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Pin by Evan Hetherington on Prehistoric life in 12 | Pinterest ..
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A Highly Unusual September Soaking Into Tonight

The agenda insists it’s September 4, but I’d affirm it’s June 4, staring out my rain-splattered window. Sheets of wind-driven water, pond-size puddles, a apathetic advanced draped overhead? September is accepting a austere character crisis.

Today will be the wettest day of the week, with after-effects of rain surging beyond the southeastern third of Minnesota. Some 1-3 inch totals are accessible in the metro, with up to 5 inches of rain (roughly 6-7 weeks account of moisture) bath southeastern Minnesota afore skies assuredly dry out on Wednesday. And yes, this is a bit odd for aboriginal September.

Although the heaviest rains abide aloof south of Minnesota the closing bisected of the week, a few showers may besom southern counties, with daytime highs in the 70s.

Enjoy the cooling trend, because ECMWF models adumbrate added 80s abiding aing week. Perpetual summer.

Meanwhile Close Storm Gordon is churning adjoin Mobile and New Orleans, and models adumbration at Blow Florence impacting the Carolinas the boilerplate of aing week.

Note to self: try not to accuse about clammy shoes and alley construction.

September Soaking. 2-3″ for the actual Twin Cities busline with afterpiece to 4″ south of MSP? I wouldn’t aphorism it out, because precipitable baptize ethics (2 to 3 times accustomed for aboriginal September). The heaviest rains will arise tonight, aback 1-2″ of rain may douse Minneapolis and St. Paul. Map:

Rainfall Predictions. Models are all over the map, with anywhere from .4″ to over 2″ for MSP. Odds favor 1-2″ for the Twin Cities, with appreciably added accessible south/east of the busline area.

Praedictix Briefing: Issued Monday, September 3rd, 2018:

Tropical Storm Gordon. Abeyant Close Cyclone Seven formed bygone black amid Cuba and the Bahamas, about as of an 8:05 AM appropriate amend from the National Blow Centermost this arrangement was upgraded to Close Storm Gordon based off of apparent observations and alarm data. Gordon is bringing rain to genitalia of southern Florida this morning, with over 2″ falling at Homestead AFB over the accomplished 12 hours. As of a appropriate advising issued at 8:30 AM, Gordon had abiding apprehension of 45 mph. The centermost of Gordon was about 20 afar west of Key Largo or 85 afar southeast of Marco Island and affective to the west-northwest at 17 mph.

Path Of Gordon. Gordon will abide to move abroad from Florida through the day into the brief hours, continuing to the northwest/west-northwest over the aing several days. By tomorrow morning, Gordon is accepted to accept abiding apprehension of 60 mph and at atomic authority at that backbone through landfall ancient Tuesday Night/early Wednesday morning in southeastern Louisiana or southern Mississippi. There is some ambiguity in the acuteness forecast, and adjustments are acceptable over the aing several days. Gordon will abate already it moves inland, acceptable a post-tropical arrangement by Saturday morning beyond genitalia of Oklahoma. This arrangement will abide to aftermath airy apprehension and abundant rain afterwards landfall beyond genitalia of the lower Mississippi Valley and southern Plains.

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Tropical Storm Warnings. Due to Gordon, Close Storm Warnings are now in aftereffect beyond southern Florida for the abeyant of wind gusts up to 45 mph. This Close Storm Admonishing includes Miami.

Meanwhile, forth the axial Gulf Coast, Close Storm Warnings accept been issued beyond genitalia of southeastern Louisiana, southern Alabama, and southern Mississippi advanced of Gordon. This includes the cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Mobile. The best abeyant of close storm force apprehension will be Tuesday black into Wednesday beyond the region.

Along littoral regions, actuality are breadth Close Storm Warnings are in aftereffect according to the National Blow Center:

A Close Storm Admonishing is in aftereffect for…

* Golden Bank to Bonita Beach* Craig Key to Ocean Reef, including Florida Bay* Alabama-Florida bound westward to east of Morgan City, Louisiana, including Basin Pontchartrain and Basin Maurepas.

Tropical Storm Force Wind Arrival Time. Close storm force apprehension will abide to be accessible beyond genitalia of southern Florida throughout the day afore Gordon assuredly pushes away. As the arrangement continues northwest, close storm apprehension will abide to advance adjoin the arctic Gulf Coast, impacting areas like the western batter of Florida into southern Alabama Tuesday, afresh into the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas Tuesday night.

Flood And Storm Billow Watches. Numerous Flood Watches and Storm Billow Watches are in aftereffect beyond genitalia of the Gulf Coffer due to Gordon. Breaking bottomward the clear above:

We are additionally watching the abeyant of storm billow calamity with Gordon as well, and Storm Billow Watches are in aftereffect in amethyst aloft for genitalia of Louisiana and Mississippi. Forth the coast, those Storm Billow Watches are in aftereffect from the Mississippi-Alabama bound westward to the aperture of the Mississippi River.

Storm Billow Potential. A storm billow of up to 4 anxiety will be accessible depending on the timing of the billow and advance aeon beyond genitalia of the arctic Gulf Coffer as Gordon approaches. Storm billow calamity occurs aback ascent amnion move inland, causing commonly dry areas to be flooded.

Here’s a storm billow abeyant breakdown from the National Blow Center:

Destin Florida to the Mississippi-Alabama border…1 to 2 ft.Mississippi-Alabama bound to the Aperture of Mississippi River…2 to 4 ftMouth of the Mississippi River to the Louisiana-Texas border…1 to 2 ft

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Flood Abeyant Wednesday. Due to the abeyant of abundant rain from Gordon Wednesday beyond genitalia of Louisiana and Mississippi, the Acclimate Prediction Centermost has issued a Moderate Accident of boundless condensate that could advance to beam flooding. Hourly condensate amounts of up to 2” will be possible, and absolute amounts of 5-10” could abatement forth the aisle this system. Map: NOAA.

Jebi On Satellite. Out in the western Pacific, Draft Jebi continues to access southern Japan with the abeyant of damaging apprehension and abundant rain. Jebi continues to weaken, and as of Monday black bounded time the arrangement had estimated abiding apprehension of 110 mph (the agnate of a Category 2 hurricane) and was affective to the north-northwest at 13 mph.

Jebi Anticipation Track. Jebi will abide to move arctic to northeast over the aing brace canicule and is accepted to accomplish landfall a Kobe on Tuesday as a typhoon. Alike admitting some added abrasion above-mentioned to landfall is expected, Jebi is still accepted to accept abiding apprehension of 90 mph by Tuesday afternoon. Damaging apprehension and abundant condensate arch to calamity and mudslides are accessible from Jebi in Japan – this includes Tokyo, admitting the greatest accident will be to the west and southwest. Map: AerisWeather.

Forecast Rain Potential. There is still the abeyant that 6-12″ of rain could abatement forth the aisle of Jebi over the aing three days. This abundant rain will access the abeyant for calamity and mudslides beyond the hardest hit areas.

Midwest Rain Forecast. Added circuit of abundant rain are acceptable over the aing several canicule beyond genitalia of the aerial Midwest, decidedly from Kansas into Wisconsin, due to several systems affective through the region. Condensate totals from now through Wednesday black of at atomic 2-4″ will be possible. Due to contempo abundant rains, some calamity is already advancing beyond the region, and any added rain will accomplish the bearings worse. Map credit: Praedictix and AerisWeather.

Excessive Rain Blackmail Tuesday. Due to the abeyant of abundant rain Tuesday and Tuesday Night beyond genitalia of the aerial Midwest, the Acclimate Prediction Centermost has issued a Moderate Accident of boundless condensate that could advance to beam flooding. That accomplished blackmail breadth is positioned from southwestern Minnesota into western Wisconsin.

Flash Flood Watches. As of Monday morning, Beam Flood Watches were in aftereffect from Kansas into arctic Illinois. I would not be afraid if added watches are issued beyond genitalia of Minnesota and Wisconsin over the aing several canicule due to the abundant rain threat.

D.J. Kayser, Meteorologist, Praedictix.

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September Heat Wave Continues for Abundant of America into mid-September. Attractive out 2 weeks GFS advice keeps a heat-pump aerial over the southwest and southcentral USA, with puffs of acknowledgment air breaking up the hot, adhesive boredom for the arctic coffer of the nation.

Photo credit: “Your adenoids knows what’s on the way.” Lucy Chian/Unsplash, CC BY.

One Top-10 Account I’m Animated Minnesota Isn’t On. “They adulation us – they absolutely do LOVE us!” I had to cackle afterwards account a contempo (glowing) analysis of the Minnesota Accompaniment Fair by a New York Times reporter. As abundant as we adore actuality tucked abroad in a quiet bend of fly-over country, Minnesotans (myself included) tend to barb at abrogating reviews of our fair state. Here’s one account I’m animated we’re not on: America’s 10 Best Disaster-Prone States. California is cardinal 1, due to the abundance of quakes, floods and fires. Afresh comes Texas, Oklahoma, Washington Accompaniment and Florida. Arizona came in 21st (fire risk) and Iowa 24th (frequent floods). We didn’t actualization up in the Top 25, in animosity of our affable winters, icy commutes and casual tornadoes. Those algid fronts accept a way of immunizing Minnesota from some of the affliction acclimate on Earth.

America’s 10 Best Disaster-Prone States. This is one account you don’t appetite to be on, and I’m blessed to address that Minnesota is not on this list. US News has the report.

State of Emergency: The Best Disaster-Prone States in the U.S. Doug Whiteman at MoneyWise has added angle on accident accompanying to accustomed disasters: “It’s a catechism aloft by Americans cerebration about relocating or retiring: Breadth can I go breadth I won’t accept to anguish about disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or wildfires? Here’s an answer: Not any of these states. Admitting no abode is absolutely safe, the states on this account get hit by attributes added than others. They’re the ones breadth presidents accept declared the best aloft disasters. We’ve looked at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) annal that go aback 65 years and were accepted as of mid-July 2018. If you alive in one of these states, accomplish abiding you accept abundant insurance…”

Is California Acceptable Unlivable? The New Republic asks the question; here’s an excerpt: “…California is already a adequately chancy abode to alive compared to the blow of the country. It contains eight of the ten best air-polluted cities in the United States; air abuse can activate asthma and abortive death, and analysis arise Monday shows it can abate intelligence, too. California additionally ranks cardinal one on U.S. News and Apple Report’s account of disaster-prone states, with 281 aloft accustomed disasters aback 1953. (Texas and Oklahoma are additional and third, with 255 and 173 disasters, respectively.) The adversity baronial is due in allotment to the arduous assortment of catastrophes California consistently faces: earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, flooding, and winter storms. And this summer abandoned has provided a case abstraction on how disasters affect livability. The advancing bonfire division has yet afresh burst assorted records—including California’s bigger bonfire on record—affecting air affection in cities dozens of afar away…”

“Hunger Stones” Acknowledge Ancient Warnings in Europe. Big Anticipate reports: “…Boulders inscribed with letters like “Wenn du mich siehst, dann weine” (If you see me, weep) are acceptable arresting as the Elbe’s baptize band drops; it has accomplished beauteous lows as a aftereffect of the accepted drought. The stones acquaint of bad harvests, starvation, and aerial aliment prices alongside lists of antecedent droughts action aback to 1417. Addition bean in Germany says “If you will afresh see this stone, so you will weep, so coffer the baptize was in the year 1417.” A dozen of these rocks are acceptable arresting all over axial Europe, admonishing those who see them of woe. Ache stones are rocks apparent to actualization aback the baptize akin in a river has gotten low abundant to announce adversity is at hand…”

Photo credit: “A ache bean fabricated arresting by a low baptize level.” (Photo: Norbert Kaiser / Creative Commons)

Jaguar’s New Electric SUV Demands a New Kind of Car Review. Yes, I’m a Tesla groupie, but I’m befitting my eyes advanced open. There are some amazing, new (electric) options emerging, as accent at “I’m 40 anxiety from the Jaguar, excellent amber dent ice chrism decrepit bottomward the cone assimilate my fingers, aback I apprehend the purring from beneath the hood. Strange, I think. Aboriginal off, the car is parked. Second, it doesn’t accept an engine. It’s alone afterwards a moment that I apprehend the complete is the car arresting itself adjoin the atrocity of a summer day in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. The fast charger I’ve acquainted into the car is ramming in electrons, heating up the array pack. Add 100-degree acclimate on top of that, and you see why the fan is active at abounding pelt. It’s authoritative abiding the I-Pace, Jaguar’s aboriginal all-electric car and a austere amateur to Tesla’s EV dominance, charcoal a air-conditioned cat…”

Photo credit: “Starting at $69,500, the all-electric I-Pace runs from naught to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, with 394 application and 512 pound-feet of torque action to all four wheels. But that’s not what’s important here.” Jaguar.

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Harley-Davidson Needs a New Bearing of Riders. What do you anticipate of an electric “Hog”? I chock-full out at the Harley berth at the Minnesota Accompaniment Fair on Thursday and the bounded salesguy mentioned that it’s advancing out in 2020; a few may be accessible by backward 2019. Here’s a blow from Bloomberg: “…In the aing few years, Harley will absolution added than a dozen motorcycles, abounding of them small, lightweight, alike electric. The new Harleys are advised to about-face years of crumbling sales and address to a new rider: young, urban, and not necessarily American. Harley wants all-embracing riders to be bisected its business in the aing 10 years. “We are axis a folio in the history of the company,” says Matthew Levatich, arch controlling officer. “We’re aperture our accoutrements to the aing generation…”

Logged Off: Accommodated the Adolescence Who Refuse to Use Amusing Media. Fluke or trend? The Guardian reports: “…It is broadly believed that adolescent bodies are hopelessly adherent to amusing media. Teenagers, according to this stereotype, tweet, gram, Snap and scroll. But for every adolescent being angled over a screen, there are others for whom amusing media no best holds such an allure. These adolescence are axis their backs on the technology – and there are added of them than you ability think. While abounding of us accept been absorbed in the Instagram lives of our co-workers and peers, a backfire amid adolescent bodies has been agilely boiling. One 2017 analysis of British schoolchildren begin that 63% would be blessed if amusing media had never been invented…”

Photo credit: “Mary Amanuel, who does not use amusing media.” Photograph: Alecsandra Raluca Drăgoi for the Guardian.

Talk is Cheap: The Myth of the Focus Group. The Guardian has a alluring story; here’s a clip: “… If so, the focus accumulation is a applicable ritual for our bazaar democracy, in which political and bartering success accrues to those who can win our votes and our customer dollars. It additionally teaches us to acknowledge aloof what the accumulated and political elites charge us to acknowledge for these specific actuating projects, and helps us to comedy our assigned roles in a association breadth alone a few bodies authority absolute power. But what if focus groups accept additionally been allotment of a action in which citizenship has been bargain to consumerism – a set of choices fabricated passively, beneath constraint? Focus groups acknowledge our desires – for a bigger life, for participation, for power, to be heard – but do they additionally absolute them? Conceivably it is a action through which our aspirations become abundant smaller. We talk, we feel conceivably that addition has listened, and we appeal annihilation more…”

Illustration credit: Leon Edler.

Trump-Era Backroom Creates Turmoil, Firings, and Sometimes Great Ratings For Entertainers. The Washington Post reports: “…Late-night TV admirers are “making their decisions based on what’s accident in the White House,” said Rick Ludwin, who ran NBC’s late-night programming for years. A year and a bisected into the Trump presidency, ball companies are grappling with a fan abject that is splintering into political factions as never before. Whether in attention to absolutely political ball or the rapidly adding cardinal of entertainers who allocution about politics, Americans arise to be added addition credo into their Hollywood ­choices…”

Photo credit: “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon said in his June 25 address that President Trump “went after” him on Twitter.” (Allie Caren/The Washington Post)

1 in 50 Odds of Finding Adulation on an Airline Flight? I’m aloof blessed if I can acquisition a little bag of atom and a 10 minute nap. Actuality are a brace of excerpts from “…A new abstraction from British coffer HSBC suggests that 1 in 50 aeroplane cartage accommodated the adulation of their action on lath an aircraft. The added 49, presumably, aloof abrade the heck out of anniversary added as they travel….However HSBC’s abstraction reveals that over bisected of aeroplane cartage accept addled up a chat with a drifter on a plane. It’s not aloof adventurous relationships that are built-in in the skies. The allegation advance that one in seven fliers makes a abiding accord while aerial while 16% add a new business affiliation to their network…Some 37% of bodies abhorrence it aback cartage booty up too abundant amplitude in the aerial locker, 32% get mad if addition uses the arm rest. Falling comatose on someone’s accept (30%) and comatose (26%) are additionally fizz kills…”

Man Mauled by Bear, Bitten by Rattlesnake Now Attacked by a Shark. Remind me not to adhere with this guy, as appear by KUSA and “Dylan McWilliams is either the unluckiest guy in the apple — or the luckiest.  “I don’t know, I anticipate I’m aloof advantageous in afflicted situations,” the 20-year-old Colorado citizen says. McWilliams is currently in Hawaii, for what was declared to be a two-week continued vacation abounding of bank time and surfing. On Thursday, he said paddled out into the amnion off the south bank of Kauai, afresh commodity hit his leg. “I was attractive about and saw a lot of claret and I saw a bluff beneath me,” he said. “I started blame at it… and swam as fast as I can to shore.” He was several dozen yards out from the bank and by himself. Added surfers were in the baptize a ambit away. “The scariest allotment was aloof pond back,” he said…”

76 F. aerial in the Twin Cities on Labor Day.

77 F. boilerplate aerial on September 3.

85 F. aerial on September 3, 2017.

September 3, 1970. During the aboriginal black hours, in the bosom of a astringent barrage at Coffeyville KS, a bean 17.5 inches in ambit and about two pounds in weight was recovered. It was the bigger abstinent chunk in U.S. acclimate records. Boilerplate bean admeasurement from the storm was bristles inches in diameter, with addition bean reportedly eight inches in diameter.

September 3, 1821. A blow fabricated landfall at Continued Island, a Kennedy Airport, afresh confused through western Connecticut. The blow produced a almanac advance at New York City.

September 4, 1992: Aboriginal morning storms aftereffect in 3/4 to 1 3/4 inch barrage in Hennepin, Dakota, Rice and Goodhue Counties.

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September 4, 1941: A accumulation of tornadoes hits Minneapolis, New Brighton, and White Bear Lake, killing six people.

September 4, 1925: The third afterwards day of 95 degrees or aloft occurs in the Minneapolis area.

TUESDAY: Abundant rain, storms. Minor calamity possible. Winds: SW 10-15. High: 77

TUESDAY NIGHT: Added abundant rain. Lingering flood risk. Low: 62

WEDNESDAY: Damp start, afresh apathetic clearing. Winds: N 8-13. High: 72

THURSDAY: Partly brilliant and comfortable. Winds: E 7-12. Wake-up: 55. High: 75

FRIDAY: Clouds access – air-conditioned breeze. Winds: SE 7-12. Wake-up: 54. High: 74

SATURDAY: Sunshine north, few showers far south. Winds: SE 7-12. Wake-up: 57. High: 73

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy, abandoned shower? Winds: SE 7-12. Wake-up: 58. High: 75

MONDAY: Adhesive again, devious T-shower. Winds: S 8-13. Wake-up: 63. High: 81

Climate Stories…

Photo credit: “A 747 All-around Airtanker makes a bead in advanced of advancing bonfire from a bonfire Thursday, August 2nd, 2018, in Lakeport, California.” Kent Porter /The Press Democrat/AP.

Video credit: “Greenhouse gases balloon from Arctic lakes.” NASA.

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Top 12 Best Dog Crate Reviews – Best top care with dogs – pet porter size chart | pet porter size chart

Algae Bloom in Basin Superior Raises Worries on Altitude Change and Tourism. The New York Times has added details: “In 19 years of aerodynamics his baiter about Basin Superior, Jody Estain had never empiric the baptize change as it has this summer. The basin has been almighty mild and cloudy, with blubbery mats of algae blanketing the shoreline. “I accept never apparent it that warm,” said Mr. Estain, a above Coffer Guard affiliate who guides fishing, cavern and kayak tours year-round. “Everybody was talking about it.” But it was not aloof recreational assemblage forth the shores of the basin who noticed the changes with concern. Basin Superior, the bigger of the Great Lakes with added than 2,700 afar of shoreline, is the latest anatomy of baptize to arise beneath added analysis by scientists afterwards the actualization this summer of the bigger accumulation of green, arising algae anytime detected on the lake…”

Photo credit: “Scientists accession samples of the algae. Basin Superior is one of several aloft bodies of baptize breadth algae blooms accept fatigued accurate scrutiny.” Credit: Brenda Moraska Lafrancois.

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