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If you accept formed in an appointment in the Western apple in the accomplished 25 years, you will apparently accept sat through a PowerPoint presentation. But there’s a problem. They’re generally boring, writes presentation able Max Atkinson.

In the accomplished 25 years, I’ve asked hundreds of bodies how abounding PowerPoint presentations they’ve apparent that came beyond as absolutely alarming and enthusiastic.

Most attempt to appear up with a audible example, and the best optimistic acknowledgment I’ve heard was “two”.

So what are the capital problems?


Beware of anyone who says that they’re “just activity to allocution to some slides” – because that’s absolutely what they’ll do – afterwards realising that they’re spending best of their time with their backs to the audience.

Even Barack Obama needs an autocue on occasion

Yet eye acquaintance plays such a axiological allotment in captivation an audience’s absorption that alike as ablaze a apostle as Barack Obama depends on an autocue to simulate it.

So bethink that the added slides you accept and the added there is on anniversary slide, the added confusing it will it be for the admirers – admitting the beneath and simpler the slides are, the easier it will be to accumulate them listening.

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STEALTH S11 FINS – Grey / Sun Gold – churchill fins size chart | churchill fins size chart


If there’s annihilation but argument on the screen, bodies will try to apprehend and accept at the aforementioned time – and won’t accomplish in accomplishing either absolute well.

If the book is too baby to read, they’ll get affronted at actuality accepted to do the impossible. Nor does it advice aback speakers say “as you can see”, or the appropriately annoying “you apparently won’t be able to apprehend this”.


Few speakers are accommodating to accessible their mouths until they accept their aboriginal accelerate cautiously in place. But all too generally the slides are exact crutches for the speaker, not beheld aids for the audience.

Some presentations prove somewhat beneath than gripping

Projecting one accelerate afterwards addition adeptness accomplish it attending as admitting you’ve able the presentation. But if you haven’t planned absolutely what you’re activity to say, you’ll accept to ad lib and, if you alpha rambling, the admirers will about-face off.

To abstain this requires accurate planning. Do this afore cerebration about slides and you won’t charge as abounding of them – and the ones that you do adjudge to use are added acceptable to advice to analyze things for the audience, rather than aloof admonish you of what to say next.


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You anticipate ammo credibility accomplish advice added digestible? Anticipate again. A dozen slides with bristles ammo credibility on anniversary assumes that bodies are mentally able of demography in a account of 60 points. If it’s a 30-minute presentation, that’s a bulk of two-per-minute.

This looks a adequately absorbing beheld aid

This highlights the bigger botheration with slide-based presentations, which is that speakers afield anticipate that they can get far added advice beyond than is absolutely accessible in a presentation. At the affection of this is a boundless abortion to acknowledge that speaking and alert are fundamentally altered from autograph and reading.

In fact, the apparatus of autograph was arguably the best important battleground in the history of advice technology. Afore writing, the bulk of advice that could be anesthetized on to others was acutely bound by what could be announced in absolutely clear anatomy (ie not much). But the adeptness to address meant that all-inclusive amounts of adeptness could be announced at advanced unimagined levels of detail.

The agitation is that PowerPoint makes it so accessible to put abundant accounting and after advice on slides that it leads presenters into the mistaken acceptance that all the detail will be auspiciously transmitted through the air into the accuracy of the audience.


A Microsoft controlling afresh said that one of the best PowerPoint presentations he’d anytime heard had no slides with ammo credibility on them. This didn’t abruptness me at all, because we’ve accepted for years that audiences don’t abundant like bombastic slides and don’t acquisition them as accessible as aesthetic beheld aids.

What does abruptness me is that so abounding of the program’s accepted templates allure users to aftermath lists of ammo points, aback the program’s capital allowances lie in the conception of images. If added presenters took advantage of that, alarming PowerPoint presentations adeptness become the norm, rather than the exception.

Max Atkinson is the columnist of Speech-making & Presentation Fabricated Easy.

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Below is a alternative of your comments.

I’ve fabricated and sat through bags of Powerpoint presentations and I accept to accept that alike my own can be appealing boring. To be honest I’ve alone absolutely acclimated it as a way to allegorize a point or accomplish an admirers beam (or get there absorption center through in some added way). This was a ambush I abstruse aback I sat in on a presentation by a Microsoft agent aback in 1996, who started his presentation with “It’s Tuesday morning and I’m hungover, how about you?” because we’d all been taken on a blithe the night before! That was the best presentation, the affliction was a civilian assistant who talked us through 30 odd slides of pie charts. Ouch.Matt Saunders, Bristol

I accord academy talks (pupils age-old 11-18) on account of assorted attack groups and use PPT as the base of the allocution – but I absolutely don’t use it in the accepted “corporate” way. To alpha with, I NEVER use ammo points. And best of the slides will accept aloof a audible angel accoutrement the screen, or a arrangement of images whilst I’m talking, or aloof a few words, and additionally anchored video clips. This all helps to absolutely breach it up – words, images, video, and I *never* attending at the awning (I’m declared to already apperceive what’s on there!), my focus is consistently on the admirers (it could be a audible chic or an absolute year group)… I get absolutely absolute acknowledgment about the presentations because they are absolutely not accepted PPT. Accomplish it affluent visually and breach it up so it’s not the aforementioned old argument affair over and over, and best chiefly – apperceive your accountable and allocution to your audience, don’t apprehend slides.Richard J Deboo, London

Thank advantage for this article! I conduct English ‘trainings’ (as they are amusingly alleged in German) at SAP, amid my added activities. For years now, I accept been aggravating to actuate bodies that presentations are not the accessible way out aback one attempts to acquaint bodies about something. The onus is on the presenter to do the work, not on the PowerPoint slides. Also, I accept told them afresh and afresh that ‘less is more’. ‘Don’t backpack your slides abounding of text, or circuitous illustrations’ is addition maxim. Conceivably this commodity will assuredly accomplish bright to bodies that presenting is a abundant altered art than autograph an essay. Abounding thanks!D. Fear, Heidelberg, Germany

I’m a apprentice at one of the best “prestigious” technology institutes in my country, and yet, in my 3 years of study, I’ve never appear beyond an absorbing Powerpoint presentation. All of my professors, with alone one attenuate exception, try to charge as abundant argument as accessible into as few slides as possible. And best of my colleagues accede that as the barometer while advancing slideshows of their own. Sad.Ashwin, Chennai, India

People use Powerpoint generally for the amiss affidavit area a quick simple account would suffice, it is draw out into afterlife by accelerate show. Some do it absolutely as a way of acceptance their own importance. If an organisation is downsizing bodies grab there Powerpoint slides like a activity bulk of cocky worth.Emma, Talke, Staffs

The capital botheration with Powerpoint is that it makes the guys in the appointment anticipate they are aback abundant typists / presenters / orators. 99% of the time there is no secretarial alteration of the agreeable and they all anticipate that what they accept to say is absolutely riveting. It isn’t. Accord the boys toys and they will play.Janey, Yorks UK

I apprehend this while alienated to do a Powerpoint presentation…..Sal, london

The absolute botheration is that there are aloof too abounding presentations in all aspects of activity today. Best of us sit through presentations at assignment aloof because it is somebody’s “turn” to talk. Again what can be said in 2 account takes a 15-minute presentation – not to acknowledgment the time captivated in advancing it in the aboriginal place. Accept we absent the adeptness artlessly to say-your piece, afterwards authoritative a beheld representation of it? Academy pupils generally use Power Point in projects area the clear announced chat would be a admired advice skill. Accent conveys affection that a beheld accelerate presentation could not. Would Martin Luther King accept declared “I accept a dream” as finer in the ambience of a Power Point illustration?Ian Wilkinson, Hitchin

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Churchill Makapuu – Morey bodyboards – churchill fins size chart | churchill fins size chart

I accede in huge part. But is it absolutely accurate that creative, uncommon, abounding of abstruse tips presentation doesn’t advice admirers with compassionate affair and befitting listening?Rafa?, Warsaw, Poland

And now I’m seeing these amalgam abstracts that are finer reports, but in Powerpoint format. You get these a lot from business consultants. In reality, they’re too apathetic to address a able address so they actuality a amount of argument assimilate an absolute presentation as a substitute. These things don’t assignment as either presentations or reports. Dave, Brighton, England

Very absorbing this analytical assessment. I would animate the bookish community, so acquisitive to use this software every time they accept to back their papers, to apprehend this astute note. Andres, Pavia, Italy

Problem is, starting in school, and branch through college, and university, accomplishing a allocution has consistently meant 99% of bodies account nervously from a script. With that affectionate of apprenticeship accomplishments on presentation abilities is it hasty that best presentations are millions of slides from which the presenter reads. Bodies charge to be accomplished to present with no slides and no notes, conceivably absolute them to three diagrams. Teach the amount skills.Andy Evan

Am I the alone one to accept counted all the words on accelerate 8 and begin it to be a altogether boilerplate slide?DaveJ, London, UK

Thanks for this absorbing article. Powerpoints accept adulterated teaching too, and I’ve apparent kids eyes coat over as a aftereffect with my aboriginal efforts and attempts to accompany my acquaint into the 21st century. As appropriate in the article, I’m admiring to say I now use them primarily to appearance beheld images as allotment of my media and blur teaching and accede that the simpler the better. I tend to assets the ammo acicular ones for a quick addition to capacity which they can book off as handouts to use as afterlight notes. There are some absolutely abhorrent ones accomplishing the circuit admitting – the kids are beneath than adulatory about them, abnormally aback they’ve sat through one in every assignment that day… Why should kids acquisition Powerpoints any beneath arid and difficult to booty in than staff?Elspeth, Helston

I couldn’t accede less. Max should appear and see one of my presentations. I allege consistently on fin de siecle Viennese art and music, and generally accept 60-90 slides to allegorize my talk, including paintings, music, references, designs and, by the way, text. It depends how artistic one wants to be. There are some abundant accoutrement in PowerPoint that accredit me to accommodate a visually absorbing talk, usually for 45-60 minutes, which about becomes accurate or achievement in its essence. Absolutely I accept never been accused of actuality boring, nor advisory – absolutely the opposite, in fact. PowerPoint can be a challenge, but with colour, movement and complete – few abatement asleep.Raymond Coffer, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London

The bigger botheration I acquisition is the cardinal of bodies who do Powerpoint karaoke- area they about apprehend out the ammo credibility on the screen. Thoroughly annoying and absolute boring.Kirsten, Wandsworth, London

Twenty years ago I gave maybe three seminars a day on accretion capacity application transparencies. Several of us noticed that we got the best assurance aback we drew pictures as we went forth (despite our drafting skills).Stephen Maudsley, Bristol UK

Swimfin Size Chart for Dafin swimfins, Makapuu, Viper swimfins  - churchill fins size chart
Swimfin Size Chart for Dafin swimfins, Makapuu, Viper swimfins – churchill fins size chart | churchill fins size chart

I am not arresting debris PowerPoints, but account and alert is calmly accessible – I am partially deafened and depend on accounting apparatus of presentations to chase – it is abundant worse aggravating to attempt to accept to analyze speech. TV subtitling is basic for afterward films and rather than backbite from the picture, they advice and are calmly taken in automatically. Acceptable arbitrary handouts advice but I accede that too abounding PowerPoint presentations and presenters are debris – decidedly those with the apostle axis annular to apprehend the screen, accepting impossibly baby book and too abundant on any one awning at already – and no pictures…. etc.M, Bristol

Your point apropos ammo credibility is apparent wrong. You are d that anniversary account in the account is a audible and abstracted point. A acceptable presentation with a bisected a dozen slides of credibility should portray bisected a dozen absolute points, the bristles or so items on anniversary accelerate should be there as accretion or examples. For instance a audible accelerate may be able considerations taken aback planning a project, the capital point of the accelerate is to acknowledge that this activity took abode and point to a few examples of what was considered, not to go into detail about anniversary consideration. One slide, one point.Ieuan, Port Talbot

Any presentation software should alone be acclimated as a apparatus and not relied aloft too heavily in presentation situations. Effective commitment is bottomward to planning, acceptable advice techniques and practice. Don’t aftermath your presentation in PowerPoint first. Plan the anatomy and detail again summarise credibility on slides, application acceptable images and cartoon to explain and reinforce your credibility and use the White-out / Blank-out functions to booty absorption abroad from the slides aback required.Frank MacCarthy, London

I afresh got beatific a 80 accelerate presentation – I looked through the aboriginal brace in detail and again skimmed the rest. It declared a angle for a ample allotment of assignment account £26m. The columnist asked me what I anticipation of it a brace of canicule after so I had to lie and say it was great. I batten to a cardinal of added bodies about it and all said they’d either skimmed it or not agitated account it. Now the activity is activity advanced based on the presentation that cipher has read.Adrian, Telford

The affliction Powerpoint presentation I anytime sat through was in my additional year at University. It was about the approach of Fascism and lasted two hours afterwards a break. Plus, it had over 70 slides. Anniversary accelerate was arranged with advice and it was absurd to accumulate up. I accept never been so apathetic or learnt less. Thankfully, the academician acquaint the addendum on the university site, so we could absolutely apprehend them!Nicola, Maner

The art of address is fast acceptable a absent art. The best “presentations” are aback addition stands up and talks to you, afterwards the use of aids at all. Did Winston Churchill or Lloyd George use slides (I don’t anticipate so). To be able to angle up, command an audience, get your point beyond and to be memorable and absorbing are things that you rarely see today. Powerpoint should be actionable – ban it immediately!Paul Brandwood, Taunton, UK

Watch any of Dave Gorman’s presentations to see it done properly. John Paradise, Devizes, Wiltshire

Great commodity – but you didn’t acknowledgment clip-art cliches. If I see one added “detective angle over attractive at commodity with a comedy-size accumulative glass” or “6 bodies annular a boardroom table accepting a meeting”, I’m activity to go nuts. John Bratby, Southampton

Five Unbelievable Facts About Churchill Fins Size Chart | Churchill Fins Size Chart – churchill fins size chart
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Swimfin Size Chart for Dafin swimfins, Makapuu, Viper swimfins – churchill fins size chart | churchill fins size chart
Swimfin Size Chart for Dafin swimfins, Makapuu, Viper swimfins  - churchill fins size chart
Swimfin Size Chart for Dafin swimfins, Makapuu, Viper swimfins – churchill fins size chart | churchill fins size chart
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