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12 Inspirational Pics Of Dod 12 Certification Requirements Chart ... | dod 8140 certification requirements chart

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Being ashore in yesterday’s cerebration isn’t a new botheration for the U.S. military.  In 1898, Alfred Mahan said that “no account can or should be accepted to ameliorate itself.” Fast-forward to the 1950s and Curtis LeMay, anytime the cardinal bombing evangelist, absolved ICBMs as “f—king firecrackers.” And up until a decade or so ago, the abstraction of application drones to bear firepower ran up adjoin every pilot in the Aegis Administration who saw it as a blackmail to their jobs and identity. It comes as no shock again that the military’s requirements generators didn’t dream up the Predator bombinate — the abstraction started in Abe Karem’s garage.

12 Inspirational Pics Of Dod 12 Certification Requirements Chart ..
12 Inspirational Pics Of Dod 12 Certification Requirements Chart .. | dod 8140 certification requirements chart

Failures of acuteness are a alternating botheration for the U.S. military. But in today’s fast-paced and awful contested world, this short-sightedness is added alarming than ever. The acceleration at which America’s adversaries and competitors can acreage new capabilities and the clip at which technology changes puts the Aegis Administration at absolute accident of accident its abstruse advantage. It is able-bodied accepted that China, for instance, is rapidly developing and deploying new capabilities in bogus intelligence, breakthrough computing, and amplitude that may accord it cogent aggressive advantages.

A aloft allotment of the military’s attempt to accumulate up with, abundant beneath breach advanced of, all-around and abstruse change lies in its requirements action — the starting point of the accretion action and, essentially, how the Pentagon abstracts out what to accommodate its forces. This access to aloft arrangement requirements (known as the Collective Capabilities Integration Development System, or JCIDS) is alone and slow. A 2011 address on the Army, for example, appear it takes on boilerplate 15-22 months to get requirements approved. The Pentagon usually thinks it knows what it needs, and it has no botheration demography a continued time account all the ins and outs of what it wants to buy.

In Volume I of its final address appear this January, the Section 809 Panel categorical a new archetypal for an accretion arrangement that leaves abaft today’s religious adherence to byzantine processes. Instead, it envisions a dynamic, outcomes-focused arrangement with one axial mission: carrying capabilities that bottle the U.S. military’s dominance. Accepting the accretion arrangement geared against outcomes doesn’t aloof beggarly that application needs to be faster and the accretion association smarter about realities on the ground. It additionally agency the administration — and, added importantly, the account branches — charge accessible themselves to altered account on how to accomplish their missions. To stoke accurate innovation, the accretion action needs a new starting place: a beginning access to requirements that focuses beneath on internally engineering solutions and added on compassionate problems, minimizes accidental authoritative requirements, and opens the doors for antagonism from industry to beforehand new solutions.

A Primer on the Requirements Process

Today’s requirements action traces its origins aback to the Nixon administration’s efforts to barrier aegis spending. The aboriginal charge on the accretion system, DoD Charge 5000.01, totaled aloof eight pages. It was issued to accommodate advice for convalescent how the Aegis Administration would accomplish its accretion arrangement (including the requirements process). JCIDS was created in 2003 to abutment the Chairman of the Collective Chiefs of Staff and the account branches in free and prioritizing the military’s adequacy gaps and needs. Abundant of the requirements action as it exists today in JCIDS is due to both actual antecedent and the charge to ensure collective capabilities amid the services.

Microsoft Certification Training: The Complete Guide - Updated 12
Microsoft Certification Training: The Complete Guide – Updated 12 | dod 8140 certification requirements chart

The Aegis Department’s circuitous accretion arrangement has three commutual processes: requirements development (JCIDS), allotment (Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System), and accretion (Defense Accretion System). Below is a actual ambagious snapshot of how these three apparatus are affiliated and how the absolute accretion arrangement functions.

Programs move through a alternation of development phases, anniversary of which is completed by casual a milestone. At anniversary anniversary a chief decision-maker (called the anniversary accommodation authority) reviews abundant documents, plans, and acknowledging abstracts afore acceptance the affairs to beforehand afterpiece to development and deployment. At the top of the blueprint sits the JCIDS process.  JCIDS is both the baseline for how the absolute administration determines requirements and a afterlife book for innovation.

JCIDS: Collective Cutting-edge Account Afterlife Sentence

Under the JCIDS process, the Aegis Administration about predetermines the band-aid it seeks, spending far too little time allegory and absolutely compassionate the botheration and the abounding ambit of agency to breach it. The requirements action winnows aggressive proposals from industry bottomward to alone those that adjust with the band-aid the administration autonomous to pursue, potentially years afore anytime initiating a competition. Official advice states that Anniversary A (a analytical aboriginal date in the accretion process, additionally alleged the Accident Reduction Decision) is an “investment accommodation to accompany specific artefact or architecture concepts.” In added words, by this aboriginal stage, the acute accommodation has already been fabricated about the attributes of the solution. By the time they get to Anniversary A, the requirements developers best adequate accept already authentic the artefact they appetence to acquire, accept amorphous systems engineering to “support alternative of a adopted armament solution,” and started architecture their adopted band-aid into the accretion strategy. A afterpiece attending at the blueprint aloft offers a glimpse into how abundant occurs afore extensive Anniversary A, back a affairs can activate accepting a accustomed artefact or design.

DoD Directive (DoDD) 12  - dod 8140 certification requirements chart
DoD Directive (DoDD) 12 – dod 8140 certification requirements chart | dod 8140 certification requirements chart

Among the abstracts a affairs aboriginal produces is the antecedent capabilities document, itself composed of abundant added abstracts including cardinal advice and a capabilities-based assessment. The affairs again creates added documents, including an assay of alternatives, a action with assorted accomplish and acknowledging documents, to appraise altered avenues of access to developing or accepting the adapted capability. All this is afore a address (i.e., requests for proposals from industry) can alike be released. Typically, already the appeal for angle is released, it generally either signals or absolute identifies the adopted band-aid with abundant blueprint and abstruse requirements.

An alignment that generates requirements for a new adequacy through the JCIDS action tends to accomplish requirements that attending actual agnate to the technology and platforms already accepted to that organization. Surface warfare admiral tend to adopt manned ships; pilots access against planes with a cockpit; and armor admiral appetence added armor. Bureaucracies generally become conjugal to assertive missions and technologies, and angrily abide changes or perceived threats to either.

Politics aural and amid the casework additionally leads to accidental achievement ambit award their way into the requirements. Where added than one account has a claim for a accustomed accretion (for example, the F-35 Collective Strike Fighter), there is no allurement to cut out one adapted achievement constant in favor of another. The added stakeholders invested in an accretion and its requirements, the added adequate the affairs will be accustomed resources, and the harder it will be for Congress or the administration to kill. As requirements edge out of control, the time to commitment block added and further. The result? The aggressive acquires capabilities that are generally unimaginative, ailing conceived, or artlessly anachronistic afore they are anytime deployed (assuming they are anytime deployed at all).

Go Faster, But Absorb Added Time Compassionate Problems

Inside this issue: Points of Contact: E-mail: Group ciog-12 ..
Inside this issue: Points of Contact: E-mail: Group ciog-12 .. | dod 8140 certification requirements chart

Discussions with bodies circuitous in acquisitions accept fabricated it bright that JCIDS has acquired into a slow, arduous action that ethics cautiously crafted requirements over both accession and the appropriate commitment of capabilities. One accessible band-aid to bearing affection requirements faster is to abate affidavit and approval levels.

Since the 1970s, the affidavit articulating guidance, behavior and regulations, and centralized blank and controls has ballooned into bags of jargon-filled pages. The requirements action has become overburdened by action and oversight. For example, accretion affairs managers are appropriate to accomplish both an accretion action and an accretion plan, which are generally duplicative in content. Assorted offices abutment anniversary footfall in the requirements action by bearing yet added duplicative documents, such as an assay of alternatives abstraction guide, an assay of alternatives abstraction plan, and an assay of alternatives final address for anniversary aloft acquisition. Added still, anniversary certificate is vetted by assorted average stakeholders as requirements accomplish their disturbing way up the analysis alternation to the ultimate accommodation makers. There’s artlessly too abundant fat in the process.

Although JCIDS is still the accepted for requirements generation, it isn’t the alone way to bear high-quality capabilities. Special Operations Command’s adaptation of JCIDS (SOFCIDS) is abundant added able than around the blow of the Aegis Department. Special Operations Command has altered breadth back it comes to accretion because their mission is added fast-paced than abundant of the military, and it is additionally not affairs aloft systems like the account branches are.  Nonetheless, Special Operations Command’s accent on proactiveness and accommodation should be a archetypal for the department. Aggressive timelines and basal affidavit are capacity throughout the SOFCIDS action advice (which is not about available). Right up front, the action states, “Unlike JCIDS, the SOFCIDS action may alpha with validation of a adequacy assembly document.” For context, the adequacy assembly document, which covers the advice appropriate for producing, testing and deploying a new capability, doesn’t action aural the JCIDS archetypal until Anniversary C (the point at which a accommodation is fabricated to activate antecedent assembly or fielding of a capability). Anniversary C generally is generally accomplished months, years, or alike decades afterwards a claim was accurate in the aboriginal place. In added words, Special Operations Command cut out a cogent block of the blow of the Aegis Department’s requirements process; yet it still accomplishes the military’s best ambitious action missions and maintains the world’s best able angry force.

While an expedited accretion timeline is appealing, activity fast for the account of activity fast is not necessarily the way to consistently “deliver achievement at the acceleration of relevance” — a key point from the 2018 Civic Aegis Action that Deputy Secretary of Aegis Robert Assignment fatigued afresh to the Section 809 Panel. The administration needs to booty time to accomplish abiding it’s advancing a smart, able acquisition. But spending time autograph achievement and engineering requirements creates barriers to adequate ideas. The accepted action encourages the Pentagon to internally advance its adopted band-aid and abstruse specifications; the achievement generally lacks imagination, fails to accommodated the warfighters’ absolute needs, or delivers an anachronous band-aid to yesterday’s problem. A bigger access is to absorb time compassionate the basal needs of the administration and warfighters. Exploring today’s — and tomorrow’s — problems will crop greater accuracy for the aggressive and animate industry to accomplish added able and artistic solutions.

There are acknowledged examples that the administration can attending to as afflatus for alive its requirements action to a analytic process. The Hacking for Aegis affairs is a abundant starting point. The affairs teaches acceptance to breach bottomward and thoroughly analyze problems, again breed and iteratively advance acute solutions. The affairs afresh accustomed a nod from Congress, which gave the secretary of aegis ascendancy to armamentarium Hacking for Aegis training and apprenticeship programs. Teaching both the operational and accretion communities to analyze and acutely clear problems will advice accessible the aperture to accession and new agency of accepting the mission done.

Test Certificate T 12 Certification Chart Fresh Shrm Certification ..
Test Certificate T 12 Certification Chart Fresh Shrm Certification .. | dod 8140 certification requirements chart

Don’t Use Antagonism Aloof to Fill Requirements; Use Antagonism to Advice Figure Them Out 

When the Aegis Administration requests proposals from contractors, it overwhelmingly uses statements of assignment or achievement assignment statements to specify achievement and abstruse requirements. Statements of assignment appoint abundant tasks, timelines, and deliverables on contractors, while achievement assignment statements authorize objective, assessable outcomes that the architect is answerable to meet. This banned what solutions contractors can action in acknowledgment to a address by advice high-level requirements into abundant specifications. Because both statements of assignment and achievement assignment statements are about prescriptive, they absolute the antagonism action to comparing versions of the aforementioned account and capabilities, rather than adopting a antagonism of differing solutions. By not adopting a accurate antagonism of ideas, this authority stifles innovation.

Building an outcomes-based arrangement requires added advancing antagonism to analyze avant-garde account and capabilities at the alpha of the accretion process. For instance, rather than statements of work, the administration could use statements of objectives to accessible the aperture to potentially antithetical solutions and bigger ascertain and accomplish achievement requirements. Largely underutilized by the department, statements of objectives authenticate a about-face in thinking. They acquaint high-level achievement objectives, rather than abstruse requirements, giving contractors elbowroom in chief how best to accomplish those objectives. By putting solutions in antagonism with one accession through statements of objectives, hack-a-thons, or added means, the Aegis Administration can apprentice added about what is accessible and use insights from beyond the bazaar to accretion smarter solutions to its cardinal and operational problems.

Create Amplitude for Change

The Pentagon needs to abbreviate the chock-full authority that has seeped into accretion and requirements generation. It additionally needs to absorb beneath time allegorical requirements and put added activity against compassionate and analytic problems. Where problems are complex, novel, or decidedly risky, a antagonism of solutions or account should be pushed up to the advanced of the accretion process. By absolution a appeal for angle with a account of cold above-mentioned to extensive Anniversary A, for example, the Pentagon could accumulate a ambit of actual altered perspectives from the absolute exchange on how to accomplish the aftereffect it seeks. Not until again should the administration activate to actuate what it will acquire. If the band-aid is complete and an adequate business proposition, the administration can move advanced and buy that band-aid — no charge for added competitions and amaranthine approval chains.

DoD Directive (DoDD) 12 (12) and GIAC Certification - dod 8140 certification requirements chart
DoD Directive (DoDD) 12 (12) and GIAC Certification – dod 8140 certification requirements chart | dod 8140 certification requirements chart

Congress may additionally charge to change or analyze accordant statutes to acquiesce the Aegis Administration to absolution requests for proposals after “firm” requirements and cut binding affidavit bottomward to the bald essentials. The administration would additionally charge to alter the afterlife of behavior that administer the requirements and accretion processes. Both Congress and the administration accept apparent cogent appetence for this affectionate of change. For example, in accession to acknowledging Hacking for Defense, the administration is accretion the SOFWerx model, which relies on challenges and hack-a-thons to allure avant-garde solutions to civic aegis problems.

Reorienting the administration against creatively analytic problems requires apprenticeship and training of both the operational and accretion communities. The Pentagon’s ability and administration charge to let go of the abstraction that absolute ascendancy over the accretion action produces affection and minimizes risk. This change in cerebration will booty time and advised administration from Congress, the department, and the services. Ability won’t change after aboriginal creating new incentives, a new system, and new processes and guidance. The U.S. aggressive has to accessible its doors for added Abe Karems and their crazy ideas.

Jarrett Lane is the Chief of Staff for the 809 Panel and is researching barriers to access into the aegis bazaar for avant-garde companies. He additionally afresh co-founded Beforehand Intelligently, a non-profit allowance communities accord with the impacts of confusing technologies. 

Michelle V. J. Johnson supports the 809 Panel as managing editor, IT aggregation researcher, and amount accounting standards aggregation lead. A above English professor, she takes an bookish access to her collaborations with assorted analysis teams. She becoming her PhD in English Literature at Michigan State University.

Image: Syednairb/Flickr

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