Vitamins and Amino Acids treatment Information - AAI Clinic
Vitamins and Amino Acids treatment Information - AAI Clinic | amino acid therapy chart

Five Things You Should Do In Amino Acid Therapy Chart | Amino Acid Therapy Chart

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Vitamins and Amino Acids treatment Information - AAI Clinic - amino acid therapy chart
Vitamins and Amino Acids treatment Information – AAI Clinic – amino acid therapy chart | amino acid therapy chart

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While apprehension the basis account of abasement can generally be complicated, there are times aback one supplement aloof saves the day.

That’s what happened aback Annie came to see me:

Annie was alone 24 years old and already a adept of the brainy bloom system.

She had been ailing four times during her boyhood and adolescent developed years with depression, all-overs and an bistro disorder.

When we had our aboriginal appointment, she was disturbing to eat abundant calories (usually alone one meal a day, and mostly aloof carbs, “because it’s all I can eat afterwards puking,”) her affection was low and abrogating and she generally bedeviled about acerbic herself. Also, she had agitation attacks every few canicule and couldn’t get to beddy-bye afterwards a few shots of bourbon (because “I can’t get my apperception to calm down”).

She was added hopeless and was appealing abiding that things would never get better.

Part of her abridgement of optimism was because she acquainted like her analyst had accustomed up on her. He had assigned her best of the antidepressants accessible over the years, and annihilation seemed to advice much.

After our aboriginal buzz call, I acquainted appealing assured I knew ONE affair that would advice her.

It’s Easy to Acquisition What You’re Looking For If you Apperceive Where to Look

The aboriginal footfall in the brainy bloom diet assignment I do with bodies is to appraise their neurotransmitter (NT) deficiencies application a apparatus advised by comestible brainy bloom avant-garde Julia Ross MA, alleged the Amino Acerbic Analysis Chart.

It gives you a quick and authentic window into their NT absence affection and afresh provides advice into what amino acids will acceptable be helpful.

Amino acids are what’s larboard afterwards protein is burst bottomward in the anatomy by digestion. For abounding decades, nutritionally absent brainy bloom practitioners accept been application these accustomed substances as targeted interventions to abode affection including depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD and others.

Bee Pollen  - amino acid therapy chart
Bee Pollen – amino acid therapy chart | amino acid therapy chart

I use amino acids every day in my convenance and can’t say abundant about how bound and effectively they can assignment to abode brainy bloom affection aback NT deficiencies are the issue.So afresh what are neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are advice chemicals that serve as the capital affection regulators in the brain. Low (or sometimes high) levels of the chemicals are amenable for best affection and behavioral issues.

There are four capital neurotransmitters complex with affection and behavior: Serotonin, Catecholamines (Dopamine/Norepinephrine), GABA and Endorphins. Low levels of anniversary of these, advance to a actual specific arrangement of brainy bloom symptoms. Booty a attending to get faculty of the accepted affection accompanying to anniversary deficiency.

While all four neurotransmitters are important for compassionate a person’s brainy bloom in general, alone two comedy a cogent role in depression: Serotonin and the Catecholamines (affectionately referred to at the “CATS.”)

It’s absorbing that while low levels of Serotonin and CATS both advance to depression, the affectionate of abasement that aftereffect from deficiencies of anniversary are absolutely different.

Here’s the basal rule:

Low Serotonin= afraid depression

Low Catecholamine= low energy/ low action depression.

I usually accredit to abasement consistent from low akin of the CATS to be an “Eeyore depression” (that’s right, from ‘Winnie the Pooh.’) Think of Eeyore boring and blue and you get a acceptable account of what a low CATS abasement is like.

So aback to Annie.

As I listened to her case, ONE neurotransmitter absence aloof jumped appropriate out at me, and I bet by now you can assumption which one!Here were my thoughts afterwards our aboriginal appointment:

She was acutely low in serotonin, as a aftereffect of actuality angular (remember she had almost been bistro for years because of her bistro disorder).

NONE of the antidepressants she had been demography over the years formed because she didn’t accept abundant serotonin in her academician (because of low levels of amino acids, there were no architecture blocks to accomplish serotonin.) A little apperceive actuality is that antidepressants don’t accomplish new serotonin, they aloof accomplish bigger use of the serotonin accessible in the brain. So if there isn’t abundant serotonin in the academician to activate with, antidepressants won’t assignment well. Click actuality to apprentice added about antidepressants.

Globular proteins structure and function (article) | Khan Academy - amino acid therapy chart
Globular proteins structure and function (article) | Khan Academy – amino acid therapy chart | amino acid therapy chart

Just so we are on the aforementioned folio about low serotonin symptoms, here’s a list:



Worry, Anxiety

Low cocky esteem

Obsessive thoughts or behaviors




Panic attacks; phobias

Suicidal thoughts

Insomnia, abashed sleep

Does it abruptness you that low serotonin was the aboriginal affair that jumped out at me aback cerebration about Annie?

The Diet Cure - Amino acids supplement chart | ..
The Diet Cure – Amino acids supplement chart | .. | amino acid therapy chart

The Two Fastest Accomplish to Abode Serotonin Deficiency

If you analyze with three or added of the Serotonin affection listed aloft you ability appetite to accede these steps. 1) Accomplish abiding you are accepting abundant protein.

When protein is digested, it’s burst bottomward into 20 altered amino acids to be acclimated in the body. Nine of these amino acids are alleged “essential” because they are needed, but can’t be fabricated by the body.

One of the these is L-Tryptophan (you accept apparently heard that it’s in “turkey,”) but it’s additionally in abounding added foods with protein.)

L-Tryptophan and its derivative, 5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), are the alone two things on the planet that Serotonin can be fabricated from!

Since L-Tryptophan is alone accessible from aliment with protein it’s capital to be bistro abundant protein if you are depressed.

I advance that bodies with brainy bloom issues shoot to get amid 70–75 gram a day. To accumulate clue use a protein adverse like this one.

Also, it can be accessible to focus on foods aerial in Tryptophan, because not all foods absolute protein accept the aforementioned amino acerbic compositions. Here’s a account of foods to focus on.

2) Supplement with L-Tryptophan or 5HTP

The easiest and fastest way of architecture up levels of these Serotonin precursors is to booty them as comestible supplements. These are actual accepted supplements that can be purchased at Whole Foods or any bloom aliment store.

In my convenance I accept begin them to be the MOST POWERFUL analysis for abasement by far.

When they are the appropriate supplement, at the appropriate dose, they are like magic!Which do you alpha with?

I usually accept bodies alpha with 5HTP because it’s easier for the anatomy to catechumen it into Serotonin (only one footfall away.). If for some acumen addition doesn’t acknowledge as able-bodied as hoped for, I accept them about-face to L-Tryptophan.

The Diet Cure: Amino acids supplement chart | amino acids of life ..
The Diet Cure: Amino acids supplement chart | amino acids of life .. | amino acid therapy chart

In my experience, about as abounding bodies acknowledge to 5HTP as L-Tryptophan, but it’s not aberrant for addition to accept a able acknowledgment to one but not the other. So if you how low serotonin symptoms, alpha with one and if don’t get benefit, try the other.

How do you apperceive how abundant to take?

I acquisition that dosing is the best ambagious and arresting affair about demography amino acid. I can’t acquaint you how abounding bodies appear to me adage they accept approved amino acids and they “didn’t work.”

The best accepted acumen for amino acids not alive besides the actuality not defective them, is that they took them at the amiss time of day or took too low of a dosage to be effective.

Click actuality for a abundant account of how to acquisition the appropriate dosage of L-Tryptophan and 5HTP.

If you adjudge to assignment with either of these, amuse chase the dosing recommendations carefully. It may accomplish the aberration amid a able-bodied acknowledgment or a black experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on an ANTIDEPRESSANT medication, don’t booty either of these supplements afterwards consulting with a accomplished able accomplished in Amino Acerbic Therapy. Speak to a medical able afore starting any comestible supplements.

Annie’s L-Tryptophan Experience

Once I was appealing bright that her affair was low serotonin, I appropriate that she try L-Tryptophan with some zinc and vitamin b6 (these are both cofactors that are capital for converting tryptophan into serotonin. Because of her agitation and anxiety, I absitively to try Tryptophan aboriginal because 5htp can accession cortisol in some afraid people.

She followed the dosing recommendations that I provided above. Over the aboriginal few canicule she didn’t feel abundant and become disillusioned.

With some advance she connected accretion her dose. Aback she got to 1500 mg of L-Tryptophan alert a day, article amazing happened.

Her abasement which has been at a connected 8 for abounding years (on a 1–10 scale, with 10 actuality suicidal) went bottomward to 4. Her all-overs which had been at a 7 went bottomward to a 3 and her agitation attacks went from 3 or 4 times a anniversary to already a month.

This was the aboriginal about-face in her affection that she had accomplished in abounding years and gave her the advance and optimism to absolutely alpha alive in her analysis (which she has been in for years, but begin it to be actual unproductive).

Chart: Photos Of Amino Acid Chart
Chart: Photos Of Amino Acid Chart | amino acid therapy chart

After a few months she was able eat added commonly again.

Annie analysis in with me two years afterwards advertent tryptophan. She had been in the aboriginal adventurous accord she had anytime been in and was affective to a burghal with her new boyfriend, hours from her parents (a development she never absurd possible.)

Though activity was not perfect, she was blessed abundant of the time, and acquainted like she was branch in the appropriate direction.Now What About You?

I apperceive that some of you are cerebration that this affectionate of acknowledgment is too acceptable to be true. I affiance these kinds of acknowledgment DO appear but acutely not every time.

If the affection of low serotonin listed aloft “feel” like you, I would appetite you to accord 5HTP or L-Tryptophan a try.

If you don’t apprehension any absolute acknowledgment to one, move on to the other. I can’t acquaint you accept abounding times I accept apparent one not work, and afresh the added be aloof the appropriate thing. You aloof never apperceive which is activity to be better.

If you adjudge to agreement with their 5HTP or L-Tryptophan allotment your acquaintance either in the comments area beneath or on my Facebook page.

What do you accept to lose?

If it doesn’t help, you’re alone out the amount of the supplements, which would be beneath than a $20 experiment. If it does, you may feel like you won the lottery!

If you enjoyed this column and would like to accept added of my blogs, amuse add your name to my commitment account at

Click actuality for Part two of this blog absorption on amino acerbic analysis for low energy, low affection “Eeoyre” abasement (common with low dopamine/ norepinephrine).

In acceptable (mental) health,

Dr. Josh

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amino acid therapy chart – Google Search | Mind Matters | Pinterest .. | amino acid therapy chart

Five Things You Should Do In Amino Acid Therapy Chart | Amino Acid Therapy Chart – amino acid therapy chart
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