level chart
high psa level chart - Heart.impulsar
high psa level chart – Heart.impulsar | high psa level chart
high psa level chart - Heart.impulsar
high psa level chart – Heart.impulsar | high psa level chart

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