11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart
11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart | ford arena evansville seating chart

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This is a blitz archetype from “The Five,” October 4, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart - ford arena evansville seating chart
11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. I’m Jesse Watters forth with Adjudicator Jeanine Pirro, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5 o’clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

A Fox Annual alert: The address is in, senators accept been reviewing the FBI’s award on Supreme Cloister appointee Brett Kavanaugh, and according to assembly attorneys board chairman, Chuck Grassley, there’s no adumbration of misconduct. Two key ambivalent GOP senators, Susan Collins and Jeff Flake, now suggesting that they’re annoyed with the report, as majority baton Mitch McConnell gets the affray rolling on a vote, ambience cloture vote for tomorrow morning. Admiral Trump offered his acknowledgment this morning on Twitter. This is now the 7th time the FBI has advised Adjudicator Kavanaugh. If we fabricated it a hundred, it would still not be acceptable abundant for the obstructionist Democrats. Aftermost week, all Democrats could do is beef about absent an FBI report.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF.: All we accept asked for is that there be an FBI investigation.

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO, D-CALIF.: I’m activated that the FBI analysis is activity forward.

SEN. DICK DURBIN, D-ILL.: This bearings becoming an FBI investigation.

SEN. PATRICK LEAHY, D-VT.: Let the FBI do what they should done afore accept a absolute investigation.


WATTERS: So they’re allegedly blessed with this report, right? No.


SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN, D-CALIF.: It looks to be a artefact of an abridged analysis that was bound conceivably by the White House. I don’t know.

SENATE MINORITY LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: We accept abounding fears that this was a actual bound action that would constrain the FBI from accepting all the facts. Those fears accept been realized.


WATTERS: All right, Juan, you’ve got your FBI investigation. What is the botheration now?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I anticipate you’ve aloof heard it. I anticipate it was articulate absolutely well. This is a whitewash, a sham, and what you accept the bodies who are in the business of blame this through like it’s a weight sled. It is activity to advance it through, you know, get it done. Adage to the FBI, oh, you accept a few days, but aloof annual nine people. Don’t annual the principals. Don’t annual Adjudicator Kavanaugh. Don’t annual Professor Ford. Don’t annual the bodies who accept appear forward, according to her attorney, about 40 bodies who appear advanced adage this man was artful the board with absorption to his behavior in aerial academy and academy and his bubbler in specific, and he’s the choir boy and he’s the virgin, you know, allegedly not so. But the FBI, they don’t appetite to apprehend it.


WATTERS: Why would you annual Kavanaugh and Ford afresh afterwards they were already beneath adjuration for hours.

WILLIAMS: Because you appetite — this is a animal bearings that she is accusatory about and calling it an assault. And I anticipate that you would appetite to accept the agents allege to her accurately and in some clandestine and to try to get her to accommodate added advice if possible.

WATTERS: They could accept interviewed her in private, judge, if this was kept confidential.


WATTERS: . they could accept had a continued crank at this.

JEANINE PIRRO, CO-HOST: Look, for you to alarm this a blanch is cool and I’ll acquaint you why.


PIRRO: The alone whitewash, if you appetite to use that term, is aback Dianne Feinstein absitively that she was activity to sit on that affair for two months, and afresh breach it aback they accomplished there was no added way they could stop him from accepting to the Supreme Court. Now, they are adage that, you know, use it, there’s alone a few canicule to investigate. Let me ask you this, were you accusatory aback there was an analysis of — what his name, Anthony Weiner by the FBI? Three hundred thousand emails. If they appear out the FBI and they says there’s annihilation abrogating there, afresh it charge be good. It was like six days, all right? No one was accusatory about that. There is annihilation to investigate. The affidavit is there. A abomination prosecutor was there. Bodies cantankerous appraise her, they cantankerous appraise him. I don’t apperceive what you’re bedlam at, Juan.

WILLIAMS: You’ve said there’s annihilation there. How could you say there’s annihilation there?

PIRRO: Because there is annihilation abroad there. Anybody that she said corroborated her aback she was either a cheat or out of her mind. You acquaint me why all four bodies she mentioned said we accept no abstraction what she’s talking about. The woman was acclimated by the Democrats, and the Democrats are the one who are at fault.

WATTERS: Well, addition aloof as accursed up as Adjudicator Jeanine was Agent Chuck Grassley. Let’s accept to what he had to say.


SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY, R-IOWA: Now, I would never use the chat affected news. I accede you association policemen for our autonomous arrangement of government, but I appetite to appearance you area some of you accept bias. I’ve had demonstrators in my arrangement for two weeks now, both for Kavanaugh and adjoin Kavanaugh. And one time the bodies that were for Kavanaugh capital to be interviewed. And they’ve said we alone — we’re alone absorbed in interviewing bodies adjoin Kavanaugh. Now, that’s a bent that none of you should be appreciative of.


WATTERS: I accept never apparent Agent Grassley.


DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I mean, it wasn’t actual acceptable temperament.


PERINO: I mean, I’m aloof cat-and-mouse to see the vice-chairman to say I’ve never apparent annihilation like it. But you apperceive what? I anticipate he was absolutely adapted because alike bodies who accept dedicated the columnist and annual the columnist can attending at these aftermost three weeks and say a lot of this is malarkey. And it is about — he’s talking about his own claimed acceptability as able-bodied as the administrator of the committee. He’s the one who was kept in the aphotic about the letter that Dianne Feinstein captivated for three months, and they put it in the aftermost minute and he had to go through this process. I anticipate that for Democrats, arguing action now and calling a abhorrent affray on the FBI investigation, it’s not a champ for them.

WATTERS: How cartel the Democrats catechism our institutions? The FBI is above reproach, Juan. We’re all accustomed to do that.

WILLIAMS: Oh, my gosh.

WATTERS: Greg, what do you anticipate about all this chaos?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, aboriginal of all, they’ve said that this was too bound a process. These are the bodies that aback they had an befalling to annual the principles, like Dr. Ford, the senators instead recited adulation poems. The alone bodies that asked absolute questions was Rachel Mitchell. The Democrats aloof afresh the aforementioned byword over and over again. You’re a hero. You’re a hero. Bravo, bravo. But they didn’t ask the adapted questions. So they’ve had their chance. Dianne Feinstein is the aftermost actuality on the planet to say — to allege anybody of constraining. She sat on that letter so long, you could see the Donna Karan banner on it.



GUTFELD: Let’s not balloon the media, OK? Because they — I achievement they allotment some brooding on this because aboriginal you approved rape, afresh you approved boozing, afresh you approved ice throwing, afresh you approved the devils triangle, and afresh — whenever you approved to acquisition somebody to allege somebody of something, it was all couched in assurance accent like, you know, I didn’t see it appear but I heard about it from somebody else. And afresh aback the FBI go and chases it down, there is absolutely annihilation there. Like chiffon structures in a absolutely bad country, they abatement afar at the arch wind. The added assignment actuality is you’ve got to ask why so abounding bodies kept their active bottomward during this, alike as the claims became added ludicrous. Why didn’t anybody angle up and allotment the risk? And I accommodate Republicans in this. Is because they didn’t — they were abashed that if they aloft their head, they would get hit too, they would get accused too, and that — it aloof drives me basics because that accustomed and enabled this mob aphorism to booty place.

WATTERS: You apperceive you’re adapted about that. And it’s not aloof the senators. It was bodies on television.


WATTERS: We’ve been about this table and I accept to couch aggregate I say about this case, I accept Dr. Ford believes article bad appear to her. I don’t appetite to abuse Dr. Ford. And it gets to a point that afterwards a while and you attending at all the affirmation appear forward, it looks like she may not accept been cogent the accuracy with every distinct affair she said.

WILLIAMS: What makes you say that, Jesse?

WATTERS: Anticipate about it, Juan. She had no specifics with absorption to the time or the place. Every actuality that she said was there couldn’t approve it. The accomplished affair about the additional aperture doesn’t add up aback you attending at the permits. The aerial affair was a ruse. Her attorneys didn’t alike acquaint her that she was — the assembly board to California. There’s a lot of actuality there that seems actual fishy.

WILLIAMS: But, Jesse, that’s why we bare a absolute investigation.


WATTERS: So this wasn’t a absolute investigation?

WILLIAMS: No. This was not a absolute investigation.

PIRRO: Why not?


PERINO: There wasn’t a columnist conference.

WILLIAMS: This was a set-up.

ford center disney on ice Archives - Free Chart Templates For Work Ideas - ford arena evansville seating chart
ford center disney on ice Archives – Free Chart Templates For Work Ideas – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart

PIRRO: Jim Comey didn’t appearance up.

(CROSSTALK) WILLIAMS: No, I mean, I’ll you what the absolute victim here, by the way. The absolute victim is assurance in our court. I don’t anticipate the Supreme Cloister is activity to be trusted. And I anticipate Adjudicator Kavanaugh, and I don’t anticipate — I anticipate Adjudicator Kavanaugh’s standing, you know.


WILLIAMS: Can I accomplishment for aloof a second?

WATTERS: Go ahead.

WILLIAMS: I anticipate Adjudicator Kavanaugh adapted bigger because I anticipate if they had done a abounding report, he could accept been appropriately exonerated. Instead, what this comes bottomward to is.

PIRRO: Do you apperceive what a full.


WILLIAMS: Wait, let me finish. Republicans accept said I will never let Hillary Clinton accept an arrangement to the Supreme Cloister in four years. Here’s bodies like Richard Burr. Here’s bodies like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul. This is what they did.

PIRRO: Accumulate the backroom out of it, Juan.

WILLIAMS: It’s not accessible at this point.

PIRRO: Do you apperceive what a 302 is?


PIRRO: Accept you anytime looked at a 302?


PIRRO: How did you get your easily on a 302?


PIRRO: Really? OK, 302’s are annihilation added than analytic reports. They’re not recorded. There’s no audio. They’re not signed. It’s the FBI’s admission or appraisal of what the actuality said. It doesn’t come.

WATTERS: And if they capital to accept a fuller investigation, they could accept started this in August. Greg, let’s get the aftermost chat here.

GUTFELD: So, we apperceive backroom is poison, and I’m an doubter aback it comes to religion, but I apperceive one affair about in my 12 years of Catholic Church, it was that beheading was an important accident because it was advised to authorize a bank amid amends and mob rule. Christ died so that the mob wouldn’t survive, right? He got there. He took — he died for everybody’s sins. This is what — what the Democrats are aggravating to do is breach bottomward the bank amid amends and mob rule. They absitively to excruciate addition already again. That’s what’s wrong.

WATTERS: All right. Democrats’ absolute advance on Brett Kavanaugh backfiring on them aloof in time for the midterms, we’ll booty a attending at that next.



HOUSE MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: I acceptance there’s a affinity that bodies accept with the bodies that they respect. Crazy about Putin, in adulation with Kim Jong-un, thinks Kavanaugh is a abundant ethical person. You apperceive what? He doesn’t alike apperceive what he’s talking about.


WILLIAMS: Could a Brett animation be advancing to a midterm a you? Top Republicans cogent Axios that they see boundless billow in GOP aborigine enthusiasm, it’s powered by abutment for Kavanaugh, and Democrats’ attacks on his Supreme Cloister nomination. White Abode Columnist Secretary Sarah Sanders acquainted the activity about-face beforehand today.


SARAH SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Bodies are affronted at the way that the Democrats accept absolutely fabricated this action into a accessory battle. What they accept done is animate Republicans, and the admiral is activity that activity and all of the locations he’s been. I anticipate the bulletin is actual clear. Democrats, you fabricated a aberration actuality and it’s activity to appearance up in November.


WILLIAMS: And a Republican antecedent tells Politico that the civic Republican aldermanic committees donations are up 175 percent compared to a anniversary before. Dana, let me go to you because I anticipate — bygone you were talking about GOP activity surging at this moment. So the catechism becomes, does it appulse both the abode and the senate?

PERINO: Well, I anticipate watching Nancy Pelosi, I wondered if is it accessible that she ability be the bigger Autonomous champ in all of this, right? She has annihilation to do with the senate, but the assembly is in comedy adapted now because you accept red accompaniment Democrats who are active for reelection that are not activity — several of them are not activity to win basically because of Admiral Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, or adopting their game, Heidi Heitkamp.

WILLIAMS: You beggarly Democrats, I think?


WILLIAMS: Democrats in red states.

PERINO: Yes, that’s what I said.

WILLIAMS: I anticipate you’ve said Republicans.

PERINO: And so, like Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota announces today she’s activity to vote no. She’s already 13 credibility behind. She ability anticipate that I ability as able-bodied aloof try it. Preserve my Autonomous bona fide so that I could accomplish abiding that I can do article afresh in the future, or she ability absolutely accept that she does not appetite to vote for him, which is fine, but there are political after-effects for that. Aback I attending at Chuck Schumer and he’s authoritative all these statements today on the floor, I think, he’s activity to accomplish a choice. Like, do you appetite this action or do you appetite to try to win aback the senate? And, if they aloof appetite the fight, they’re not activity to win aback the senate. And West Virginia, Indiana — Indiana already said no. I mean, there’s a achievability there. Now, it’s not over.

WILLIAMS: Let’s stop there for aloof a second. Joe Donnelly said he would vote against.

PERINO: That’s right.

WILLIAMS: . and he’s arch in Indiana.

PERINO: But, though, if you attending at these activity acclamation that you get bodies out there, you’d anticipate Admiral Trump would try to arch to Indiana, approved to aing that a little bit more. I mean, they’re activity to be close, but the Republicans accept a adventitious to absolutely aces up a bench or two in the senate.

WILLIAMS: So, Jesse, attending at this for a second. Actuality you see the all-encompassing acclamation adapted now according to Absolute Bright Politics, Democrats still up about — I acceptance that’s seven points. What do you accomplish of this, Jesse?

WATTERS: Well, that takes into annual a ample amount of these polls. If you looked at the best all-encompassing matchups those leads by Democrats accept beneath to about — alike 2, 4, 6 percent from bifold digits. So that’s acceptable annual for Republicans. I anticipate what appear actuality is the American bodies accept a actual acceptable B.S. meter. They apperceive aback things are ambiguous and they can feel in their hearts aback addition is actuality attacked unfairly. And the media approved to cull a fast one on bodies and so did the Democrats. And one of the aboriginal times that I’ve seen, it didn’t assignment because you accept twitter, you accept Fox News, and you accept the internet, and now bodies accept admission to primary antecedent documents. They can watch the hearings on demand, and they can see for themselves that actuality filtered through the boilerplate media what the absolute accuracy was.

The Democrats were accomplished aback they brought Dr. Ford in because I anticipate best fair Americans capital to apprehend what she had to say. But afresh you accompany in Avenatti, and afresh you accompany all these left-wing lawyers, and afresh there was delay. And as Greg acicular out, they pivoted from defacer to alcohol or to bad temperament, and best bodies see through that stuff. And it got to the point area you attending bottomward and you say to yourself, this man is actuality unfairly attacked and we’re not activity to booty it anymore. It’s reinvigorated the Republican base. And I anticipate the Democrats absolutely blurred actuality because the appearance assassinations failed.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, judge, I appetite to ask you to do a personality transformation afore our Bristles audiences. If you’re a Democrat adapted now and you say, you apperceive what, I’m so agitated about this nomination. Does that beggarly that Democrats are added acceptable to vote? And does it beggarly that Republican activity could blow if Kavanaugh is confirmed?

PIRRO: Here’s the thing. I mean, certainly, aback bodies are angry, it motivates them to vote, whether you’re Republican or a Democrat. But what I’ve apparent happened, if you attending at the abridgement of the, you know, this dejected beachcomber and how it’s alone so abundant aback July, you accept to say to yourself why. It’s alone because bodies see article that is arbitrary and article that they’re not accustomed with, and that is bodies adage he charge be accusable because she said this, afterwards any evidence, area she contradicts herself. Area there’s no acceptance evidence.

So, I anticipate that it’s not aloof a catechism of — let’s accept Kavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court, will Republicans break home? No, because they’re angry. They’re affronted and they’re motivated. They don’t appetite to see this country affronted into a left-wing nation or a nation area bodies bawl and scream and advance added people, whether it’s in an airport or in a restaurant or anywhere else. I think, in the end, everybody’s angry. We vote no. It’s about like a 50/50. But the bodies who accept in this country and the American banderole and accuracy and amends I anticipate are added angry, and I anticipate those are bashful majority that came out for Donald Trump. It didn’t assignment in 2016, it’s not activity to assignment in 2018.

WILLIAMS: Now to our Jesus citation agnostic. I’m actual analytical as to what you anticipate is activity to appear in the midterms.

GUTFELD: Well, if I had a driver’s license, I would hire a abject wagon, aces up bristles bodies every hour and get them to the voting acclamation because I am that — I’m that disgusted by this process. It started the moment the lying agent told men to shut up. That was the alpha of the misandry, the abhorrence of men. And aback the Democrats descended it became the anti- macho party. But now as I anticipate about it more, they’re absolutely the anti- changeable affair because they accustomed an Avenatti to annex their affair and about do irreparable accident to women who should be believed. So they beneath men and the role of men in life, and afresh they jumped on to assertive claims that were aloof absurd which now — every time you apprehend an allegation you’re activity to go, oh, yeah, I remembered what happened with Kavanaugh. The assemblage rapes and the red abandoned cups and all of these stuffs. So, the Democrats are in crisis of oblivion, abiding oblivion. They’ve alienated an absolute gender, men. And they’ve disgusted their wives, their sisters, and their daughters.

WILLIAMS: Is that right?

GUTFELD: I accept it.

WILLIAMS: Wow. I anticipate you’ve got to watch out for Autonomous acrimony of aloof the array you’re talking about, bodies who feel like they got run over.

GUTFELD: They don’t apperceive anger.

WILLIAMS: OK. TV annual legend, Ted Koppel, he’s giving CNN’s Brian Stelter a massive absoluteness analysis on CNN’s Trump coverage. Greg is captivated and he’s got band for you, aing on The Five.


Ford Center Evansville Arena Pan View - YouTube - ford arena evansville seating chart
Ford Center Evansville Arena Pan View – YouTube – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart

GUTFELD: That was awful. Whoever cut that, you’re activity home early. All right. There’s annihilation added adorable than the accuracy served algid to addition feasting on a diet of lies. Here’s Ted Koppel cogent our nations anteroom adviser Brian Stelter what we already knew.


TED KOPPEL, BROADCAST JOURNALIST: Donald Trump has been very, actual acceptable for baseball. He has been admirable for the industry.

BRIAN STELTER, CNN: The ratings are up that agency what?

KOPPEL: Oh, the ratings are up it agency you can’t do afterwards Donald Trump. You would be absent afterwards Donald Trump.

STELTER: Ted, you apperceive that’s not true.

KOPPEL: CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet afterwards Donald Trump.

STELTER: You apperceive that’s not true. You’re amphitheatre for laughs.


GUTFELD: Wow. I haven’t apparent Stelter that arresting aback Anderson Cooper blanket his toupee. But I get it. Koppel hit the avenue and Stelter couldn’t stop the bleeding or the laughter. Koppel knows the media operates on two lies that they’d rather forget. One, that their effusive advantage of Trump didn’t advice appoint the guy. Oh, but you did, you blubbering fibbers. Let’s not forget, CNN advance that blueprint beneath the acceptance that Hillary had it won already. Focus alone on Trump alive their assisting attraction would alone aching Republicans and buy their administering additional and third homes. Whoops. Two, that somehow Trump had threatened columnist freedom, hardly. He’s now affairs those aforementioned admiral their fourth and fifth homes.

Since Trump, the columnist has been feverish. Every day is the apocalypse, every analyzer a assured hero. To CNN, especially, Trump is Ea and the KKK combined. It’s why the C in CNN now stands for cartoon. And to belabor the point but we apperceive how accessible the columnist was beneath Obama alike as he absolutely targeted journalists, clashing Trump. So, yeah, let’s watch that blow again.


KOPPEL: CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet afterwards Donald Trump.

STELTER: You apperceive that’s not true. You’re amphitheatre for laughs.


GUTFELD: I achievement that shows up on Reliable Sources. But you know.

PERINO: It’s so true.


PERINO: Sorry, sorry.

GUTFELD: It’s OK. Let’s go to you. He’s point is — Ted’s point, I alarm him Ted because we apperceive anniversary added well. It’s not aloof an obsession. It’s a assisting one.

PERINO: Well, I don’t accept why Brian Stelter wouldn’t aloof say.


PERINO: . you bet your life. I mean, you’re absolutely right. Bodies are so engaged. Bodies appetite to watch. Bodies can’t get abundant of it. Bodies appetite to watch — they don’t alike appetite to watch added shows. They alone appetite to watch us. I mean, we are bringing you the story, like, why wouldn’t you say that?

GUTFELD: Yeah. That was an afflictive moment, Juan.

PERINO: I aloof agitated on my water.


WILLIAMS: It’s OK because you aloof wanted, you know, to accurate yourself.

PERINO: I’m actual excited.

WILLIAMS: And you allege with your hands. But I will say this.

GUTFELD: Applesauce hands.

WILLIAMS: It could be. It could be applesauce hands. At atomic she didn’t cast us the bird or something.

PERINO: Thinking about it.

WILLIAMS: Thank you. So, but I would — I anticipate Stelter was authoritative the case that Trump attacks the columnist because, and also, that sometimes it’s anti-Trump annual that drives the media. Like, I think, 60 Minutes with their Stormy annual got almanac ratings, their accomplished ratings in ten years. But I don’t anticipate there’s any accepting abroad from the abstraction which is that Les Moonves, in his heyday aback he was still at CBS, said, acceptance what, Donald Trump may not be acceptable for America, but he’s abundant for CBS. And that agency abundant for ratings and earnings.


PIRRO: Look, look, here’s the basal band with this guy, Stelter, OK? He wants to be the centermost of absorption and he’s sitting there cogent Ted Koppel, oh, the annual business is added complicated than that, Ted. Really, Brian? Really? By the way, you can allocution about Stormy Daniels, that wasn’t Brian’s interview. That was Anderson Cooper’s interview. And for Brian — look, and for Brian to accomplish himself important, he’s basically adage I’m a victim, I’m a victim of Trump, you know. It’s a abhorrence movement. You apperceive what it is, Brian?

What it is, are bodies affability in to watch the man that has accustomed you and a lot of added bodies to accumulate their jobs.


WATTERS: Hear, hear.

GUTFELD: Top that.

WATTERS: I don’t apperceive if I can. I will say that abundant archetype of media bent here, though. Because if the top ombudsman at CNN is lying about the admiral actuality acceptable for ratings, what abroad is he lying about?


WATTERS: They won’t accord Trump acclaim for the ratings bump, and that’s why you see they don’t accord him acclaim for the economy, for ISIS, or North Korea.

CNN’s ratings accept ridden aerial on the Trump bump, but they’re still a abroad third.


WATTERS: They’re still accepting exhausted by the Animation Network and House- flipping shows. A lot of that has been acquired by Trump branding them as affected news, but they’ve additionally had a lot of self-inflicted wounds, you know. They’ve had to accomplish massive retractions. They accept antic chyrons. You can see the abhorrence decrepit off the faces of some of their anchors. They accept had to blaze accomplished classes of bodies over there.

And I’ve had Democrats appear up to me and say, “You apperceive what? I’m a Democrat. Can’t angle Trump. I absolutely abhorrence Trump, but you apperceive what? I don’t watch CNN, because alike CNN is too crazy.”

GUTFELD: Yes. Dana.

PERINO: I was activity to say that the aberration with FOX Annual is that if Hillary had won, our ratings would still be good.

GUTFELD: Yes. That is so true.

WILLIAMS: They ability be better, in fact. That’s an absorbing point.

GUTFELD: By the way, I additionally heard that Brian Stelter already threw ice cubes in the CNN newsroom.

WATTERS: Alarm the FBI.

GUTFELD: Yes. All right. Advancing up, the central beat from Republicans on the Kavanaugh vote. Texas Agent John Cornyn joins us for the actual latest.


PERINO: Now aback to our top story. Senators are still reviewing the FBI address on Brett Kavanaugh as the accessory action heats up over its allegation and the Assembly apparatus up for a analytical acceptance vote.

11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart - ford arena evansville seating chart
11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart

How are Republicans reacting to the FBI’s Kavanaugh report? Well, we now accompany in Agent John Cornyn from the abundant accompaniment of Texas for the actual latest.

It’s actual acceptable to accept you, Senator.


PERINO: Can you advice us accept all of this? I appetite to ask you this: Do you anticipate that the Democrats accept managed, in all of this, to animate the Republicans and abort their own base?

CORNYN: Well, I anticipate aback we affirm Brett Kavanaugh, which I adumbrate we will, on Saturday, I anticipate that will be the outcome.

Of course, we could accept had a added aristocratic way to accede Dr. Ford’s allegations through the accustomed process. But aback Agent Feinstein sat on those allegations for about six weeks and alone them on us afterwards the hearing, the aboriginal audition on Adjudicator Kavanaugh, we got into this, I think, bazaar area there were no rules. The ends assume to absolve the means.

So but yes, this could accept been handled abundant bigger and I anticipate in a way that would’ve been added dignified, added accurate of Dr. Ford and the judge.

PERINO: We’re activity to booty it about the table, sir. I’m activity to alpha with Adjudicator Jeanine.

PIRRO: All right. Senator, acknowledgment so abundant for actuality with us.

You know, I noticed that you yielded your time to the prosecutor. And in the end, what you’re attractive for is to accept the accessible apperceive what’s in those FBI 302 reports. Now, you apperceive that that would authorize a precedent. I mean, don’t you anticipate it would be a alarming precedent?

And I accept an idea. And that is if they — if you appetite to accord them the FBI report, how about they accord you the therapist notes?

CORNYN: That would be — that would be the accustomed procedure, as you know, Judge.

And — but the acumen why we absitively to ask Rachel Mitchell to ask the questions of Dr. Ford is because we apperceive we would’ve been criticized for accepting crumbling white man allurement a victim of animal advance adamantine questions. But we absolutely bare to accept answers to the questions in adjustment to analysis her story.

As you know, there’s been no acceptance whatsoever. In fact, all of the bodies she’s articular accept refuted —

PIRRO: Exactly.

CORNYN: — her adaptation of the story. But again, article happened to Doctor — Dr. Ford. But we weren’t accustomed the account of her therapist notes, which I anticipate would accept afford a lot of ablaze on that.

PERINO: All right. Jesse Watters.

WATTERS: Hey, Agent Cornyn.

I aloof capital to know, has your accord with your Assembly Autonomous colleagues on the added ancillary fundamentally afflicted afterwards how they behaved aural the aftermost two months? Because I’ve never apparent Chuck Grassley, who’s appealing even-tempered, so activated and so affronted at some of the behavior advancing out of the added ancillary that it looks to me like it’s above repair.

What’s your appraisal of your accord now?

CORNYN: My admired Chuck Grassley adage is “Just because I’m babble at you doesn’t beggarly I’m mad at you.” OK?

But this has artificial relationships and the assurance that’s consistently important, decidedly in the aldermanic process. We accept that we are adults and we’ve been — we apperceive what’s at pale here. We accept altered views. But we’ve been accepting a lot of things done beneath this administering with Republican majorities in the Abode and the Senate.

But this action is not one I would anytime appetite to see afresh for anybody, for any nominee, Republican or Democrat, nor for any attestant who comes afore the committee. I anticipate it’s been shameful.

PERINO: Greg Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: Hey, Senator. I — in this process, I’ve noticed a lot of laws actuality broken. One of them was a 27-year-old Democrat intern, an intern who’s 27, who doxed a cardinal of Republicans who were pro-Kavanaugh, putting their clandestine advice public. That fellow, name is Cosko, was arrested by D.C. Metro.

I appetite to apperceive what’s activity to appear to him. But I additionally appetite to know, is annihilation activity to be done with Avenatti or any of the bodies that he formed with? Because it seems to me he bankrupt some laws.

CORNYN: Yes, well, this doxing alleged incident, which I wasn’t accustomed with the appellation but you declared it —


CORNYN: — this actuality who’s been now answerable with this crime, will be answerable with, as I understand, assorted offenses. And so this is annihilation to toy about with. This is austere business. And fortunately, the Capitol Police and the Metro Police are administration this austere — seriously.

As far as Mr. Avenatti is concerned, I wasn’t acquisitive to — to accommodate him a belvedere for added of his publicity seeking. Obviously, the allegations fabricated by Ms. Swetnick, cipher corroborated those. She’s absolved aback from those. Witnesses that were asked, like Mark Judge, about that were said no way did it happen.

So again, we’re larboard with no corroboration, no acceptance of any of these abhorrent allegations; and the judge’s absolute abnegation that it anytime happened, beneath amends of felony.

GUTFELD: How can he not be disbarred? I mean, he’s now in the Sharpton- Mason-Maddox, you know, appearance of this. A actual Tawana Brawley-esque event.

CORNYN: Yes. I think, you know, the way that Ms. Katz, the advocate that Agent Feinstein recommended for Dr. Ford, and Mr. Avenatti and others accept not acclaimed themselves by their conduct. And I anticipate conceivably the adapted arrangement for them to be advised is through the Bar Association, through the acceptance committee. They accept antidotal authority. They can conduct or alike potentially abase bodies for abusing their law license.

PERINO: We’ve got to get — we accept one aftermost catechism from Juan Williams.

WILLIAMS: Agent Cornyn, you’re a aristocratic guy. I like you a lot.

CORNYN: Thank you.

WILLIAMS: But I’ve got to acquaint you, you’re on a affray actuality at “The Five,” so let’s alpha the brawl.

WATTERS: Oh, no.

PERINO: We alone accept a minute.

WILLIAMS: Aback you accept politicization of the Supreme Court, I would achievement that would affair you. But I apperceive that you banned to attending at Merrick Garland. You said you wouldn’t look, wouldn’t accede it.

And now you’re in a bearings area Democrats are so agitated over this action that’s produced Adjudicator Kavanaugh, I anguish that the cloister itself is activity to, like so abounding American institutions, absolutely go bottomward in the assurance agency amid Americans.

CORNYN: Yes, Juan, aback the Bork hearings and the — area “Bork” became a verb, and those wars accept escalated with the nuclear advantage by Harry Reid to backpack the D.C. Circuit Court.

Unfortunately, this has gotten worse and worse. I achievement we’ve accomplished the end of that and we can acknowledgment to some added aristocratic process, both to the – – both to the appointee and that would reflect able-bodied on the Senate.

But this — we had a lot of hardball played, and unfortunately, I anticipate we’re accomplishment the whirlwind.

WILLIAMS: Well, but I anticipate blocking, you know, Merrick Garland aloof sticks in so abounding people’s craw. A twice-elected president, and you won’t let him alike be considered.

PERINO: Let’s go.

WILLIAMS: You ability say Kavanaugh was unfairly treated, but guys, you wouldn’t alike accord Merrick Garland a chance, a fair hearing.

CORNYN: This is the Biden precedent. He said during a presidential acclamation year, that you don’t affirm a Supreme Cloister justice. If Hillary Clinton had won, I don’t anticipate we’d be audition annihilation about Merrick Garland, because she would accept fabricated that appointment.

But because bodies chose Admiral Trump, he chose differently. That’s why I anticipate bodies are so upset.

PERINO: All right. We’re activity to accord you the aftermost word. Thank you, Agent Cornyn.

CORNYN: Thank you, Dana.

PERINO: All right. Advancing up, above never Trumper Bret Stephens is beholden for the president’s Kavanaugh defense. Up next.


PIRRO: One of the country’s loudest never Trumpers is now beholden for the president, and it’s all acknowledgment to the Democrats’ abhorrent analysis of Adjudicator Kavanaugh.

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens autograph in his New York Times op-ed, quote, “For once, I’m beholden for Trump.” Quote, “I’m grateful, because Trump has not backed bottomward in the face of the slipperiness, affectation and alarming standard-setting deployed by opponents of Brett Kavanaugh’s best to the Supreme Court. I’m grateful, because barbaric and alike crass backbone has its uses in activity and never added so than in the face of sly moral bullying.”

Ford Center Evansville Seating Chart | Seat Chart Gallery - ford arena evansville seating chart
Ford Center Evansville Seating Chart | Seat Chart Gallery – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart

OK. Juan —


PIRRO: — so what do you anticipate of the — a New York Times guy who feels that Donald Trump at atomic has the backbone and the moral atrocity [SIC] to angle by what he believes in?

WILLIAMS: Yes. I mean, it’s interesting. We’re accomplishing this. Bret is best generally abominable analytical of Admiral Trump, by the way.

But I disagree aback he says, you know, this affair could abuse Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime. I anticipate it will, but I disagree in the faculty that he never says, “Hey, what happened to Professor Ford?” She’s been afflicted for life. It’s like she doesn’t abide in this universe.

And again, it’s women who don’t accept the befalling to allege out or be taken seriously. And so to say, “Yes, I like Trump’s blowing in this one, because it’s accepting those Democrats,” I’d be actual accurate about that.

PIRRO: Jesse — Jesse — Jesse, isn’t the accuracy —

WATTERS: Well, I anticipate Dr. Ford was manipulated actual atrociously by Democrats.

PIRRO: Jesse, isn’t the accuracy —

WATTERS: She didn’t appetite to appear out like that.

WILLIAMS: I don’t anticipate she capital to appear out, and that’s why it accountable (ph).

WATTERS: And she was —

WILLIAMS: Right. So a minute ago, you were adage —

WATTERS: — affected into the accessible apple by Democrats.

WILLIAMS: No. She gave an annual —

WATTERS: By Democrat leaks, Juan.

WILLIAMS: She gave an annual to The Washington Post in which she appear her name and put herself forward.

WATTERS: Yes, afterwards a ages of aggravating to hide.

WILLIAMS: Correct, but she didn’t appetite to appear out.

PIRRO: Dana, I’m activity to go to you.


PIRRO: So what Bret is saying, he’s not talking about victims of animal assault. He’s talking about the actuality that we accept a admiral who was so affronted by the behavior of the Democrats that he — although he doesn’t abutment the admiral — admires him for putting his pale in the ground.

Now, he says, quote, “adolescent boasting is not actuality advised as if it’s a acute allotment of incriminating evidence.” In added words, we shouldn’t do that. At atomic he’s continuing up —

PERINO: I anticipate the assumption that a lot of conservatives, alike if they didn’t abutment Trump — and which Bret didn’t — in the election, is that accusable until accurate innocent is aloof fundamentally adjoin aggregate that America is for.

And Admiral Trump is continuing up for his nominee, because he was actuality accused and was aggravating to — and basically labeled accusable until accurate innocent with no corroboration. All the things we’ve already talked about.

I do anticipate that — well, he’s a little bit adventurous to cloister controversy. His aboriginal cavalcade for The New York Times was saying, basically, that all-around abating is a hoax. Maybe that’s not absolutely what he said, but it – – it acquired buzz calls to The New York Times, “Cancel my subscription. I can’t accept you assassin this guy.”

I ambition that he would accept not acclimated the aperture two words, “For once.” He didn’t accept to do that. I consistently feel it’s better, like, if you’re aloof grateful, aloof say, “I’m beholden for Admiral Trump for this.” And that will absolutely not, basically, accord you a absorber for bodies who are activity to criticize you —


PERINO: — because you’re commonly a analyzer of the president.

PIRRO: All right. Greg, what about the actuality that, you know, he seems to be adage aggregate that we’re all adage and that is, you know, a bar action with a allotment of ice —


PIRRO: — as able-bodied as a 30-year-old letter, area he’s, you know, like an adolescent, basically saying, “We’re activity to puke, and we’re a agglomeration of abhorrent drunks,” shouldn’t be accordant to you aback you’re 53 years old.

GUTFELD: Yes. Who knew Trump was the abundant uniter?


GUTFELD: I mean, Bret is advancing around.

Look, you know, I anticipate what he’s talking — what this Bret is talking about is that Trump batten to people’s faculty of — of fairness.

The Democrats absent this. That there are millions of bodies who don’t aloof see themselves in Ford, but they additionally see themselves in Kavanaugh, as well. And they accept brothers. They accept sons. They accept fathers.

And he saw, as abundant as Stephens doesn’t like Trump, he understands, which is the point I was talking about yesterday, that Trump is accommodating to allotment the risk. He doesn’t accord a abuse about what bodies think. He’s 74 or 73. He’s president. So he’s able to booty the slings and the arrows by advancing out and saying, “What’s with this one alcohol thing? And a lot of this actuality doesn’t accomplish sense.” He’s accommodating to booty that calefaction so added bodies don’t. And that’s why it’s refreshing.

PIRRO: All right, Jesse. Accomplishment your thought.

WATTERS: I would aloof say, no, it reminds me of McCain with the surge.


WATTERS: No one abroad capital the surge. McCain ashore to the surge. George Bush ashore to the surge. And it concluded up actuality the adapted affair to do, and McCain was adored with that for the nomination.

PIRRO: All right.

GUTFELD: Acceptable point.

PIRRO: “One Added Thing” is up next.


WATTERS: It is time now for “One Added Thing” — Greg.

GUTFELD: Yes, aboriginal I appetite to point out that, yes, this is not my shirt. I got this from dry cleaning, and it is not my shirt. I do not accept continued arms.

WATTERS: It looks big.

GUTFELD: All right. Time for this. I haven’t done this in a while. Banned phrase. I accept a banned phrase: “politiciz-iz-iz-iz-zation.” Cipher can say this word, OK? Aback I see it, and I’m about to say it —

WILLIAMS: I said it.

GUTFELD: Yes, but you almost said it.


GUTFELD: Aloof say, “We’re annoyed of bodies politicizing.” Not “We’re annoyed of the politiciz-iz-iz-ization.”

WATTERS: Politicization.

11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart - ford arena evansville seating chart
11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart


WILLIAMS: There you got it.

WATTERS: They can’t do it.

WATTERS: You’ve got to apathetic it down.

All right. Dancing politicians, here’s one of the worst. Theresa may, bethink this aback in Africa few months ago? Oh God, that was awful.

PERINO: No, that’s not —

GUTFELD: We adulation it.

WATTERS: I mean, that is a problem. That’s alike worse than George W. Bush in Africa.

PERINO: Hey, 43 had rhythm.

WATTERS: She was aggravating her best, but it didn’t go over so well.

So the added day —

PERINO: Oh, boy.

WATTERS: — she came out to the song “Dancing Queen.” And actuality she was in a additional attempt. Let’s watch.




WATTERS: God. I mean, you guys can never accomplish fun of Donald Trump over there in Abundant Britain. That’s it. You own her.

All right. Dana.

PERINO: I capital aloof to point out article that I was actual aflame to see happen, but we haven’t been able to do a lot of advantage about it.

But Melania Trump, the aboriginal lady, has been in Africa this anniversary as an agent of America over there, bringing lots of smiles including to accouchement in not aloof Malawi; she’ll additionally be activity to Egypt. And I anticipate additionally Kenya, that’s additionally addition abode that she’s activity to go.

She’s got to appointment schools, authority babies. She’s delivered textbooks as allotment of the U.S.-funded civic account program. She donated some food herself.

And also, you apperceive what they adulation there? Soccer balls. She brought them, a lot of soccer balls. So a abundant trip, and if you can go to their Web armpit and acquisition out a little bit added about it, afresh you will additionally be a about that.

GUTFELD: There a dent in the ball?

PERINO: A dent in the ball.

WATTERS: Like the Putin ball. Consistently listening.

All right, Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right, so Halloween is in aloof a few weeks, and I capital to acknowledge my claimed alarm night. Actuality it is. Booty a attending at this video.

GUTFELD: Oh, yes.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes. It’s addition Donald Trump. That guy is not cutting a mask. He appears to be Donald Trump’s doppelganger. We don’t apperceive who this man is, but the video went viral.

And it reminded me that a few months ago, while I was accomplishing a “One Added Thing” for you, I showed you this photograph. Booty a attending at this one. Yes, that’s a Spanish agriculturalist and again, attending at her. She looks aloof like Donald Trump.

PERINO: No, she doesn’t.

WILLIAMS: By the way, Trump was one of the best accepted Halloween apparel this accomplished brace — this accomplished year. In actuality the aftermost few years.

PERINO: Oh, I see Obama.

PIRRO: Me, too.

WILLIAMS: These guys, they don’t alike accept to go shopping. They attending like Donald Trump.

WATTERS: Trump would never abrasion checkerboard or paisley. So that’s aloof a — OK, Adjudicator Jeanine.

PIRRO: OK. So aftermost weekend I was at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Booty a look.


PIRRO: You are the future, and you are the bodies who will adjudge the administration that this nation takes.


PIRRO: OK. So I’m there with — amidst by 12,000 — that’s what I said — 12,000 students.

WATTERS: Trump blow adapted there.

PIRRO: And this — their arena, what they accept on the university. And I accept to acquaint you. —

PERINO: Was it mandatory?

WATTERS: They were about the block.

PIRRO: Thanks, Dana.

WILLIAMS: Dana says it. I don’t accept to say it.

PIRRO: So 12,000 people.

WATTERS: Attending at this crowd.

PIRRO: So, everyone, every one of them — and for all of you who accept been depressed about what you’ve been seeing in the berth hearings, all of these kids, aback I went out and interviewed them afterwards, were so absolute about this country, about their acceptance in the banderole and in our arrangement of amends and in this country. It was embarrassing.

GUTFELD: We’re accomplishing Tucker.

PIRRO: What?

GUTFELD: We’re accomplishing Tucker, the quiz, you and I. Attending at —

PIRRO: Oh, tonight we’re accomplishing the quiz.

WATTERS: Break acquainted for the quiz. Those two are activity to accept at it.

11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart - ford arena evansville seating chart
11 Elegant ford Center Evansville Seating Chart – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart

“Special Report” up aing with Chris Wallace.

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS: Thank you, Jesse.

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Ford Center Evansville Seating Chart | Seat Chart Gallery - ford arena evansville seating chart
Ford Center Evansville Seating Chart | Seat Chart Gallery – ford arena evansville seating chart | ford arena evansville seating chart
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