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The aboriginal affair you see is a brace of legs. Afresh a beam of sunlight, bright through the windows of a academy classroom. Afresh a bottom borer impatiently adjoin the abject of a desk. Afresh the active of a clock. Afresh the adamant bang of a pen on a thick, arid book. A wild, awe-inspiring and admirable agreeable adventure is about to begin, and actually two decades on, these final attentive abnormal feel like a countdown: the bang of a song about to backfire into life, and a activity about to backfire into song. 

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Britney Spears was aloof 16 years old aback her admission distinct  was aboriginal released, and appropriate from the three-note piano burden that begins the track, there’s a abandon and a ball to it that both belies her breakable years and is actually constant with them. Her bareness isn’t aloof bugging her, it’s killing her. She doesn’t aloof appetite her spurned drove to alarm her one added time, but to hit her. There’s a ambiguous atmosphere of religious adherence there, too: “I still believe”, “I confess”, “give me a sign”. It is, in abounding ways, the absolute adumbration for the anxious of our boyish years, a aeon of activity aback aggregate is atomic and all-important all at once.

The dancing is apparently best declared as “enthusiastic”. A aloft point bouncer for her academy basketball team, neither classically accomplished nor decidedly bendy, Britney about dances with aloof two capital anatomy parts: her accoutrements and her hair. The accoutrements point and circle and agitate and bash like she’s aggravating to bulwark off the world’s bigger army of hornets; the beard flips alluringly aback and alternating and annular and round, like a brace of jeans in the abrasion machine. It’s an athletic, able-bodied dance: the ball of addition who ability not charge to dance, but really, actually wants to.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (second and third from left) cut their teeth on Mickey Mouse Club (Rex)

“If I accept a lot of afraid energy,” she would say a decade later, aback the troubles in her claimed activity were aggressive to absorb her whole, “when I alpha dancing it all goes away. And I aloof feel emotion.”

Nothing in the song, however, will acquaint you annihilation about Britney herself: how old she is, area she’s from, what she’s been through. Over the consecutive two decades, this has been a alternate theme. These days, there’s a actualization of irony to Britney as a pop ablaze that mirrors our self-referential age. On her official online store, you can buy a brace of wine glasses blazoned with the words “Sip me babyish one added time”. Four years ago, aback she acclimatized in Las Vegas to advance her address there, she was greeted by hundreds of admirers cutting her signature babe accouterments from the “…Baby One Added Time” video: mid-length skirt, knee-high socks, civil white academy shirt with the cape tied. Occasionally it’s adamantine to apperceive area the admiration ends and the caricature begins.

By the about-face of the century, Britney was the bigger pop ablaze on the planet by a continued way (Getty)

And these days, it’s appetizing to see Britney as a array of accolade artisan to herself. It’s been 10 years aback she had a platinum-selling album, about 14 aback she aftermost had a abandoned No 1 single in this country. Two decades afterwards its antecedent release, “…Baby One Added Time” is still her bigger agent by miles. It’s awash about alert as abounding copies as annihilation abroad she anytime did. She may accept outgrown those aboriginal years, but she never outran them.

Back then, though, it was all still raw, fresh, spellbinding, whether you admired it or hated it. On an aesthetic level, “…Baby One Added Time” is acclimatized with alteration the advance of accepted music, council it out of its introspective, alternative-rock-tinged vibe and ushering in a new age of – as the video’s administrator Nigel Dick put it – “fun, life, colour, energy and a bit of ”. On a claimed level, Britney became accepted for cutting her fragilities as a brand of honour, to the point area you could about still call them as fragilities (and aback you anticipate about it, “…Baby One Added Time” is about a song about crushing affliction belted out like an allotment girl-power anthem). At its best basal level, though, it was aloof a girl, not yet a woman, 16 years old, singing and dancing her affection out: a affection abounding of music and adulation and absurd dreams.

Spears and Timberlake accomplish at the Super Bowl bisected time actualization in 2001 (Rex)

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Something wasn’t right

During the 1980s, the US address amount rose for the aboriginal time aback the postwar babyish boom. According to the Apple Bank, the cardinal of accouchement actuality built-in per mother rose by about 20 per cent amid 1976 and 1990: a address that as the aeon drew to a aing was growing into actually fledged adolescence. At the aforementioned time, abstruse and bread-and-er changes were fuelling an aberrant bang in the bartering activity of pop music. The CD had definitively usurped the cassette. Americans were spending added of their assets on recorded music than at any point in history, afore or since. Afore long, Napster and Kazaa and Web 2.0 and Apple and Spotify would accompany the accomplished archetypal aition spectacularly down. But as of the backward 1990s, you could hardly brainstorm added accessory altitude for cultivating a boyhood pop phenomenon.

A almanac ambassador and aloft airship magnate alleged Lou Pearlman spotted a gap in the market. Two of his boy bands, the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, were already alpha to accretion traction, and so he absitively to put calm a babe accumulation to accompaniment them. As he scouted about for girls to audition, an associate alleged Lynn Harless had a suggestion. Harless was the mother of Justin Timberlake, a aloft Mouseketeer on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club who had afresh been recruited to NSYNC. And she knew aloof the girl.

Britney Spears, the babe of a daycare administrator and a architecture artisan from Kentwood, Louisiana, never had her affection set on actuality a pop star. She’d consistently apparent herself as added of a singer-songwriter, in the attitude of Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray or Jill Scott. And her accomplishments was in agreeable theatre, accepting confused to New York at the age of 10 to arise in an off-Broadway production, alone to acknowledgment with astute homesickness. (Her place, incidentally, was taken by a adolescent adolescent ablaze alleged Natalie Portman.)

Britney’s affair with Timberlake was played out in the attainable eye (Reuters)

But what she actually wanted, aloft all else, was to perform. And accepting spent two years in Florida alive on the Mickey Mouse Club, accepting acclimatized herself to an amaranthine treadmill of singing lessons, ball classes, auditions and filming, she already knew how the business worked. Alike at her bashful age, Britney was developing the shape-shifting acquiescence that would accomplish her such a adverse pop star. “Being an entertainer,” she afterwards said, “you continued to amuse people. And become what they appetite to see.” Or as Chuck Yerger, her arch at Disney would put it: “She had an unshakeable acceptance that adults would never beacon you wrong, and that you should do as you were told.”

In July 1997, Pearlman’s advocate Larry Rudolph abiding auditions with a cardinal of almanac labels in New York, accompanied by promo pictures featuring Britney lounging about her aback garden in denim hotpants. Mercury and Epic, aloof with her demeanour and articulate range, angry her down. But Jive Records – to that point abundantly accepted as an R&B and hip hop characterization – absitively to booty a punt.

According to John Seabrook’s book The Song Machine, the aboriginal appetite was to about-face Britney into array of American Robyn: a low-maintenance pop artist who would agitate out up-tempo dance-pop hits afterwards fuss. A arrangement was signed, but there was a catch: Jive could aish it aural 90 canicule if they absitively things weren’t alive out. And so, accepting assertive Britney to canal her ambitions and embrace activity as boyhood popper, Jive set her up with a able but active Swedish songwriter alleged Max Martin.

Show me how you appetite it to be

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As the adventure goes, the melody for the song that would end up alteration Max Martin’s activity consistently came to him as he was falling comatose one night. Afterwards a while, he absitively to booty himself out of bed to accomplish it to tape. Accepting been the frontman of a glam metal bandage in the aboriginal 1990s, Martin is said to accept an bright singing articulation of his own, but about cipher has anytime heard it. He hardly anytime gives interviews. In a way, he and Britney were the absolute partnership: a ablaze still analytic for her voice, and a articulation with actually no appetite to be a star. 

According to Jive’s A&R man Steve Lunt, who is quoted in Seabrook’s book, Martin originally envisaged “…Baby One Added Time” as an R&B song. “Whereas,” Lunt says, “in absoluteness he was autograph a Swedish pop song. It was ABBA with a groove, basically. No atramentous artisan was activity to sing it. But that was the ability of Max Martin. Afterwards actuality actually acquainted of it, he’d artificial a ablaze complete all his own.” Martin aboriginal offered “…Baby One Added Time” to TLC and Robyn, who both angry it down. That was the point at which Jive asked him to sit bottomward with Britney in New York.

Recording began at Martin’s studios in Stockholm in aboriginal 1998. From an aboriginal point, Martin seems to accept realised that he had a attenuate and abnormal artisan on his hands. It was he who bizarre the now-distinctive Britney growl, application a Latin American apparatus alleged a guiro – a array of alveolate tube that you rub with a stick to aftermath a throaty, abrasion noise. It’s the complete you can apprehend on the “I” of “I still believe” in the song’s chorus, and already you apprehend it for the aboriginal time, you can’t stop audition it in Britney’s work.

At its heart, “…Baby One Added Time” is a song about longing. She let him go. She wants him back. It’s a admiring that all-overs her with the backbone of a thousand thunders, apprenticed on by that agitated riff, the attenuate (and absolute Martin-esque) accouterment from above to accessory that altogether reflect the agitation of the afflicted boyish mind. For all the confected, vaguely agog abuse that greeted the song’s release, it’s not so abundant about as it is about lust: the abysmal and aching abandoned you feel aback you admiration commodity you can’t have. Nor, admitting its evocative pay-off, is it a song about sadomasochism: Martin argues that the “hit me” of the choir is artlessly an attack at delicacy in a accent that is not his first. If it’s not absolutely innocent, afresh it’s by no bureau literal, either: a adequately acceptable aphorism of deride to administer to Britney’s career as a whole.

Spears was controversially profiled in ‘Rolling Stone’ 1999: the ‘ babe of pop’ was 17 at the time (Alamy)

The video was attempt over two backbreaking canicule at Venice House Academy in Los Angeles, the aforementioned academy area Grease was filmed two decades earlier. The aboriginal abstraction was to blur it as a Power Rangers-style cartoon, alone for Britney to nix that advancement on the area that the song was actuality marketed at teens, not tweens. The abstraction of Britney and her classmates trapped in a airless classroom absent about boys was one she came up with herself. The academy uniforms were agilely sourced from K-Mart, and afterwards a brace of takes Britney begin the cape of the shirt were accepting in the way of her flailing arms. And so, as it angry out, the bald midriffs that so scandalised the snowflakes of Middle America occurred abundantly by happenstance.

It’s important to agenda how abundant of Britney’s aboriginal success was apprenticed by her own imagination. Afterwards all, who was activity to accept a bigger handle on the whims and tastes of the boyish bazaar than one of their absolute own? What’s decidedly striking, from annual the accounts of how Britney’s career came together, is aloof how bright her eyes of it was. She knew what she capital to attending like, she knew what she capital to complete like, she knew how she capital to appear across. Trouble was, others generally had a altered opinion. And over the consecutive months and years Britney would ascertain what happens aback an aggressive adolescent pop ablaze collides bang with the images and expectations projected assimilate her.

It’s not the way I planned it

Jive was delighted with the results. Assertive it had a massive hit on its hands, it started mapping out a barrage strategy. In the summer of 1998, Britney went on a civic publicity tour, assuming the song in arcade malls up and bottomward the country. Two months afterwards its antecedent release, “…Baby One Added Time” hit No 1 in the Billboard charts, a accomplishment it would bout in about every country it was awash in.

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A address in Las Vegas has accepted Britney’s constant address (Rex)

It hit the UK in February 1999, entering the archive in the aforementioned anniversary as “Runaway” by The Corrs, “Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill and “Sunburn” by Michelle Collins off Eastenders. It concluded the year as the biggest-selling song of the year, alive 1.4 actor copies. By which time the Britney abnormality had amorphous in earnest; powered by the aroma of novelty, a define business campaign, Britney’s own active application and a ually answerable allure that was alone vaguely her own.

By way of example, apprehend the way Britney was declared in a now acclaimed Rolling Stone contour in March 1999: “Britney Spears extends a adulatory thigh beyond the breadth of the sofa, befitting one bottom on the attic as she does so… The logo of Spears’ blush T-shirt is beefy by her abounding , and her cottony white shorts – with aphotic dejected brim – adhere snugly to her hips. She cocks her arch and smiles receptively.” Afterwards in the article, the byword “bubblegum jailbait” makes an appearance.

This was, lest we forget, a 17-year-old adolescent actuality declared here. Was this as creepily awe-inspiring in 1999 as it now feels in 2018? Either way, Britney herself initially approved to comedy bottomward the acceptation of the risqué photoshoots and ualised adumbration that a avid media were all too agog to appoint aloft her. “It’s like on TV, if you see Jennifer Adulation Hewitt or Sarah Michelle Gellar annihilate someone, do you anticipate that bureau they go out and do that?” she argued. “Of advance not. I don’t appetite to be allotment of someone’s Lolita thing. It affectionate of freaks me out.”

From the absolute moment she emerged, then, Britney was conceived in agreement of her uality. An innocent animadversion in an annual about absent to bottle her virginity until alliance was lecherously discussed and probed for years afterwards. You could altercate about the admeasurement of her own bureau here, the admeasurement to which she was an aimless or alike an afraid actor in her own lascivious myth-making. But alone dictators anytime get full, unmediated ascendancy over their attainable image. And what is absitively is that no American pop ablaze had anytime been discussed in these terms, this widely, at this adolescent an age. Cipher can actually brainstorm what acclaim will feel like until it smacks them in the face. And for the above protagonists in “…Baby One Added Time”, the rollercoaster ride that they were about to go on would bandy them all in berserk altered directions.

Max Martin thrived, activity on to become one of the world’s greatest and best abounding pop songwriters. Whether it’s The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”, Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” or Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, affairs are you’ve danced to one of his hits at some point in the aftermost two decades. Rudolph, the man who alien Britney to Jive, survived, absolute Britney’s administrator to this day. Pearlman, anytime on the anchor for a quick buck, died in a Florida bastille in 2016, accepting concluded his career in abasement afterwards actuality begin accusable of active a massive Ponzi scheme.

Britney, on the added hand, did a little of all three. Powered by the drive of her admission single, a arid touring agenda and a cord of bona fide hits – the ballsy “Oops! I Did It Again”, the bathed “I’m A Slave 4 U”, the aces “Toxic” – she bound became the bigger pop ablaze on the planet. Over time, though, the atrocious treadmill of celebrity began to booty its toll. A turbulent, about scavenged claimed activity saw the breakdown of a agitated accord with Timberlake, a brief alliance to a adolescence acquaintance alleged Jason Alexander, and addition bells in 2004 to one of her dancers, Kevin Federline, in which the benedict and his affair all wore analogous white tracksuits with the chat “Pimp” on the back.

That, remarkably, was not the low point. The specifics of her much-publicised brainy breakdown in 2007 abide buried in mystery, but what we saw with our own eyes – the baldheaded head, the real-time panic, the anesthetized blaze – was agonizing enough. Britney is still ambidextrous with the bequest of that episode: as a aftereffect of decisions taken on psychiatric admonition added than a decade ago, she charcoal clumsy to accomplish key claimed or banking decisions afterwards the approval of her ancestor and her lawyer. Afflicted macho artists are generally accustomed the authorization to “own” their claimed agitation for aesthetic benefit. Britney wasn’t alike accustomed to own her coffer account.

But as the accepted meme reminds us, Britney survived 2007. She’s managed to accession two children. She’s performed an acutely advantageous Vegas residency, with addition appointed for 2019. And quietly, she’s been putting out some of the best music of her career. But at the aforementioned time, as the acrid blaze of pop superstardom has confused assimilate other, newer acts, she seems to accept receded from appearance somewhat: upending the acceptable accord amid aerialist and admirers by acceptable over time not added accessible, added familiar, added tangible, but less. Two decades into her career, can we actually say we apperceive Britney Spears at all?

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Give me a sign

Tucker Carlson: You’re activity to be on the National Mall soon, assuming for Pepsi and the NFL, and additionally to abutment our troops. A lot of entertainers accept appear out adjoin the war in Iraq. Accept you?

Britney Spears: Honestly, I anticipate we should aloof assurance our admiral in every accommodation he makes and should aloof abutment that, you know, and be affectionate in what happens.

Carlson: Do you assurance this president?

Spears: Yes, I do.

Carlson: Excellent. Do you anticipate he’s activity to win again?

Spears: I don’t know. I don’t apperceive that.

(Interview on CNN, September 2003)

In August this year, Britney brought her Piece Of Me bout to the rather alien surrounds of the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough. As she lip-synched her admission hit to a blood-soaked but athrill North Yorkshire crowd, she seemed abnormally dislocated. The brittle chords and burning exhausted of “…Baby One Added Time” had been reimagined as a array of Gothic piano ballad, accompanied by dancers address behemothic bat wings. The analgesic riff had been excised, forth with best of the percussion. Anytime the professional, she flailed her accoutrements about and aerated her hair, aloof like she knows how. But as the song segued afterwards commemoration into an “Oops! I Did It Again” medley, it was accepted to wonder: is she still a performer, or artlessly a barge for a achievement that was conceived, devised and choreographed continued ago?

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There’s a apathy to her these days. She’s apparent it all, and yet she’s still going. And over two decades, she’s performed a rather accurate trick: she’s gone from ablaze to anti-star, the cabal who became the outsider, the ultimate artefact of the pop apparatus who became its best high-profile victim (which may additionally explain why she has become a chiefly accepted gay icon).

And yet about none of this anytime seems to affect on her absolute music. With the barring of “Piece Of Me” – a cartoonish, tongue-in-cheek bluster at the abridged media – Britney doesn’t use pop as her pulpit, as a bureau of clearing array or articulating a apple view. In an age area actuality a arresting changeable in music generally entails actuality the baton of a account as well, in an age area alike Taylor Swift feels accountable to attach her dejected colours to the mast, Britney artlessly carries on accomplishing what she’s consistently done: churning out danceable bangers to a loyal and agog fanbase.

Her absolute attrition to backroom now feels refreshingly anomalous, about oldschool. In the hours afterwards Donald Trump’s inauguration, some of the world’s arch pop stars – Rihanna, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Adele – acquaint pictures of Barack Obama on amusing media in adherence with the approachable president. About the aforementioned time, Britney acquaint a account of a baby dog with a creamy amber coat, accompanied by the caption: “How I feel aback I ablution my hair”.

At times, she’s been corrective as the aimless adumbration of Bush-era conservatism, at others as the boyish insubordinate who kicked out at the machine, alone to get kicked aback harder. Neither affectation actually seems to fit her. Did she own her changeable or was she endemic by it? Was she a feminist figure or a post-feminist sap? Was she confined by the macho gaze, or was there commodity empowering, alike subversive, in the way she angry it aback in on itself?

Britney was affiliated to Kevin Federline from 2004 to 2007 (Getty)

These are all accordant questions, and they may to a ample admeasurement still actuate how you feel about her. But at this point in Britney’s career, it begins to feel a little like a absurd escapade, an exercise in intellectualising an artisan who at no date in her career has anytime accepted that we intellectualise her. Perhaps, two decades in, all we can actually say for abiding is that “…Baby One Added Time” is one hell of a tune.

Earlier this year, one die-hard Britney fan, aggravating to explain his attraction in Time Out magazine, provided conceivably the best and best blunt defence of Britney yet offered. “She’s a animal acquittal from 2018,” he said, and conceivably – all civil banality a – there’s commodity to that. Her boyish abandon may be able-bodied abaft her. She may accept been through a apple of pain. She ability never anamnesis the blood-tingling drive or great optimism of those aboriginal years in the business. And she never actually was that acceptable a dancer, aback you anticipate about it. But at least, afterwards two decades of agitation and turbulence, she’s endured: still here, still advisedly Britney.

Maybe the acumen it feels so accustomed to accredit to her on first-name agreement is that for all her blurred mystery, in abounding bureau she charcoal wholly relatable to anyone who’s acquainted burden to attending and act a assertive way. Who’s anytime approved to antithesis the appetite to amuse with the appetite to airing your own path. Who’s anytime acquainted judged, trapped in a web of anybody else’s expectations. Who’s anytime acquainted like they’re actuality abstinent adjoin an absurd standard: accepted to be adorable and yet homely, affluent yet humble, an apotheosis of ancestors and an apotheosis of fantasy.

And then, there are the genitalia we can about envision. Actuality chased through your hometown by photographers on motorbikes. Sensing stalkers alfresco your bedchamber window. Watching assembly and ex-boyfriends acknowledge your best affectionate secrets for money. Actuality asked assorted times, in public, on camera, by complete strangers, whether you’ve absent your virginity yet. Seeing your adolescence dream refracted through a actor awful macho lenses. Perhaps, on reflection, the absolute phenomenon is how she’s managed to accumulate the actualization activity for so long. 

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